WIP 1033: From $0 to $100k in 1 Year – 3 Key Insights that Made this Explosive Success Possible

If you’re working on your first wholesale deal, you might need to pause for a while and listen to today’s episode. Our special guest is Lauren’s very first student , an “OG” rhino and seasoned wholesaler—Nick Vozikes.

Nick went from digging holes for the first two years of his REI career to becoming a wholesaling tycoon. And now, he’s crushing his real estate game by closing explosive deals! It’s all made possible by applying three valuable insights that propelled him to his success.

Let’s find out how he’s able to climb the ladder with his systems, mindset, and strategies. And if you’re as ambitious as Nick and want to try wholesaling yourself, check out Lauren’s Virtual Investing Mastery program, let her teach you how to wholesale deals and pick your market.


Show notes:

  • (2:06) The episode begins.
  •  (4:11) Mistakes that Nick made during his first years of wholesale.
  •  (10:44) You really have to go above and beyond with the value you are providing to close deals in a saturated market.
  • (11:51) In a virtual model, you can live anywhere and invest where you want.
  • (12:04) Some perspective shifts that Nick realized throughout the years of wholesaling.
  • (19:54) Breaking down his deals.
  • (26:23) The value of learning something new and developing as a person.



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