WIP 1016: The Step By Step Guide to Entering Wholesaling

We’re giving you a 2-for-1 today by bringing on two coaches for a can’t miss episode. Lauren Hardy and Brent Bowers are going to break down step by step what they would do if they were just starting in wholesale today. If you have not wholesaled a deal yet, do not skip this episode. We’re going to give you most actionable insights on exactly how you can start today.

If you like what you heard in today’s episode and want Lauren or Bent as your personal coach as you start your real estate journey, check out Lauren’s Virtual Investing Mastery and Brent’s Land Sharks program where they’ll give you everything you’ll need to succeed in real estate.


Show notes:

  • (0:49) – Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (3:35) – The importance of mindset.
  • (6:43) – What Lauren would do today if she was starting in real estate.
  • (11:45) – Step by step how Brent would start wholesaling.
  • (18:02) – Find deals or sell deals — here’s why you should pick a side



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