Posted on: July 04, 2022
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Even the best real estate investors are often held back by one thing: software. Real estate has historically been marred by clunky software that’s overly expensive and overly complicated. Today’s guest, Sharad Mehta, is looking to change that. Sharad is a real estate investor and founder of real estate CRM platform REsimpli. He joins Lauren Hardy to discuss the genesis of REsimpli as well as the results and the impact it’s having on real estate businesses everywhere.

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How This Investor Used Technology To Reshape His Virtual Real Estate Business

Episode Transcription

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I’ve got my pal Sharad Mehta from REsimpli, and we are going to talk about all the new updates that REsimpli has been making. I’m even going to pick Sharad’s brain a little bit. I have been using REsimpli now for several months. I freaking love it. I am going to be picking your brain a little bit about the new updates, what’s to come, and all that good stuff. Thanks so much for coming to the show.

Thank you for having me. This is great. I’m excited to be on the show.

You’ve created something awesome. Tell us a little bit about how did you even come up with the idea to come up with a CRM completely customized for real estate investors?

A little bit of background about myself, I had lived in Toronto, Canada but I do invest in Northwest Indiana, right outside of Chicago. I used to live in Chicago. That’s why I started investing in Northwest Indiana, which is practically a suburb of Chicago but it’s in Indiana. All the good things. In 2015, I moved to Carlsbad, San Diego, because my wife got a job there. I still had an active flipping business. I didn’t realize when I was living in Chicago how much inefficiency I had at my business until I moved away from it. I was forced to look at my business virtually, which you do fantastically.

I started looking at my business and said, “I need a separate phone system. I need a CRM.” We do a lot of fix and flip. I said, “I need project management.” I come from an accounting background. I said, “I need to know the numbers. I need accounting software and all these different things.” I figured there has to be something that does all of this for real estate investors, and it’s not expensive.

When I started looking at it, there wasn’t anything that was built for real estate investors. The solutions that were out there were like doing a lot of integration. Podio was predominantly what everybody was using back in 2015 and 2016. I didn’t like the interface of it. I said, “I’m not going to use this. It’s globby flow.” There is way too much going on with it. I said, “I’m going to put together something specific for my business.” It started out as project management software.

The goal was never to build something for other people. The main goal was, “I’m going to build something. If other people use it, it’s great. If not, at least I will get value out of it. Even if I’m able to get some efficiency in my business, it will be worth it.” I used it for a good couple of years before we started. I was part of a couple of masterminds. I showed a couple of people what I was doing. When I was doing my hot seat presentation, they were like, “This is pretty cool. What’s this?” I said, “This is the software that I put together.” They are like, “Can I use it?” I’m like, “Sure.”

The first version was basic if you can imagine. I don’t wholesale anything. We didn’t even have any columns assigned to buyers because they are specifically based on my business need. As we start working with larger teams like yourself and other investors in companies from across the country, it’s grown into what it is now. We are launching a bunch of updates over the next several months that are geared towards. We are making it an efficient way to run your business.

A little bit about me, guys. I have been a real estate investor for several years. I started out as a house flipper. I got more into wholesaling and took my business virtual when the market shifted in my area. I live in Orange County, California. The deals tried up here. I took my model virtually, and I couldn’t agree more with what Sharad said that because I’m virtual, it exposes inefficiencies in your team. You are exposed when you are virtual. You’ve got to have your operations and processes in your company tight. You’ve got to have your eye on everything.

I used Podio, and there was a version going around that all the investors were buying off of somebody. I had my custom Podio done by this person, which was awesome. It was fine, but I always had to get a developer because if anything was glitchy, broken or if I wanted to make any changes to suit me better, the developer had to do it. I always had to have that. I stopped using Podio. I tried another CRM before. I went to REsimpli. I have been off Podio and still am getting charged from GlobiFlow $120 every month. Podio would charge you $120 every month.

I kept seeing it on my bank statement, but I didn’t even know who to call. It hits my bank statement. It’s from an old credit card I have. It was signed up with an email. I don’t even have access to it because I have been using Podio for several years. It’s an old GlobiFlow account. I had to call and get it. I am not paying $120. The Podio thing was fine. It was a Band-Aid. It got me through.


Even when you are not living in the area that you are investing in, you can see what was going on in your business with a click of a button.


When I went virtual, I came to you, Sharad, because I had a hard time with my team. I needed better optics. A lot of business coaches use the analogy of you are in a cockpit, and you’ve got your dials if you are a pilot. Your dials to a pilot are your KPIs to a business owner, and you don’t know where you are going if you don’t have access to your dials and can’t see them. I needed better KPIs. I needed to track how much I was spending on this list, and is this list making money or not? I use fourteen different lists. I came to you, and you opened up REsimpli. You showed me the KPI page. I was like, “Take my money.”

We put together this dashboard. Initially, I was like, “What are the KPIs?” The funny thing is people that you talk to, there’s no standard of what KPIs people should be tracking. If you look at QuickBooks, it’s an accounting software but it doesn’t integrate with anything else. It doesn’t tell you what’s going on in your business. Our goal was, especially not living in the area that I was investing in, I needed to be able to look at a page, click a button, and see what was going on in my business.

I didn’t want people to give me their opinions or gut feelings. I wanted to make the sessions based on the numbers. That was an important decision for us to make from the beginning. It had to have solid KPIs, and that’s one of the most loved features. REsimpli is you don’t even have to do anything. You run your business, and it’s stable. You don’t have to go in or have somebody come in and do any data analysis for you. Just click a button, and everything is there.

We wanted to build a system where it was simple to use but the backend of everything that was going on was a value add for the investor that wanted to make a decision. Certainly, our initial tagline was, “Work on deals, not on Podio.” Ninety-nine percent of people that are switching to REsimpli were coming from Podio. We said, “We wanted you to work on deals and not in Podio.” It is changing now. We have a lot more people coming from non-Podio systems. We moved away from that. We are telling you to work on deals, not in Podio.

Back in the Podio days, I could not decipher what lead came from one list. It was a tedious process to have how your lists were done, tagged to the campaign or whatever, and knowing that that lead for sure came from that list. It was a tedious process. I pulled a new list with a new set of ZIP codes that I’m super hot about. It’s a list that I want to keep my eye on. We started a text campaign on that list, and we are also going to do a direct mail campaign.

It’s exciting because they started texting. It has been exciting to look in the KPI section and see my list, how many leads I’ve gotten, how many appointments we set, and how many offers we made. Soon, you will be able to see how much money we made from that campaign when we are there. That is awesome to be able to see that. On one page, I can see how many leads I got from that campaign. We have fifteen campaigns in text. Every lead, offer, appointment, the money you made out of it, and the revenue is awesome.

I have been down for every dollar that you put into every single marketing campaign and how much money you are making on that.

Your ROI is there.

You talk to a lot of investors, and they might be doing seven figures in revenue. When you talk about, “How much net profit you are making,” it is shocking that they might be making $1 million in gross revenue but they are only netting $100,000 to $150,000. I would much rather only make $750,000 but net $300,000 from it by being efficient with my marketing and not having this $50,000 of revenue coming in. That’s not making any money, and it’s taking 80% of my team’s effort.

I live in Toronto and have been living away from the market that I invest in since August 2015. If I’m spending more than a half-hour to an hour a week on my business, there’s something substantially wrong in my business. That’s how much we’ve dialed in. Everybody in my business is working through REsimpli. We go in everything we talk about on our weekly calls on what people should be doing. That’s what we do. Everybody should have their tasks and open leads completed. Everybody should reply back to the inbox.

As long as people are doing that and nothing is missing through the crack, I can go in, do exactly what’s going on at any given time, review our KPIs and make decisions, “This is working well.” We are doing paper lead faster, more for the need to sell my house fast. We can look exactly compare dollar for dollar, which one is working better for us.


WI 986 | Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM: An accounting software, but it doesn’t integrate with anything else. So it doesn’t tell you kind of what’s going on in your business.


I can make decisions. I can say, “We’ve tried this for two months. I have the data to prove that this is not making us money and not shut it off. This thing is giving us five X on our money. Let’s double down on it until we feel like it’s not as efficient for our money spent anymore.” It’s being efficient with our marketing.

Being inefficient as a business owner because it used to be that I would have to hire an analyst to go through my QuickBooks and my marketing campaigns and figure out what lead came from which list. It was impossible. I would have had to hire someone full-time, and an analyst takes me with REsimpli. The one thing I will admit is, at first, it’s a little intimidating. It’s a little tedious. This is my saying, “When you get a CRM, it’s like getting a board game with no rules.” It’s your board game, and there are a little bit of the rules you have to make for yourself and how you want to play your game.

I created a mini-course. You can go to I put together my rules for you. My rules for REsimpli, how my company and my team use it, packaged up in the nicest, small little course, it’s easy to get through. You will get through it in an hour. The best part is if you use my code VIRTUAL, you are going to get 50% off REsimpli. Fifty percent off the first month. There is a fourteen days money-back guarantee. Sharad’s team will white-glove service and onboard you with the same drip campaigns layout that is going to be found in that course.

You have to go to scale with They are going to white-glove you to make your REsimpli match mine because I will admit I got REsimpli and was like, “There are still rules I have to make for myself within my company.” That’s any CRM. If you get Salesforce, you must hire a developer to make up your rules. I thought that would be super helpful. Honestly, I did it for my students at first and for my team. I thought, “Why don’t I put this and make it available for the public?”

I can’t believe you bought the URL and me.

Sharad, you can pay me $90,000 for it. Scale With REsimpli is the best URL ever. I cannot believe you didn’t think of that.

When you told me, I was like, “We should have bought that.”

Check out Scale With REsimpli. There are more REsimpli is adding. Sharad, you got some updates. Fill us in. What’s new with REsimpli?

We are driven with the idea that it’s silly how many software real estate investor has to use to run what is more or less a straightforward business. Our goal is to make the need for all these software not to be there. People should be able to log into one software and run their business. People that are using Gmail for email don’t go to Outlook for the calendar. That’s what’s going on in our industry. They are using one service for one thing and another for another. We want to change the standard on that.

What we are doing is every single account now comes with free list stacking. It includes driving for dollars. Even our basic $99 plan includes driving for dollars, which typically, you would pay about $40 to $50 a month. It’s included free of charge. This stacking again, you would pay $40 to $50 a month. It’s included in your chart, the whole CRM, five phone numbers, colleagues, and texting. Everything is included in that $99.

We have other plans for a larger team. For somebody starting out, we want to make it affordable and simple for them to go about their business. The whole accounting system is included. You can manage your buyers. You can call, text, and email them. All of that is included. We have lots of other things coming in Q3 and Q4 of 2022 that I’m excited about. A lot of those things are going to be included in every pricing plan that we have.


Work on deals, not on Podio.


I hate the idea that people have to have many subscriptions to run their businesses. I don’t like it personally. You mentioned GlobiFlow, Podio, and all these different subscriptions. It’s insane. It should be login to one system and run your entire business. That’s the goal that we are working towards. The data stuff, data less stacking, and driving for dollars are all included in every single plan. There’s no extra fee for any of that.

Can we talk about a funny story? Speaking of ad-ons, integrations, and another feature that I love, back in the day with Podio, if you wanted a phone system in your Podio, you had to get an add-on. You needed a subscription to It was a plugin. With REsimpli, there’s no plugin. REsimpli straight up records your team’s calls. You don’t have to think about it. It does it.

You could go into your lead profile. If you have a VA that’s calling back leads or an acquisition manager, maybe you’ve started to build out a team. How do you know what they are saying to your sellers? Back in the day, I didn’t. I didn’t know if they were sticking to my scripts, being lazy or what they were saying.

I got a little curious. A lot of weird stuff started happening in the escrow side of things that you are going, “If there were more rapport built, this seller wouldn’t be saying these things, these things wouldn’t have been coming up or we would have known about these things. What is going on?” I listened to my acquisition manager’s calls. I was about to throw my laptop across the room. It was shocking.

After that, I bought Sales Management. Simplified. It’s a great book. I was like, “We have our problem. I need to have a better sales management process in place.” It cracks me up to think. Back in the day, I wouldn’t have been able to do that because I didn’t even have that add-on. I trusted my team that they were using my scripts.

That was my funny/horrifying story. The fact that REsimpli allows me to listen to my team calls has helped me as a Manager or Owner of our company but managing my people. I love that about REsimpli. I could go on for days about how much I love REsimpli. Sharad, I know it was generous that you offered 50% off to our audience. Thank you so much for allowing that. Another feature that I like is that you white-glove everybody into the platform. They have unlimited calls with your team on onboarding calls, which is such a great feature.

We want to make sure to people that signed up are able to be familiar with every single thing we have to offer REsimpli. It’s included in every single plan that signed up for unlimited onboarding. We have an active help community where we make sure we post questions and answer any questions live chat. You can call and text us. You can jump on a call with us on Zoom, Loom video or whatever is convenient. We want to make sure we are able to help in any way we can. We want real estate investors to work on closing deals. Everything else, we want to make sure we are handling for them on the tech side.

You did a great job. It’s helped me out a lot. I went to a cool event. It was an entrepreneur event. If you guys ever read the book, The Road Less Stupid by Keith Cunningham, it’s such a funny book, and I love it. It’s a good book. He’s got a good sense of humor, and it’s not a boring read. He threw an event called The 4-Day MBA. The literal four-day theme was having better optics.

That was all four days talking about KPIs, tracking KPIs, how to track them and how to read your financial statements, which all go into optics. It all is about the dials in your cockpit and how important it is. That’s when I made the decision, “I needed a new CRM.” That was right when I made the decision we needed a new CRM.

People lie but numbers never lie. I don’t know who said it but it’s true. I’m reading this book, The Psychology of Money. It talks about how people make decisions, their psychology, and people have this bias toward one way to make a decision because of something that happened in their life. You want to make decisions based on the actual numbers that you have and not feel like, “I got 100 leads. My gut says 80 of them came from direct mail apps and dealer campaigns.” I’m like, “Is it true? There’s the efficiency you can add to your business by knowing the numbers in your business.”

There is a big difference between gut feelings and real data. There was one time, and this took me without because I didn’t have REsimpli back. It was like Podio and Excel spreadsheets. I looked at all the leads we did and sourced them all back to the vacant list. Of all these other lists, there were a few deals that came from them but the majority were Pareto Principles the 80/20. Eighty percent of my revenue came from vacant lists.


WI 986 | Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM: Having all of that data and seeing how it’s converting from one stage of the pipeline to the next and what’s working where things are falling through the crack, you can get really efficient in your business.


People don’t realize they make a lot of decisions based on gut feelings. Hands down, PPC is the best performing lead generation. Hence the dark question. That’s where we’re adding more paper lead. We are making 10X on our PPC now. The only challenge for us is we are in a small market. We cannot scale that without going down if you start getting half the data to prove it. I can go in and look at every single lead that we’ve gotten from it, appointment offers, make decisions, and have specific drip campaigns.

We run based on where the lead came in from and have much higher conversion rather than cheating all leads that came from the same marketing channel. People have different expectations when they call your TV ads versus radio ads versus they call you back from direct mail. Having all of that data, seeing how it’s converting from one stage of the pipeline to the next, and see what’s working where things are falling through the crack, you can get efficient any of their business. That’s what I get excited about, the nerdy stuff.

I am on the fly, coming up with the idea that we should do together. I had this idea that I wanted to do a Meetup for entrepreneurs in all industries. It’s like an entrepreneur support group or something, where we help each other out with strategic decisions. I’ve had this idea on my mind, and that’s going to be more of an in-person, come in my office, and we meet every month, locals-only thing.

What would be cool is if we did maybe a once in a while where it’s more how to become a better business owner by using REsimpli and understanding all the KPIs that are available to you in it because it’s easy to get REsimpli and ignore those sections or not fully build them out. I don’t want people to do that.

We are working on something like that.

All we do is talk about KPIs.

It’s not an in-person group but you will have a good insight into what’s working and not working. Without you doing anything, we will tell you where you could improve in your business without you doing anything. This is where we think you have room to increase your profit by 10%. That’s the level of depth we want to go into. I will share with you what we are working on after this.

That got me excited because that’s what I need.

We are working on that. It should be coming out in Q3 of 2022. That’s the stuff I’m excited about. That’s the stuff with everything that is built together. It’s like a puzzle coming together for me in my mind. It’s everything we have been building to work with everything that we have. Some of the updates we have coming out in Q3 of 2022. You are finally solving the puzzle. People will say, “You have these stages that are preset. Why can I not edit them?”

There’s a specific reason why they are the way we have. Once we share with people the idea behind it, they get it. At this point, we have companies that are doing 20 to 25 deals a month, doing 50 to 80 deals a year using the exact same pipeline, and this is closing those 20 to 25 deals every single month without any issues.

With Podio, people had too much customization, so they expected that. Once they see how simple it is to use and everything is on one page, they love the idea. We talked to some of our users and said, “Would you like us to make a change to the pipeline where it doesn’t fit on one page you have to go?” They are like, “No, I would like the wait it is. Everything is in front of me, and I want to switch anything.”


We want real estate investors to work on closing deals, and everything else, we want to make sure we’re handling for them on REsimpli.


There are more exciting things that are coming. I’m stoked that I’m in it. I’m already integrated. If you are starting out, REsimpli is reasonable. It’s helpful to get your business set up the right way with your KPIs. Don’t do what I did. Go several years without it, and the onboarding is so much harder because you are like, “It’s hard to switch gears,” and at the same time, you are running a company. It was tough.

This isn’t for somebody who has a team. If you are looking to get into this business, you need a CRM. That is important. I love it, Sharad. Thank you so much for coming and giving us a little update. We are going to have to have you back on. If anybody wants to reach out, are you on Instagram or how can they reach out to you?

I’m on Facebook calls but I’m not active. I have a REsimpli Facebook group bookmark. That’s the only page I go to. I don’t check anything else. There are too many distractions. They can send me an email at I check my emails every day.

Thank you so much, Sharad, and guys, remember you get 50% off your first month if you use the code VIRTUAL. Go to Thank you for reading, and we will see you next time.

Thank you for having me.


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