Episode 346: Doing Deals In Omaha On The Radio With Clint Bartlett


Are you looking for a marketing channel that’s scalable, provides massive returns, and requires very minimal maintenance? Radio marketing checks all the boxes! If you’d like to know more about it, today’s episode is for you!

Today’s show is hosted by Chris Arnold, a rockstar wholesaler who runs a successful virtual business while living his best life in Tulum, Mexico. Chris is no stranger to the power of radio marketing. In fact, he credits radio as the marketing channel that has helped him build a really successful virtual business.

In this episode, Chris interviewed successful real estate investor and his good friend, Clint Bartlett. Clint is also co-owner of Dynamic Properties, a flipping company he built with his business partner Jeff Cone.

Just like Chris, Clint uses radio marketing and in today’s episode he shared his experience with the medium and how he and his business was able to benefit from it. If radio marketing is something you’d like to try, tune in and discover if it is the right fit for you!


Doing Deals In Omaha On The Radio With Clint Bartlett

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