Posted on: August 08, 2019
WI 297 | Six Figures


Is it possible to earn 6 figures from just ONE deal? When you’re in the wholesaling business, it is! And it’s something today’s guest can attest to!

In this awesome episode, TTP guru Brent Daniels is joined by driving for dollars king, Zack Boothe. Together, they interviewed Scott D, a new rockstar rhino who took a leap of faith and is now $300,000 plus richer.

Just a month ago, Scott was still working full-time, doing only wholesaling on the side. However, he decided to take a leap of faith and venture into wholesaling full-time. And it’s safe to say it’s one of the best decisions he has ever made. After all, wholesaling is the only venture that allowed him to earn a whopping $100,000 plus from just one deal alone!

Today’s episode is one of the best you’ll ever listen to as you’ll not only learn from 1 but 3 rockstar wholesalers. Surely, this is one episode you’ll listen to over and over again!



How To Do $100K In ONE DEAL With Zack Boothe And Scott D

Episode Transcription

This is a limited, special edition episode because we are going to have two hosts. It’s going to be myself and the driving for dollars king, Mr. Zach Boothe. This is going to be interesting because Zach and I both have coaching programs. Mine is the TTP program. If this is your first time reading, what that stands for is Talk To People. I have a program that promotes and teaches you how to be proactive in your business, pick up the phone, get deals and source opportunities over the phone. Zach has a program for driving for dollars, for getting the absolute biggest and best deals from driving around. He’s got a system for that. On this show, we have a hybrid student that is both part of the TTP program and your driving for dollars program. That is Mr. Scott Dalinger.

I’m excited to be on the show.

This is Scott’s second time on the show. If you missed his interview with Cody Hofhine, it is bananas. You’ve got to check that out. There’s a lot of great information when it comes to the actual seller appointment but this episode is about Massive Deals, what we like to call the MDs. These are the massive deals that we’re talking about, something that gets your whole business. It takes your business from chugging along to all of a sudden, you’re at lightspeed because you make huge deals. This is the exact formula that you used in your business because you did an $85,000 deal and it started from there.

We started doing deals from driving for dollars and bringing on some people. Scott’s one of my first few students. He’s part of the beta test group. I wanted to confirm that it worked in other markets other than my own. When he called me with this deal and he was running the numbers, I was like, “That’s a six-figure deal that you have.”

Let’s leave some mystery to the actual size and scope of the deal going.

I didn’t tell him he got it.

Scott, tell everybody a little bit about how you’re running your business.

We have a super small team that’s me and my wife who’s doing all the driving. I have a cold caller in the Philippines that calls for a few hours a day for me. I had him before I joined the TTP program. A quick note about my background, not long ago, I was working full-time. I started this wholesaling journey like a lot of the people that are probably reading where it was just a dream. I heard other people on the show that were crushing it and doing deals. I said, “I want to do that.”

I started in May of 2018. I did my first deal in March 2019 and that was a direct mail deal. That’s the one I was on the show for. I was traveling all over the country for my day job and trying to wholesale at the same time. My wife started helping me in my business, started doing the administrative tasks, handling the mail, returning mail lists and doing some driving for us. That’s when we got consistent with everything and the business started to take off.

I got to make a quick note that we’re all wearing the same shirts, which is great. The TTP shirt is a classic. It is wonderful. Check us out on the YouTube channel, Brent Daniels – Real Estate Coach or the Wholesaling Inc YouTube channel. We’re looking good. It looks a little cultish but don’t let that mislead you. It’s incredible. You started in May 2018 and closed deals in March 2019. What took you so long to close that deal?

I was in Southern California and couldn’t get the job done. I tried direct mail and everything I could think of. I didn’t have my wife helping me. I was running through a couple of virtual assistants and not having good results with them. I had too much on my plate. I couldn’t get it done. There are low responses. I wasn’t getting good leads.


WI 297 | Six Figures

Six Figures: Finding a property with the latest systems and technology doesn’t take that much time. You can go out and pin anywhere between 30 and 50 addresses that need some love.


I made a bold move and tested the market. I went up to Portland for a week and send some direct mail so it would arrive at the same time that I got up here. I started getting some responses. That was exciting because I was used to not getting responses. It’s what I needed to say, “Let’s take a leap of faith here and go try another place,” because I was committed to making wholesaling work.

An important thing to understand there is there are some super competitive areas. The price points are high and the profits that you make per deal are large. This enables some of the bigger people to spend $80,000, $100,000 and $120,000 a month on marketing, finding and sourcing those deals. It does take a long time in certain markets to get going, especially if you’re going to do traditional marketing. It’s a little bit different when you’re picking up the phone and calling them because if you catch the person at the right moment, you get that deal. Interestingly, you went to a different market and all of a sudden, the sun is shining, birds are chirping and the rainbows are out.

I had family here, which is why I chose where I am but it could have been anywhere other than where I was. I would’ve done the same thing, test it down.

How did you hear about me, Scott? I don’t know this.

Tom Krol on a coaching call suggested to a student that was talking about driving for dollars, “I don’t do it in my business but if you’re looking to systematize it, Zach Boothe has a system that works well. He’s starting maybe a coaching program or taking on some students. I suggest you reach out to Zach.” He told that to someone else but I immediately got your information and reached out to you.

Scott, I’m glad you did. You’re a guy that takes some serious action. I didn’t know that story about you switching markets. That’s bold and cool. It’s good for you.

You went into Oregon and switched markets. You’re rocking and rolling and then all of a sudden, what are you doing? Do you call them? Are you mailing them?

We were mailing. First, we started with direct mail using the Tom Krol list. We bought that for a few different counties. I had my Filipino cold caller calling it. He didn’t have any success off of his cold calls. I did my first deal off of a cold call off the Tom Krol list that I made. I didn’t have time to make calls but it was a Saturday. I had fifteen minutes. I’m like, “Let’s do it.”

That’s important because you don’t have to be like, “I got to make three hours of calls or I’m not going to be able to do this. I’m not going to be successful.” You can do it when you have breaks of 15 minutes or 20 minutes. One phone conversation could make you $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 or $100,000. I guarantee you you’re not going to make anything if you’re not making any calls or not having any conversations with distressed property owners. You don’t have to revolutionize your life and schedule to be able to make all these calls. How was it with driving?

Driving is the same thing as talking about what you talked about. I was a student of this guy right here for cold calling. My first deal was eleven minutes on the dialer and I was shocked and floored. She’s like, “I want to sell.” That’s probably not going to happen for you but I got the right seller. It’s crazy.

If you’re working full-time, how are you driving for dollars?

Start taking action. Start with the administrative tasks, handling the mail lists, and everything else. Just be consistent with everything so your business can take off.

What you need to realize is it doesn’t take that much time. With the systems that they have, the software systems and the technology, you can go out and pin anywhere between 30 and 50 addresses that need some love per hour. It doesn’t take that many addresses to find a deal. When we first started and I was pinning just the ugly houses, we were finding a deal every 500 addresses I pin. Our criteria have come down. It’s much higher in that but I have someone driving for me so I’ve loosened my criteria. It doesn’t take that much. Take a different route from work on the way home.

Are you using an app, Scott?

We’re using an app. We started off using The Driving for Dollars App. We liked it because it gave us phone numbers. It had pretty good pricing. You can pin super-fast. We’ve switched to the DealMachine app because the other one changed up its pricing structure. Also, I noticed that the quality of the skip tracing hasn’t been as good as it was before.

That’s what we use. I’ve got a group of five people driving using the DealMachine app, putting them in and taking over the city, trying to get as many as possible. You’re in Salt Lake. How many houses are able to pin?

Something that I teach my students is we try and schedule certain neighborhoods. We drive every neighborhood every six months. I have a student in North Carolina. His market is small. If he pins 300 houses a week, he’s going to pin the entire market. With the rundown neighborhoods of the areas that have fix and flip opportunities, he’s going to pin that entire market in six months.

In my market, I can pin about 2,000 houses a week before I saturate the entire market in 6 months but then I start to remove those pins from my master map that I show my students how to put together. It’s fantastic. We blacklist certain areas so you’re not driving on top of areas you don’t want your drivers. We have a great system to make sure we’re pinning those areas.

What are you doing, Scott?

My wife drives every day for about two hours. About 100 houses a day is her target. We don’t always get it. Sometimes when we go to the neighborhoods with curvy streets and we’re pinning a lot less. Sometimes she’ll come back with 140 but get good at hitting the groove. She gets out about 9:00 AM every morning and comes back around noon. It takes her about two hours plus the drive time. We’re consistently building up our list.

I want to stress that we’re going to talk about probably the big deal in a second but we’re filling up our pipeline on something that we intend to stay committed to. We haven’t gotten tons of deals from it yet but we’re getting lots of interest. We’re building up a big database of distressed homes in our market. Eventually, we’re going to convert that list to a lot of money. It’s something that we want to stay consistent with. We plan on doing that for the long-term.

Let me ask you both. How often is your driver or your wife, Scott, running into other people with the DealMachine app in a car driving the neighborhoods?


WI 297 | Six Figures

Six Figures: The app Driving For Dollars can give you a lot of phone numbers so you can pin properties much faster.


Your competition is not going to go out and do this. If they are, they’re going to be doing deals. The thing is there are guys in my market that are doing it. I have students in my market. There are many deals out there. It’s insane.

You’re saying it’s very rare if ever. Scott, has Alejandra ever run into anybody?

She never ran into another person driving for dollars.

What most people do is go to ListSource, the county recorder’s office or some listing company, which is fine. I use ListSource but if I can pull it in 3 minutes a list, everybody else can pull it in 3 minutes. If it costs me $100 to get a distressed property list, it’s $100 for anybody that wants that list. It’s going to be a pretty similar list. There’s going to be more people going after that. Nobody has your exact driving for dollars lists.

You are doing your own thing. You’re out there getting these areas, driving at different times and catching people at different times in their life. I’m telling you, if you have quality conversations with distressed property owners, that is the key to this business. It’s the only thing that you need to focus on. If you catch people at the right time having those good quality conversations, we already know everybody on a driving-for-dollars list is distressed. A rough rundown or data condition of a property is a sign of distress.

They’re emotionally detached from the property because if they cared about it, they’d take care of it.

Maybe they physically can’t or it’s been a rental and they’ve depreciated it as long as they can. For your income taxes purposes, they’re ready to get rid of it and move on with their life. These properties don’t have the budget nor do they want to put the budget into fixing these up. I’ll speak for myself but what is the typical response when you get a hold of somebody that is considering an offer? Are they rentals or owner-occupied? What’s the mix, typically?

One thing that was interesting for me is before this list, most of my deals were non-owner-occupied. We found that most of these deals are owner-occupied. They’re primary residence for these people.

What about you, Scott?

Most leads I’ve gotten are the nightmare tenant situation where they’ve finally got that person out, the property has been trashed or the deal that we’ve done off of it was an extra house that the guy had. It had been vacant for years. He’s using it to store stuff.

That’s the same with us. Our biggest deals have been driving for dollars multifamily. Bananas. Big deals. Everybody wants to get multifamily. They’re talking about it on this show and the YouTube channel. Multifamily, duplex, triplex, fourplex, even going up bigger if you want to. It’s a phenomenal opportunity because when there’s one house and it’s run down, that’s one thing. When there are 4 units with 4 problem tenants and they’re all month to month, all been beaten up this place and under market rents, it’s fish in a barrel.

Finding one good real estate deal doesn’t take that many addresses.

We do run into a lot of property owners that are on our driving for dollars list. We’ve seen it. It’s a rundown property. It has got cars on the front lawn, a lot of junk and needs a new roof. It’s in great shape. They believe it. This isn’t to say that every person that we talk to is going to want to sell their property. We talked with a lot of people that think it’s downtown or close to downtown. It’s worth $1 million because of the size of the lot. The reason that we’re investing in this program and building the list is that we want to be talking to as many people as possible that do have distressed properties. Even though we’re talking with people that think it’s a great house, we’re still talking with more than if we bought an equity list.

Let me put you on the spot and then maybe you can make Zack blush a little bit. Off the top because we had not discussed this. Give me a couple of things that learning from him helped you to take your driving for dollars marketing channel to the next level.

Before, the scale and the scope are the things that come to mind. I did driving for dollars here and there before I joined the X program but it was dabbling. If we saw a bad house, we’d pull the car over, go find a piece of paper and write down the address. Over time, we’d compile 30 to 50 of these and then I’d skip trace it. It was a lot of effort for a small list. Also, I was trying to target a list of the absolute worst houses.

I want you to say that again because that is something that was my biggest mistake in the beginning.

We were trying to find the absolute worst houses, the obvious ones, the boarded-up ones and keep those on our list. Also, doing it here and there during commuting or if we got a couple of hours on a Saturday. When we joined Zack’s program, we decided to implement it as a process and a program in our business. We’re doing it on a mass scale. We’ve widened our criteria and scope in terms of what we consider a pinnable house. We’re not just looking for the absolute worst but certain cues, which Zack has taught us, like overgrown front lawns, tarp on the roof and needs a new roof.

Boarded-up windows are an obvious one but maybe a crack in the window or broken window. There might be 1 or 2 others on the list. That’s how we’re able to pin so many because we’ve widened our scope, built a bigger list and hit more people with phone calls and hit direct mail. We systematize it. Thanks to Zack. That’s why I joined his program. I didn’t want to invent this system from zero. There’s a guy that I could learn from that has a couple of million-dollar businesses already doing it. It was obvious. It’s a no-brainer.

It’s important to say that Zack has made over $1 million from driving for dollars. This isn’t just, “Use this app. Here’s a couple of good ideas.” This is what he’s done from learning and failing. Finally, you put it all together, which makes it exciting for everybody because then they can skip 6, 9 or 12 months of heartache and heartburn, go through those failures and start implementing.

I can’t take credit for all of it. I have a fantastic team that works alongside me. Cameron’s my systems guy. I couldn’t have done it without him. Also, my acquisition team and amazing mentors. This guy right here taught me so much. All the coaches over at Wholesaling Inc and also Scott and thirteen original students of mine. When you start to teach something, you get asked questions that you didn’t think of. I found many flaws in my business. This system is making money for a lot of people but it’s been an accumulation of some brilliant minds. It’s been awesome.

Let’s talk massive deals. You already told them how much you made. Let’s put it through the filter of the four pillars of prequalification. When you have a lead, you need to pre-qualify them before you go on an appointment. I teach that pre-qualifying is based on the condition of the property, their timeline to sell, their motivation to sell and their price. What was the condition of the property? You did a massive deal, drove for dollars and got the phone number. You TTP-ed them. Your caller picked up the phone and call them. What was the condition of the property?

I’m reading his initial call notes from the first call. This was what the Filipino cold caller put down. “The property has been unintended for a couple of years. He’s selling it as is. I asked him his price and he said to give him an offer. I asked him one more time. He said to give him an offer. He’s selling the property in as-is condition. It’s in bad shape. If we want to see the property, we could set up an appointment on Monday.” That’s the motivation and distress signs right there. We set the appointment as fast as we can.

It’s so good when you get those leads.


WI 297 | Six Figures

Six Figures: Owners of distressed properties are usually emotionally detached from the place. They probably would have taken care of it if they cared about it.


I love how he said it too, unintended. It’s been several years. It’s dated or beat up. Was it in rough shape? Were there main issues with it or does it need a renovation?

It needed to be renovated, probably for many years of having stuff sitting in it, no one living in it and keeping it up. It looked bad. From what I heard from the person that ended up being the end cash buyer on it, they said at the end of the day, “It’s not that bad. We’re going to put $50,000 into this,” which is less than other deals that I’ve done in terms of renovations. They said, “It had a good structure too. We would need to update everything.”

What was his timeline? How quick did he want to sell it?

He seemed like he wanted to sell it right away.

When did it end up? What’s real life?

That cold call I believe was a Thursday. I sent my acquisition manager, who was my mom, out to the property and met with the owner. That was a Monday. We gave him a verbal offer. He said he liked it and that was fair. He needed to talk with some family and think about it. I believe that at the end of that same week, we had it under contract.

What was his motivation?

I still don’t know exactly what the motivation was. I wasn’t there on the appointments myself but it’s sitting there collecting stuff. He was ready to sell. Maybe no one has ever called him before. I’m not sure. A lot of these people get direct mail and no one calls them.

Did he ever give you a price or did you have to give him one first?

We gave him the price first because he never gave us a price. We wanted to anchor low. We pulled up the tax assessed value and showed that to him. We use that to set the anchor. We want a little bit lower than it due to the condition of the property. He thought that was a fair offer.

You can’t take all the credit when you succeed, especially if you have a fantastic team beside you and amazing mentors who helped you along the way.

That was what price?

That was $160,000.

Before you tell us what you sold it for, this is important. He’s talking about anchoring low. He means if the seller isn’t giving you a price and they want you to give them a price, remember, in every transaction, the value is determined by the buyer. I don’t care if it’s toothpaste, gasoline or a house. It’s not appraisers, the government or real estate agents that determine the price. It is a ready, willing and able buyer that sets the price. If you say it’s $160,000 and you don’t over hallucinate and assume that the seller is going to want way more, then all of a sudden, that sounds like a great deal to them. You sign it up at $160,000 and then you sell it for how much?

We sold it for $275,000.

Here’s the thing. We overcomplicate this too much. This business is very simple. If you talk to people, ask them questions, pre-qualify them and you find out that they’re ready to go and they don’t have a number in mind that they want, then you need to see what they will take. Don’t assume that you are going to offend them or it’s too low. You set the price. The buyer sets the price.

If another buyer came to that same seller and said, “I will give you $275,000 for the property,” that’s what the property would be worth. You were the one that called them and solved the problem of the property with that seller. For that, you got paid $115,000 or something. That’s life-changing money. What does that do to your mindset and brain chemistry?

It’s amazing. We made a lot of money quickly on this. We can do some cool things in our business like hire drivers and cold callers. We can do more direct mail marketing. I’m trying to be smart here and scale super slowly. I don’t have a bunch of marketing going on and systems to handle it but all of a sudden, I know that we’re okay financially as a family. We can take trips or do pretty much whatever we want to do but we’re trying to maintain our lifestyle the same. This is business money. We’re going to accumulate it and reinvest it. We can start to close on properties ourselves and eventually, buy some rentals. It’s seed money for that stuff.

Don’t you feel encouraged? You got to be reading this. I’ve had big deals but I’ve never had a $115,000 assignment. Listening to it, I’m like, “I can do that.” The first time that I did a deal over $50,000 changed everything. It’s a big mental shift. It changes the chemistry in your brain. I think to myself, “You can’t limit yourself on these deals and assume that you can only make a certain amount on these deals. You can get massive deals if you’re looking for them.” It’s wildly encouraging.

As you’re talking, I’m having déjà vu because I remember driving around back in January 2019 listening to you on the show talking about when you get your first deal where it changes your brain chemistry. Here I am, never having done a deal before. I’m spending my little free time driving for dollars, grinding on the hope, prayer and faith that it’s going to happen. Hearing you say that, I was like, “I know it’s going to happen. I’ll get that brain chemistry change. I got to knock that first one.” I’m getting a call from driving for dollars leads. This could be a closing call. I’m going to finish the conversation and I’ll get that deal.”

Having a blend of both of the programs here and being able to have this conversation with you, it’s wonderfully encouraging and fantastically rewarding for both of us to see you do such an amazing job at this thing. The sky is the limit for you. I want you to keep going. Keep that mentality. It’s excellent.


WI 297 | Six Figures

Six Figures: Take a different route from work on the way home to find a house or property you can do real estate deals on.


Thanks for sharing with the other readers, Scott and sharing this deal. It can be done. I was there not too long ago.

Scott TTP-ed me. He came into my office before joining the program because he was in town on a business trip. This is the old job that you’re with. We spent some time together and then eventually he got into it and got serious about it. You’re sitting seven deals deep. You’ve got a pipeline going. With those seven deals, what does that amount to? Do you know what the total amount that is?

It’s a little bit embarrassing because there are cash buyers in my market that read this show but we’re North of $300,000.

Don’t be embarrassed by that.

I want to stress that this ended up being a win-win-win deal because the owner was happy to sell it to us. It was a success for him. We helped him move out his stuff, took care of his piano and moved it to the location that he wanted it to go. He needed time to sort through family heirlooms and belongings. That’s what we provided to him, a quick solution that solved his problem. We were rewarded financially. Our end buyer is going to do a tasteful remodel and also make a nice profit. It was a home run for them too. That’s what it’s all about.

The program’s not even out yet.

The mass launch hasn’t even started. I came down here to get some more coaching from my man here.

How can they reach out to you?

The only thing I have set up is you can reach out to me through Facebook. You can find me, Zack Boothe. You can send me a message on Facebook and I’ll get back to you. Soon you’ll have access to me through Wholesaling Inc and everything else.

Check it out. I’m telling you, I am behind the scenes on this thing. I make a cameo appearance in the actual program. It’s going to be phenomenal. The price versus value is off the charts. It’s going to be crazy.

I highly recommend it.

If you’re looking to join the most proactive group in real estate investing, you’ve got to check out Check out the page. Make sure you see the testimonials and what the program is all about. In your gut, if it feels good, then make sure that you schedule a call. It’ll be the best call of your year. If you do join, I look forward to interviewing you on this show, on these videos and the YouTube channel because we are serious. We are making superstars. You guys are the best. I encourage you all to talk to people. Until next time.


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