Episode 233: How Building Rapport Helped a New Rhino Close His First Deal

While you are not expected to learn every wholesaling technique in one go, you’d be glad to know there is one thing that can get your efforts off to an exceptional start—building rapport. Not convinced? Just go ask Percy Robertson.

Percy is a remarkable new rhino from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While he has been a mortgage broker for 10 years, it was only recently that he decided to venture into wholesaling full-time.

Amazingly, just 3 months since he joined the tribe, he has already closed his first deal!

If you’re a new wholesaler still looking for that seemingly elusive first deal, don’t miss today’s episode. Percy not only exhibited the importance of building rapport, he also dished out helpful wholesaling tips for good measure!

The Deal

  • Percy sent out postcards to the people on the tax delinquent list.
  • He found a motivated seller who wanted to sell a distressed property.
  • Rather than discussing the purchase of the property’s contract right away, he focused on building rapport first when he showed up for his appointment with the seller.
  • After all was said and done, he walked away with $9, 500. Definitely a massive reward for building rapport and providing exceptional help and value!


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