Phil, a Construction Worker from Illinois does 22 Wholesale Deals before leaving his full time job.

*Any examples depicting income or earnings are NOT to be interpreted as common, typical, expected, or normal for an average student. Although we have numerous documented successful deals from our coaching students, we cannot track all of our students’ results, and therefore cannot provide a typical result. You should assume that the average person makes little to no money or could lose money as there is work and risk associated with investing in real estate. The students depicted have participated in advanced Wholesaling Inc coaching and training programs. The participants shown are not paid for their stories; however, some of the students depicted may also be a Wholesaling Inc coach, and our coaches are compensated for their services. We believe in full transparency, so please read our Disclaimers and Terms of Use.

Bss Testimonials

  • Anthony from Florida

    From $20 To $20K In The Bank

  • Joseph from Georgia

    Over 50K In Assignment Fees In The First 90 Days With Land

  • Ryan from Oklahoma

    Beginners On The Fence Jumpstart Your Career Now

  • Jesse from Texas

    2 Deals closed in 3 months!

  • Jake from Connecticut

    $90k in FOUR months!

  • Jacob from Michigan

    First deal closed in four months!

  • Nathan from Washington

    Nate pulled the trigger & made $36,000 in under 3 months

  • Jay from Texas

    The blueprint to getting your real estate business up and running!

  • Cody from New Mexico

    Followed the proven steps to get results fast!

  • Tim and Engracia from Texas

    Working together as a Husband & Wife Team!

  • John from Idaho

    $42,000 from first deal!

  • Matthew from California

    $60,000 from one call!

  • Tom from Utah

    Tom talks about his success with Wholesaling Inc

  • Daniel from Indiana

    Getting started with TTP gave Daniel the steps to get his business up and running!

  • Melquan from South Carolina

    Making it happen while still working 9 – 5!

  • Ken from New Hampshire

    Joining this course has been a game changer!

  • Doug from Texas

    21-years-old, building his Wholesaling business!

  • Rashod from Florida

    Rashod is getting closer to his goal of Financial Freedom!

  • Taylor from New York

    Support, guidance, energy, and motivation leads Taylor to success!

  • Fade from Maryland

    Staying consistent helped Fade hit his best month to date!

  • Daniel from Ohio

    Daniel closes his first deal by taking Imperfect Action!

  • Blair from Tennesse

    Massive, Imperfect Action, Every Day!

  • Carter from Arizona

    2 deals in 2 months!

  • Courtney from Maryland

    Follow, Copy & Paste!

  • John from Colorado

    Take your life and finances to the next level!

  • Natasha from Kentucky

    A new confidence in everyday life!

  • Taryk from Virginia

    Take that risk!

  • Michael from Texas

    Biggest month yet by TTP!!

  • Brandy from Florida

    Hit the ground running!

  • Blake from California

    Closed a deal in 45 days with Brents guidance

  • Elton from Louisiana

    Fastest speed to the deal!

  • Keith from California

    Copy, paste & implement!

  • Lenny from New Jersey

    Adding the TTP course to his business helped explode his revenue!

  • TJ from North Carolina

    On his way to building a successful biz!

  • Gabe & Jaimie from Kansas

    Joining TTP streamlined their business 100%!

  • Clay from Utah

    TTP has changed our life and business

  • Chris from Arizona

    Faithful, Available & Teachable!

  • Cameron from Florida

    Instruction, community, so much info to learn the business!

  • Daniel, Richard and Will from Texas

    From 1 deal a month to 5-10 CONSISTENTLY!

  • Corey from New Jersey

    First check for $13K! TTP!

  • Jasper from North Carolina

    2 deals closed from Talking To People for ONE month!

  • Davin

    Immediate results from Talking To People!

  • Eli from Georgia

    Eli has grown his business by Talking to People!

  • Bill from Oregon

    Biggest deal closed for $30k! TTP Baby!

  • Stephen from North Carolina

    4 months since joining TTP, GAME CHANGER!!

  • Cedric from Kansas

    TTP has helped Cedric find his freedom!

  • Adrian from Florida

    $10k from his first deal!

  • Michael from Texas

    TTP has helped Michael become consistent with his business.

  • Hai from Illinois

    Wholesaling virtually from Illinois to Kentucky!

  • Jessie from Rhode Island

    Implementing both WI & TTP took Jessie’s business from part time to full time.

  • Terone in California

    5 Closings in 60 days since adding TTP to their business.

  • Alfredo from Colorado

    $72k in only TWO months!!

  • Tag from Tennessee

    Tag has went from 60 leads per month to 600! TTP!!

  • David from Tennessee

    David has done 20 Deals in 5 months, averaging 15k per deal!

  • Josh from Maryland

    Josh’s leads have skyrocketed, closing 15 deals since adding in the TTP course!

  • Jason from Colorado

    Following Brent’s instruction has lead Jason straight to success!

  • Elizoebeth from Colorado

    Business has been BOOMING since joining the TTP Course!

  • Craig from Kentucky

    In only two months Craig has built his cold calling business!

  • Wayne from Florida

    Jumping into the TTP course has added value to Wayne’s business.

  • Cristina from California

    Joining the course has given Cristina the blueprint she needed to get consistent with her business.

  • Adonijah from New York

    Adding TTP is taking Adonijah’s business to the next level!

  • Abram from Louisiana

    Abram started Talking To People and closed his first deal for 32K in only 3 months!

  • Drew from Utah

    Drew has gained traction since adding the TTP course to his business!

  • Colin from Texas

    Colin went through the course with Brent’s guidance and closed his first deal for $25k!

  • Phillip from Texas

    In less then two months Phillip was cashing his first check for $35k just from Talking to People!

  • Kyle from California

    Kyle’s business went from averaging 20k a month to 100k a month! Simply from TTP!!!

  • Chris from Texas

    Getting started with the TTP Family has been a Game Changer for Chris’ business!

  • Giovanni from Texas

    Joining the Tribe helped Giovanni scale his business from 1 deal a month to 15 deals a month! BAM!!

  • Dan G. from Washington

    Dan has been using the TTP system as his number one source to get leads.

  • Benjamin B. from Texas

    Closing out the month at $48k and leaving his corporate job last week is just the beginning for Ben!

  • Brittany from Alabama

    Brittany joined the TTP course to help expand her business and grow her deal size, in only 1 month she has had some Major results!

  • Justin from Texas

    Eight deals in only 3 months averaging $14k per deal!

  • Sam from California

    Sam is on the phone everyday Talking To People, he closes his first deal only two months after following Brent’s instruction and taking Massive Action!

  • Stephanie from Arizona

    Stephanie has been getting Massive results!

  • Matt from Indiana

    Matt had TWO deals within two weeks of getting started with TTP, bringing in over 50k!!

  • Chris and Cyndi from Arizona

    Right out the gate Chris and Cyndi closed three deals

  • Brent from Colorado

    Brent’s business has grown using the TTP course, and he is excited to see what the future brings!

  • Dane from Utah

    Generated over $70,000 on ONE DEAL!

  • Solomon Oh

    Solomons Goal for 2018 is to Break $200k Barrier!

  • Jason

    Getting Deals at a Fraction of the Cost

  • Seth T

    Doing $80k in one month!

  • Adam from California

    Building a business from start to finish!

  • Jason from Florida

    First deal closed within four months!

  • Jeff from North Carolina

    $25k from one month of advertising!

  • Steve from New Hampshire

    Steve gives a shout out to the REI Radio team for the tremendous support they’ve given!

  • Keenan from California

    Hand and hand with Lauren on the journey to success!

  • Matthew from California

    A Virtual Wholesaling Success! BAM!

  • Aaron from Ohio

    Aaron closes his first deal within a few months of joining!

  • Vincent from Spain

    Virtual Wholesaling 4,000 miles away!

  • Chelsea from California

    Starting a Virtual Business during distance learning

  • Mitch from Iowa

    The Best Marketing Channel with the Assistance From Chris!

  • Eric from Texas

    The Leads are Pouring in!

  • Maurice from Maryland

    Scaling his business since becoming a Rhino!

  • Bryan from Las Vegas

    Two deals closed and one in the pipeline! BAM!

  • Graylan from Colorado

    6 contracts in only 30 days!

  • Charles from Oregon

    Quality leads from radio ads!

  • Josh from India

    Josh learns to wholesale virtually from India!

  • Esian from Missouri

    Esian continues to scale his business!

  • Jay form Arizona – T4

    Do the work, stick with it. Great support!

  • Zack from Utah-T4

    First deal closed!

  • Steve and Kaylem from Texas – T4

    Successfully closed our first deal!

  • Steve and Kaylem from Texas

    Successfully closed our first deal!

  • Zack from Utah

    First deal closed!

  • Jay form Arizona

    Do the work, stick with it. Great support!

  • Riley from California

    Make the investment!

  • Seth from Colorado

    The support from the Coaches and Community helped along the way

  • Vamsi from Florida

    Life is too short, just do it!

  • Andrew from Ohio

    Be a RHINO!

  • Brent from Colorado

    Step by step instructions to get on the Radio!

  • Nick from California

    A system that makes it simple.

  • Ray from Hawaii

    Lauren will hold your feet to the fire!

  • Brian from Kentucky

    Take Action!

  • Alex from Florida

    10 out of 5 stars all day long!

  • Brendan from Florida

    Rhino On!

  • Rashad from Texas

    Sweet taste of Victory!

  • Joel from Oklahoma

    Game Changer!

  • Sara from Pennsylvania

    Sara got out of her comfort zone and took action! BAM!

  • Andrew from South Carolina

    Andrew jumped into the course to help explode their business in just 1 year!

  • Jonathan from Texas

    You have to start to be great!

  • Jordan from Washington

    No fluff, No BS! BAM!

  • Vance and Jackie from Georgia

    5 deals closed, 4 in the pipeline!

  • Jesse from Texas

    First deal in 18 days!

  • Jahmai from New York

    Joining the Tribe turned his dreams into reality!

  • Michelle from Tennessee

    In only 3 months Michelle’s business is exploding! BAM!

  • Joseph from Georgia

    Two deals closed since joining the Tribe!

  • Chris from Georgia

    Taking advantage of the support has helped Chris grow his business.

  • Carson from South Carolina

    Putting the Next Level Course into action has helped Carson step away from a job and helped him learn to run a business.

  • Corey from Wisconsin

    Corey took his game to the Next Level by adding the course into his wholesaling business.

  • Jason from Tennessee

    With no Wholesaling experience, Jason closes 2 deals within 4 months of becoming a Rhino! BAM!

  • Quintin from Washington

    First deal for $20K! BAM!

  • Jens from Idaho

    First deal in only 78 days!

  • Kenya from Florida

    First deal closed! BAM!

  • Nick from Kansas

    19 yrs. old, closed his first deal in 3 months!

  • Quinn from Louisiana

    Step by step instruction to his first deal!

  • Joshua from Texas

    Taking Massive, Imperfect Action has gotten Joshua’s business up and running!

  • Jordan from Nebraska

    Jordan pushed through those gut check moments to get the deal done! BAM!

  • Jesse from Rhode Island

    Implementing both WI & TTP took Jessie’s business from part time to full time.

  • Mason from Iowa

    Grit, Determination, and Massive Action!!

  • Tracy from Maryland

    Tracy pushed through the Doubt, Disappointment, and Distractions to get her first deal closed!

  • Carson from South Carolina

    Joining the Tribe helped Carson get consistent with leads and deal flow.

  • Brian from South Carolina

    The go-giver mentality of the people in this group are different then anything else I’ve experienced.

  • Scott from Oregon

    Scott closes his first deal for $52K! BAM!

  • Angel from Texas

    Following simple steps after joining the course has gotten Angel her first check for 12k! BAM!

  • Brandy from Florida

    Brandy has enjoyed having Todd as his mentor AND his business has grown since getting started with the course!


  • Makeba from Missouri

    Makeba loves being apart of the Tribe and is excited for what her future holds!

  • Josh and Marlena

    Incorporating the Next Level Wholesaling course has helped Josh & Marlena cut through the fluff and systemize their business.


  • Luis and Joaquin

    BAM! Luis and Joaquin have taken Massive Imperfect Action to get their business up and running!

  • Shani from Georgia

    Joining the coaching calls and getting support from the Tribe has helped Shani overcome her analysis paralysis hurdle and close her first deal.

  • Carson from South Carolina

    $105k in 9 months! Carson became a Rhino and took Massive action!! BAM!

  • Robert from Tennessee

    In only a few months after becoming a Rhino, Robert closes his first deal and has 2 more in the pipeline!

  • Matt from South Carolina

    Matt leveled up, turning his job into a business.



  • Brian & Misty from New Jersey

    Clarifying a hiring process has opened up more time to focus on family and growing their business.



  • Matt from Indiana

    Matt has taken his business to the Next Level since diving into the course.



  • Zack from Utah

    Zack has been able to make minor changes to his business that have gotten him immediate results!

  • Percy from Wisconsin

    Jumping into the course and following the simple and easy instruction has gotten Percy immediate results.

  • Hunter from Texas

    $75k in only 5 months! Hunter is turning his hobby into a business.

  • John from California

    Becoming a Rhino help John close his first deal for 10K! BAM!!

  • Jennifer from Florida

    One conversation with Tom helped Jennifer lock down a contract!

  • Demetry from Florida

    Two closings in one week and a full pipeline! Demetry is Crushing it!!

  • Gabriel from Nevada

    Taking Massive Action helped Gabriel close his first deal within a few months of becoming a Rhino! BAM!

  • Brett from Florida

    Since joining the Tribe only 4 months ago Brett has had Massive Success! BAM!

  • William from Louisiana

    William has his first closing after becoming a Rhino!

  • Jeremy from Indiana

    Jeremy just closed his first deal for $15k only 30 days after joining the Tribe! BAM!

  • Frans from South Carolina

    Since joining the Tribe Frans has increased his deal size by taking massive action!

  • Giovanni from Texas

    Joining the Tribe helped Giovanni scale his business from 1 deal a month to 15 deals a month! BAM!!

  • Ryan from Texas

    In only 6 short months with Wholesaling Inc, using the Step by Step instructions, Ryan was able to earn what he normally would earn in several years at his full time job.

  • Omar from Virginia

    Omar learned to be a problem solver, closing 9 deals in his first 5 months of becoming a Rhino! BAM!

  • Stephanie from Texas

    Stephanie came Charging right out of the gate and collected $355k in wholesale fee’s in only Four months!!

  • Chris from Texas

    Following the Action Steps from the program has helped Chris scale his business, since getting started they are Crushing it!!

  • Mike from North Carolina

    Mike came into the Tribe knowing nothing about Real Estate or Wholesaling, since then he has watched his business grow and his personal life transform!

  • Josh from Ohio

    Since joining the Tribe only 2 years ago, Josh has made almost 400k by taking Massive Action! BAM!!

  • Greg from Oregon

    Greg did his first deal within 3 months of becoming a Rhino.

  • Fernando and Priscilla

    From following instruction to taking Massive Action, Fernando and Priscilla have been able to close 6 deals.

  • CJ from Texas

    Focus, Guidance, Accountability and $75k in revenue in only 3 Months! BAM!

  • Dave from Florida

    Finding our coaching program has helped Dave build his own Financial Future. Even after suffering a major health event, Dave was able to keep his spirits up with the help from Tom’s energy and excitement.

  • Chad from Minnesota

    Becoming a Rhino less than 2 months ago has given Chad the Step by Step instructions to getting him to his first Wholesaling Fee!

  • Adam from North Carolina

    Six Figures in One Year since joining the Tribe!

  • Adam from Colorado

    Taking Massive Action and following the step by step instructions has helped Adam get his business automated.

  • Matt from Missouri

    The step by step instruction helped Matt get his first deal only a week into becoming a Rhino!

  • Stephen from Tennessee

    Stephen has taken Massive Imperfect action since joining the Tribe, and it has been Life Changing for him!

  • Corrie from Kansas

    Since joining the Tribe Corrie has Quadrupled her Wholesaling Fee’s!

  • Todd from Florida

    Over $200k since joining our program!

  • Erin from Utah

    Erin has found Joy & Fulfillment in her life from doing something she loves.

  • Corey and Carrie from Wisconsin

    Corey and Carrie have the systems in place now to be able to Wholesale full time and be a full time Family!

  • Brian and Misty from New Jersey

    Brian and Misty get their first wholesaling fee only 3 months after becoming a Tribe member!

  • Nate from Oregon

    Nate closes his first deal for 13k after being a Rhino for only 45 days!

  • Caleb from South Carolina

    $60k in the first 30 days with 3 more contracts in the pipeline!

  • Bryan from Utah

    Bryan has made over $350,000 in 7 months!

  • Garth from Kentucky

    In just 3 short months since becoming a Rhino, Garth has been able to grow his business and improve his systems.

  • Josh and Marlena from Florida

    Husband and Wife Team found their Freedom with Wholesaling!
    *Bonus Follow-up included

  • Spencer from Tennessee

    Spencer’s business has gone to the next level since joining the Tribe!
    *Bonus Follow-up included

  • Tashiona from Tennessee

    Since becoming a Rhino Tashiona has made $150k, having the Tribe as a support system has added to her success.

  • Mark from California

    Face your Fear, there you will find Freedom

  • Adam from Colorado

    Adam has been able to build a Business and a Team because of Wholesaling Inc

  • Ankith from Texas

    Took Massive Action and closed first deal in 2 months.

  • Katharine from North Carolina

    Closed first Deal just three months after joining the Tribe.

  • Heather from Tennessee

    Heather closes her first three deals keeping in mind Progress, not Perfection!

  • Matt from Indiana

    $100k profit from nine contracts.

  • Mitzi from Texas

    Becoming a Rhino helped Mitzi create structure and build more income.

  • Natasha from Ohio

    Since becoming a Tribe Member Natasha’s business has gotten more consistent and she has tripled her Wholesaling fees!


Here’s the deal: We have mentored hundreds of students who have gone on to great success with Wholesaling. That being said, there are also plenty of folks who come into our program and do nothing!

We can’t guarantee you success. In fact NOBODY can guarantee you success…but YOU!

We have no idea how hard you are willing to work and we can’t MAKE you do the work. We can’t sit over your shoulder and tell you what you should (or shouldn’t) be doing! But what we CAN give you is some of the BEST coaching, training, tools and systems to help you build (or scale) a successful Wholesaling business. The rest is entirely up to you.

Our mentoring program probably has the highest success rate of any other program out there.

Bottom line: We know it works if you do the work!

The proof is in the pudding. Many of the people on this page are just like you. A lot of them came into this program with ZERO knowledge about Wholesaling and have since gone on to build very successful businesses. They had a dream to build a successful business and had the courage to follow that dream.

**PLEASE NOTE** We can proudly proclaim that not one single person on this page has been compensated (in ANY way) for their review! These are all real reviews from real people who have achieved REAL results by following our systems!

Will YOU be our next success story?

Here are a few more success stories from our Rhinos.

As you can see, our program has transformed the lives of many people across all walks of life. From Celebrities to School Teachers. From PC Repair Techs to Professional Athletes. From Chiropractors to Stay at home moms…and everything in between.

We can confidently say that our program has created more success stories than any other program we know of! We don’t say that to brag, we say it because it’s a fact!

If you are serious about building a business Wholesaling and are ready to take the next step, follow the instructions below and book a call with us ASAP!

Step 1: Click the button below to schedule an application call:


Step 2: You will be brought to an application form. Fill out the form thoroughly and honestly. The more info you provide us, the better we’ll be able to help you on the call. In order to get the most from the call, it is very important that you answer all questions honestly.

Step 3: Pick a time and date from the calendar that works for you and block out about 35 minutes to have a conversation that could very well change your life!

Step 4: Someone from our team will call you on the date and time you chose, talk to you about your goals, answer any of your Wholesaling questions and if it sounds like a good fit, we may invite you into our tribe.

Important: Due to the success of our program, we often have a long list of people wanting to get into the tribe. We do NOT accept everyone who applies. If you do book a call and are not offered an invitation into our program, please don’t take it personally. We’ve worked with enough people to know the difference between the “Winners” and the “Whiners”. You will only get one call so please answer and make it count!


*Any examples depicting income or earnings are NOT to be interpreted as common, typical, expected, or normal for an average student. Although we have numerous documented successful deals from our coaching students, we cannot track all of our students’ results, and therefore cannot provide a typical result. You should assume that the average person makes little to no money or could lose money as there is work and risk associated with investing in real estate. The students depicted have participated in advanced Wholesaling Inc coaching and training programs. The participants shown are not paid for their stories; however, some of the students depicted may also be a Wholesaling Inc coach, and our coaches are compensated for their services. We believe in full transparency, so please read our Disclaimers and Terms of Use.