Episode 205: How Consistency Helped a Part-Time Rhino Close One Deal After Another

While there are multiple factors that can contribute to wholesaling success, many wholesalers credit their success to one thing—consistency. And this is something today’s guest can also attest to.

Brett McCollum is an inspirational rhino from Gainsville, Florida. The gracious husband and father of two is only doing wholesaling on the side. However, thanks to his consistency, he’s been closing one deal after the other.

If you’ve been wholesaling for quite sometime but still have not gotten the results you are looking for, today’s episode is for you. Aside from the importance of staying consistent, Brett also shared so many gold nuggets that will surely change your wholesaling game for the better.

The Deal:

  • Brett consistently sent mails to the non-owner high equity list. Around his 3rd round of mails, he got a call from a motivated seller.
  • Even if he was able to already close deals prior to joining the tribe, he still chose to follow the tribe’s script and was able to schedule an appointment.
  • After just 8 short days, he was able to purchase the contract for $45,000, sell it for $53,000 and walked away with an $8,000 reward for the impeccable service he provided!


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