WIP 1454: #ThrowbackThursday – $347,495 in His First Year of Wholesaling Real Estate…PART TIME!

Buckle up, wholesaling warriors! You won’t want to miss this episode featuring Ryan Weimer, a San Diego-based deal-making MACHINE. In just his first year, Ryan closed a total of $347,495 and snagged not one, but TWO fourplexes!

Ryan’s about to share his WHOLESALING SECRETS. We’re talking about everything from the morning routine that fuels his success to the exact strategies he used to dominate the market. Tune in and discover how YOU can replicate Ryan’s incredible journey and become a wholesaling rockstar yourself!

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Show notes:

  • (1:04) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (5:59) How did Ryan started and found out about real estate
  • (10:49) Lead generation, conversion and exit strategy
  • (13:20) How does Ryan get his deals
  • (18:42) Locking up deals with longer closes
  • (21:44) The hierarchy of cash buyers
  • (34:28) Negotiating the sellers to be able to give and serve the tenants their 30-day notice



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