WIP 1452: Wholesaling Success Matrix – Don’t Pay for Real Estate Leads Until You Listen to This

Tired of burning cash on lead generation that goes nowhere? Don’t worry…the real estate investing lead generation blueprint is here and it’s all brought to you by Brent Daniels himself!

Brent throws down the gauntlet and dismantles the myth of expensive inbound marketing. Buckle up for actionable strategies that get results, even in smaller markets.

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Show notes:

  • (0:57) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (4:45) Don’t do inbound marketing!
  • (6:22) Direct mail works better in smaller markets
  • (17:53) The more experience you have, the more leads you can take
  • (20:16) Keep your marketing budget tight
  • (24:45) Real estate is all about lead generation, conversion and exit strategy
  • (26:26) Stay away from pay-per-click leads!
  • (29:00) Getting deals off the MLS



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