WIP 1209: #ThrowBackThursday – Cold Call Breakdown – Don’t EVER Make this Mistake when Cold Calling!

Follow along as Edward expertly cold calls a potential client, only to encounter some stumbling blocks in the latter half of the conversation. Unfortunately, these missteps lead to a lost opportunity for a potentially lucrative deal. But don’t you worry…Brent Daniels is here to provide valuable insights and constructive criticism on how Edward could have approached the situation more effectively. From adjusting his tone of voice to incorporating affirmations and using mark-up responses, Brent covers all the key elements you need to know to close a deal successfully. 

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Show notes:

  • (1:16) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (2:25) A LIVE cold calling coaching call with Edward
  • (4:45) How to stay in control of your conversations
  • (6:34) Active listening: CONFIRM and APPROVE
  • (15:54) Let your conversations flow naturally and get into the zone. Be present when talking to your property owners
  • (24:29) You need to deal with sellers smoothly to avoid friction 



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