WIP 1205: Classrooms to Closing Tables – Real Estate Whiz Kid Closes 1500 Deals

Today’s story is all about perseverance and taking action. Meet Peter Nukusani, the real estate wizard straight out of college who has absolutely CRUSHED it doing land deals. In just two and a half years, he’s already closed 1,500 land deals, thanks to his amazing marketing strategy, which involves one of the biggest social media platforms today: TikTok! Can you believe it? Don’t miss a second of this action packed episode. 

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Show notes:

  • (0:58) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (13:07) What are some ways to find buyers for your land parcels?
  • (14:13) Other marketplaces to consider for selling vacant land
  • (18:30) Enhance your customer service and maintain a well-organized inventory
  • (19:41) Develop a robust strategy for online and offline marketing and sales
  • (22:30) Consider hiring an executive assistant
  • (23:21) In what ways has Tiktok aided his disposition process?



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