WIP 1203: Bye Bye 9 to 5 – Turning a $100k Side Hustle into Full Time Freedom

Imagine the toll it takes to commute to work every single day, only to tirelessly stare at a computer screen that constantly instructs you on what to do, which buttons to push, and repeat this monotony for the rest of your eight-hour shift.

However, if you possess an unquenchable desire to break free from the shackles of a 9 to 5 and achieve financial freedom, it’s time to leverage your skills and change your financial trajectory with wholesaling! This is precisely the story of our returning guest, Jamari, hailing from Oxford, Alabama. He’s well on his way to firing his boss and bidding adieu to the corporate world by fully diving into the real estate industry. Jamari’s story proves that you can do ANYTHING if you put your heart into it. If you’re ready for change and want access to the same training that helped Jamari achieve massive success, be sure to check out Brent’s TTP Training Program.


Show notes:

  • (1:20) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (3:42) Successfully closing a $100,000 deal as a side hustle
  • (7:50) “Your decisions play a pivotal role in determining the outcome”
  • (9:17) Tips to increase consistency and fully dive into wholesaling
  • (12:08) How to effectively reach out to multifamily property owners?
  • (15:52) A concise summary of Jamari’s $60,000 profit deal
  • (22:37) Networking and diligent follow-up are critical for closing deals
  • (24:17) Set aside sufficient time to carefully review all offers.



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