WIP 1188: Relationship Power – Unlocking 2-3 Extra Deals Per Month, Every Month!

It’s so much easier to go into real estate when you can collaborate with people already more experienced than you! If you’re looking for help on a real estate deal you can’t do all on your own, then Jonah Korchin is here to help you.

Today he will share insights on closing 2-3 (extra) deals monthly by building rapport and relationships with agents. Want to get your first (or next) deal and don’t know where to start? Get the ball rolling and start making money today by checking out the TTP Training Program


Show notes:

  • (1:00) Beginning of the episode
  • (4:47) Building a profitable business through strong relationships with real estate agents.
  • (13:37) Confidence, buyer’s network, and supportive allies are crucial for real estate success.
  • (15:01) Utilize the MLS to connect with potential agents for your business.
  • (17:21) Overview of the powerful go high level system.
  • (19:03) Value as an investor: solving problems for sellers and agents.
  • (26:56) Show appreciation and approach negotiations with empathy for success.
  • (27:42) Four key components of a successful introductory call.



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