WIP 1186: Cold Calling Breakdown – My Favorite Cold Call EVER!

Let’s talk about a killer tool in real estate – cold calling! It’s a game-changer, and nailing this skill is key to crushing it as a wholesaler. Want to succeed and thrive in the world of real estate wholesaling? Then you “must” know how to effectively cold call motivated sellers and …talk to people.  The better you get at cold calling, the more money you will make as a wholesaler. It’s really that simpl.

Listen to Brent as he dishes out some invaluable insights on the best cold call he’s ever reviewed. If you’re just getting started, the TTP Training Program is the right place to get more info.


Show notes:

  • (1:30) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (1:46) Refing your cold call approach for optimal results
  • (2:05) Personalize your introduction by using their first name. Captivate them in the first five seconds to earn their attention for the next thirty seconds
  • (2:47) Familiarize yourself with the six possible responses you may receive
  • (4:15) Address the topic of price head-on
  • (5:19) Gain understanding of the prospect’s situation by confirming and approving their condition
  • (10:45) Be prepared to offer solutions when challenges arise during the call
  • (13:26) Actively listen to the original conversation at all times



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