WIP 1171: When Wall Street Meets Wholesaling – Selling Your Deals for Bigger Profits

“Always identify your ‘why’ before taking the plunge into uncharted territory.” This insightful advice comes from our guest, Helena, who fearlessly pursued real estate wholesaling while simultaneously holding down a full-time job.

Helena has a unique approach to achieving success, which involves building strong relationships over the phone in order to secure larger and more lucrative deals. Tune in today to discover the insider secrets of her winning strategy. If you want to seek put more opportunities make sure to check TTP Training Program


Show notes:

  • (1:12) Beginning of this episode
  • (2:35) How did she develop the ability to sell more deals in her market?
  • (4:27) What specifically do cash buyers look for in a deal?
  • (7:05) What’s the best approach to initiating a conversation with an investor?
  • (9:53) Be a high-performing action-taker.
  • (14:24) Surround yourself with high net-worth individuals.
  • (19:27) Before reducing the price, establish a clear “buy price.”
  • (20:26) Transitioning from Wall Street to Real Estate Wholesaling.
  • (23:27) A chunky deal break down



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