WIP 1163: #Classic – Step by Step How to Wholesale Real Estate – 17 Steps to Your First Wholesale Deal

Today’s episode is going to take us back to basics. We’re talking about the bread and butter of wholesaling!

Whether you’re a fresh newbie or a seasoned pro, Brent Daniels will take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process of crushing a successful wholesale deal step-by-step. He’s got the inside scoop on all the essential 17 steps you need to follow to make it BIG in this game. And if you want to follow more steps, make sure to visit the TTP training program.


Show notes:

  • (0:59) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (2:03) Identify a target list
  • (3:00) Initiate contact with property owners
  • (4:05) Prequalify potential sellers using the four pillars of prequalification
  • (5:29) Conduct thorough due diligence
  • (6:15) Assess the property’s true value
  • (7:17) Take the initiative and follow up with a phone call
  • (8:34) Schedule appointments
  • (9:17) Deliver your offer presentation
  • (10:21) Secure a signed contract
  • (11:36) Market to cash buyers
  • (13:14) Deposit your earnest money
  • (15:35) “Clear to close”
  • (16:19) Check the buyer’s funds again
  • (17:20) Close the deal and collect your payment



  • TTP Training Program
  • DealMachine (CODE: TTP)
  • Turbo Scan
  • To speak with Brent or one of our other expert coaches call (281) 835-4201 or schedule your free discovery call here to learn about our mentorship programs and become part of the Tribe

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