WIP 1142: Wholesaling Quicktip – How to Find Hedge Funds in Your Market

Finding hedge fund buyers in your market can transform your wholesaling business. They tend to pay more for properties than a traditional fix-and-flip investor, leading to higher fees and greater flexibility for you.

But where do you find these hedge fund buyers? Don’t worry, it’s simpler than you might expect.

Today, Brent will explain the process in detail. Like what you heard? Then be sure to check out Brent’s TTP training program for an exclusive opportunity to work with him personally.  


Show notes:

  • (0:52) Start of Today’s Show
  • (3:27) Why Hedge Funds are Good, but Not the Best Buyers
  • (3:56) Consider What Your Cash Buyers Seek
  • (4:43) Every Lead is a Potential Opportunity
  • (6:00) Expand Your List through Networking
  • (7:30) Stay Focused on Your Strategy
  • (8:22) Strategies for speaking to agents about “hedge funds”



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