WIP 1140: How to DOMINATE Your Market from a Guy Who Has Done Over 1000 Real Estate Deals

Today, you will learn how to use a specific marketing channel to grow your motivated seller leads quickly and effectively. Tony Javier is here to teach you his methods for scaling your business with a consistent flow of leads through a marketing channel that is not commonly used (probably not by anyone in your market).

Can you guess what it is? Correct, it’s TV! Unlike other marketing channels, TV marketing requires only a small initial setup time and provides significant benefits. This channel not only establishes you as the authority in your market, but it also generates some of the “best” quality leads compared to almost every other marketing channel. This episode will certainly help you establish dominance in your market and secure bigger deals. Tune in to find out how.

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Show notes:

  • (0:58) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (6:00) TV commercials for quick roi
  • (13:27) Top 10 benefits of doing TV ads
  • (14:49) Why TV has little to no competition
  • (17:05) Can this marketing channel be automated?
  • (18:22) How TV can help you easily raise private money
  • (20:27) Why TV is such a scalable marketing channel
  • (23:04) Closing deals is easier on TV
  • (27:59) How TV drives leads and monetization
  • (30:58) Using TV to supercharge your other marketing efforts



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