WIP 1091: 3 Ways to Wholesale Houses in a Declining Market

Is it getting harder and harder to move your deals? Are your cash buyers getting more choosy about the deals they buy? Are their buy boxes getting smaller by the day?

Let’s face it, the real estate market is changing. With rising interest rates, plummeting home prices, and continued inflation, you have to really know what you are doing to make money in today’s market.

The good news is there are still many ways to make a fortune in real estate IF you know what you’re doing. The even BETTER news is that in the coming weeks and months, more and more of your competition will fall by the wayside because they aren’t arming themselves with the knowledge that you you!

In today’s episode, we discuss 3 strategies for wholesaling more houses in a declining market. 


Show notes:

  • (1:00) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (1:12) There’s no denying that we are entering a declining market
  • (2:44) Todd lays out the fundamental reasons why the Market is dropping…and how to pivot
  • (3:41) In the past twelve years, we’ve been used to a buyer frenzy, but what does that mean?
  • (4:30) Todd lays out 3 actionable tips you can use to win this declining Market
  • (5:25) Why are cash buyers so important?
  • (6:33) How to know what’s selling
  • (7:19) Why investors love concrete block houses
  • (8:11) Build your dream team, and learn from other people’s experiences
  • (8:38) Market to those properties that are selling
  • (10:20) Don’t let your emotions dictate your day-to-day activity
  • (11:12) Get focused on what’s working and eliminate what’s not
  • (12:00) List your properties for about $10,000 less



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