WIP 1089: From 70 Hour Work Weeks at Denny’s to Closing 12 Wholesale Deals by Talking to People

Are you tired of living life paycheck to paycheck?

That’s something that our guest Adel Katayi realized after working for almost 30 years in their family business. He knew there was more to life than grinding nonstop, working 80+ hour work weeks. Always being curious about real estate, but not making the time to pursue, he made a decision to go “all-in” on wholesaling and has done incredible things in a very short period of time. 

Adel’s now gaining traction daily and closing massive deals! Indeed, he is proof that the only person stopping us from moving forward is ourselves. If you want to level up your life just like he did, head over to Brent’s  TTP Training Program where he gives you the exact steps to become a successful real estate wholesaler.


Show notes:

  • (0:58) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (3:33) How could he fit the real estate business into his life?
  • (3:36) If you really want something, you’ll figure out how to make time for it
  • (6:43) Real estate is possible for anyone 
  • (10:04) Focus on sourcing your own discounted properties 
  • (11:47) Learn how to wholesale first by doing…and the money will follow
  • (15:32) Try and stick to a list that is harder to get 
  • (19:14) This business may be stressful, but it should be the thing that energizes you
  • (20:34) Adel breaks down some of his craziest deals 



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