WIP 1088: Presentation at Bigger Pockets Event – If Not Now, When – Overcoming Analysis Paralysis to Achieve True Success in Wholesaling

As a wholesaler, do you ever find yourself not doing the things you know you should be doing?

If so, maybe you’re caught in analysis paralysis, one of the biggest obstacles preventing wholesalers and most real estate investors from having success and/or making higher paychecks.

Today, we’ll challenge your emotional intelligence and critical thinking as Brent gives you the framework to break free from mediocrity and finally achieve massive success in your business…and in your life. Now’s the time to pull yourself from those limiting beliefs, be sure to visit Brent’s  TTP Training Program for an opportunity to work with Brent Daniels personally.


Show notes:

  • (0:50) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (2:15) Theory doesn’t get you paid; making deals does. It’s all about massive imperfect action!
  • (5:22) Emotions are the most expensive aspect of this business
  • (5:28) There are three parts to your real estate business: lead generation, conversion, and exit strategy
  • (7:18) Build up your squad of real estate agents
  • (11:45) Understanding their goals is essential for conversion. So you have to prequalify every property owner based on four things
  • (14:14) You won’t lose deals because of excessive follow-up. You’ll only lose sales if you don’t follow up
  • (16:04) It’s not all about price. It’s about speed and convenience 
  • (17:14) Brent explains the three exit strategies as a real estate wholesaler
  • (20:46) Practice making an excellent first impression with your voice
  • (21:22) Remove all of your distractions before making that call
  • (23:05) In this business, you have to exercise active listening
  • (24:00) Why wholesaling is the bank that funds your other deals



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