WIP 1075: How a Frustrated Realtor Turned TTP Student Made $39k Selling a Land Deal to a Real Estate Agent

Land investing is one of the best investing niches out there…for so many reasons. But as with everything, it requires knowledge, laser focus, and taking massive, sometimes “imperfect”, action! 

It took quite some time for today’s guest to get into land investing. Josh Hill talks about his struggles, the many mistakes he made when first getting into land, and how he ultimately turned his frustrations in massive profits in the land game. If you’ve been on the fence about making money with land, this episode is a must listen!
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Show notes:

  • (0:44) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (8:59) Land is a little bit different in the sense that people are not as emotionally connected to land as they are to a house
  • (10:25) Why it’s important to understand your role in being a deal finder, not a deal creator
  • (19:43) Don’t ever look back. Money loves speed.
  • (22:58) How much time should you spend doing your due diligence on land parcels?
  • (24:50) Josh’s advice to real estate investors just getting started who are currently experiencing roadblocks
  • (25:29) There are a lot of people who are going to tell you how to say no. Learn how to say no, look for the no’s and keep on going.



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