WIP 1051: Straight Out of College – How a Father and Son Team are Crushing the Wholesaling Game

This market is HOT and things are changing on an (almost) daily basis. Many wholesalers are struggling to find deals…or…selling the deals they work so hard to find.  But that doesn’t stop Luke and Brandy Pollack from winning the wholesaling game and absolutely crushing it in their market! This dynamic father and son duo have been crushing it, and today, we got a chance to listen to exactly what they’ve been doing to make a fortune in this new market. Join them as they dissect a recent deal they did that netted them a fat $23,000 assignment fee. They break down the exact steps they took so you follow them to the letter and replicate their success in your market.

Discover the secrets to profiting in any market, regardless of the current economic turmoil, as a real estate wholesaler.


Show notes:

  • (0:59) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (3:34) What defining moment pushed them through venturing into real estate
  • (7:34) Some of the fears they had to overcome to make this $23,000 deal happen
  • (27:52) Real estate is all about expressing confidence
  • (29:05) Luke and Brandy’s advice to newbie wholesalers
  • (29:10) Get the right mentor, and don’t be afraid to fail



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