Posted on: May 18, 2022
WI 953 | Spouses In Real Estate


If some couples worked together, they’d be headed for a divorce immediately after. Brian and Jessyca Enochs join the show to tell Brent Daniels how they’ve built their real estate business. This couple is making some great money and has some great tricks to keep their business rolling.

Spouses in Real Estate ft. Brian And Jessyca Enochs

One of the toughest parts, when you find out about real estate investing or when you get committed to starting your journey to be a real estate investor, is getting out of your comfort zone. Imagine that you’ve been working at the same job that you like for many years. Maybe you’ve got these ideas in your head that you can be an entrepreneur, but you haven’t been able to exercise those muscles.

All of a sudden, you find wholesaling real estate and start digging in and you take about six months to a year to get into the education loop and analyze, “Can I do this? Do I want to do this?” Before you fully commit, but when you do, everything starts going bananas and you start doing some incredible deals. That is the story of this incredible couple out of Metro Detroit that I’m about to introduce to you because they’ve got an incredible story. They’re such an inspiration. It is Brian and Jessyca Enochs. How are you?

We’re good, how are you?

How is it going?

I am excited because a lot of people reading this conversation are going to relate to a lot of the things that you guys have been through, the responsibilities that you guys have, and the loyalty that you have. We talked about being successful in this wholesaling business but still working part-time as a dental hygienist, so let’s get into it and understand who you guys are. Why don’t you give us a little bit of background on the way that you guys found wholesaling real estate?

I’m a big car guy watching YouTube videos and an ad popped up for Clever Investor, Cody Sperber ad. We initially signed up for Cody’s 30-day deal challenge and then stumbled onto Brent Daniel’s YouTube channel and Jerry Norton. I started watching you guys and analysis paralysis settled in. I flipped cars and worked at the oil change shop, doing oil changes and tires. I kept getting more research and started taking a little action and things started rolling for us.

Why would you click on something about real estate investing? What brought you to that point? What were you doing previously?

I was managing a quick lube and tire shop and working 60 to 70 hours a week. It was getting old being away from the kids and my wife. I tried other things over the years. I did mortgages for a little bit at Quicken loans. I knew a little bit about real estate. I started flipping cars and then have seen an ad for wholesaling and he explained that you could do it with no money or credit. You can just sign the contract. I thought, “You look for the deals, and then when you’re not the one that’s buying it, you get locked up and you flip the contract.” I had a light bulb over my head.

I started looking for sale by owners on Craigslist. I would go to appointments, make offers, and kept doing research. I clicked with you by watching your YouTube channel and eventually signed up for your coaching program. You were always talking about DealMachine. I was making some cold calls, going on some appointments, and making some offers, but it wasn’t until we signed up with DealMachine and I started taking those pictures and sending the postcards and calling that driving for dollars list that we got our first deal. It took about a year. It’s been rolling from there. It was December 2020 when we got the first deal. It was a $25,000 assignment.

We did reach out to a local mentor who helped us along the way. He introduced us to his buyers’ lists. His name is Erik Stark, a great friend of ours. He helped us out a lot. He introduced us to the title company that we use and we split the first few deals with him. After about five deals in, we went off on our own, and we’re about to close our 12th deal now. It’s been several months since the first deal. There have been a couple of months there that we didn’t land one but about a deal a month since that first deal closed.

Jessyca, tell me about your background. Brian’s clicking on this YouTube channel. He’s finding this thing called wholesaling. Does he bring it directly to you and say, “What is it? How does this work?”

When real estate deals are pretty consistent and things have been great, keep doing what you have been doing.

Brian has had many wonderful ideas. We’ve tried Shopify eCom. I helped set all that stuff up. What other off-the-wall things. He’s always coming home with all these ideas. One time he decided to take a leap of faith and was a CNC machinist and then he was a mortgage banker at Quicken Loans. He’s doing some adventure and I’m always usually his support system for that. I’m like, “Really? Another idea? Are we going to do this?”

I started getting excited about it because, initially, I helped set up the LLC. I started making our logos, Facebook pages, and all the marketing things. That’s my favorite thing to do. I like the whole background admin part of it. He lets me roll with it. I had a lot of fun and then we started making calls and it was a little competition at first, too. I remember making spreadsheets of like how many people I called and how many people he called. It has been a fun adventure for both of us. He tagged me along and I’m happy he did because we had a lot of fun with it.

You’re still working at the job that you’ve had for several years. You’ve got extreme loyalty to the dentist that you work with. I’m challenging you to get full-time into this business as soon as you guys have the financial capability to do that, but let’s talk about that. A lot of people feel like as soon as I get my first deal, I’m going to quit my job and go full-time.

What are you thinking? What’s stopping you from doing that? There are also people who feel a great sense of pride and loyalty in the work they’ve done and the school they’ve been through and the experience they have. It’s tough for them to get out and go full-time into being an entrepreneur.

School was very tough for me. I graduated with honors in high school and college, but it was very difficult. I’ve been with Brian since I was nineteen years old. During my freshman year in college, Brian was with me from the beginning and it was hard. It’s a pride thing. Me and my sister are the first ones to go to college in our family. It was a lot of pride. I was very proud to have a bachelor’s degree. I am very passionate about what I do.

I love people. That’s why TTP is perfect for us because it’s literally what I do all day long, except I’m talking about teeth, smiles, lightening, and all this. With hygiene and very proud of the work that I do. I landed a dream dental job. I’ve been working for a doctor in Warren and I love him and our team.

I need her full-time. I need her help. I’m trying to talk her into it.

This is interesting and I want to point out a few things you described because it’s beautiful. It’s a year of sitting there, researching, going through, understanding, and building some connections in your mind on how the process works so that you can start taking action. I see this as very common, especially with people that have full-time jobs. Not only that, but you also have two children that were born back-to-back that is growing up. There are a lot of responsibilities that go on with that and a lot of congestion of the schedule, plus your jobs, and then you have this dream that you’re fueling a being an entrepreneur. That’s incredible.

If you are reading this and it’s been 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, or 1 year before you start taking action, it’s never too late. It’s only too late if you don’t start taking action. I don’t care if it’s been years that you’ve been thinking about it, start taking action. You can do this. Use this incredible couple as an example of what you can do.

You found a local mentor that held your hand and split the deals with you for the first five deals, Erik Stark. That’s incredible. It’s important and it gives you a lot more confidence. You don’t go through that heartache of going to appointments and not being able to get the deal, or getting the deal and not being able to do anything with it because you locked it up too high and didn’t understand the numbers behind it. That is important to find somebody who has your back to check your work when you’re getting started.

The last point, you guys were both hunting for opportunities. You guys are both calling and being proactive. You guys are both using the time you have as effectively as possible, doing the most important thing as you’re growing your young business and doing the lead generation together. That’s incredibly important, not just for married couples’ partnerships but for regular partnerships. It’s not somebody who’s going to sell the deals and somebody’s going to find the deals.

WI 953 | Spouses In Real Estate

Spouses In Real Estate: Be very passionate in what you do.


In the beginning, both people hunt so that you can build up your pipeline of opportunities as fast as possible. Let me ask you this, Brian, when you closed that first deal of $25,000, what happened there? How did that feel? Have you ever been paid like that before? You said you’re flipping cars and doing some mortgages. Have you ever received that much in one check before?

No, not even close. I started flipping cars and that was exciting for me because I’d make a $1,000, $1,500, maybe $2,000 and I was blown away by that. At the oil change shop, working 60 to 70 hours a week, I was lucky to take home $700, $800 a week, which wouldn’t be bad if it was 40 hours, but for working 60, 70 hours, 6 days a week, it’s not that great. It’s a little bit more than minimum wage. Getting that $25,000 check was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t believe it. I stared at it for so long.

We have pictures holding it.

It’s an amazing feeling. It really is.

Since then, did you go full-time? When did you start going full-time in this and get out of your job? It’s an interesting story.

COVID came around. I put in for a few days off of work. I hadn’t had time off in a while and needed a break. I put in for ten days off and it was right when COVID hit. I had my first day off and the first case hit Michigan. I had that ten days off and they ended up closing up shop for a couple of months like most businesses did for the first couple of months of COVID. The real estate was going great. I put the cars on the back burner because the real estate deals were pretty consistent. Erik Stark was still helping us out at that point. I kept doing what we’re doing and things have been great. I never went back after that.

How do you work together? What is a typical day in your life when you are both working on the business? Let’s talk about that because it’s important to see what that looks like, the nitty-gritty of the schedule, and what you’re doing to move the ball downfield with all of your lead generation and deals that you’re locking up.

I’m going to take the reins on this one. Brian is a driving for dollars master. He drives for dollars like it’s nobody’s business. He’s so good at it too. He’s 6’3 and got these huge long arms. If I’m sitting next to him, he doesn’t even need me to take a photo of the house. He’s like, “I got this.” We got this white truck and we call it a work truck. In the back window, we have cash for homes because that’s what he does. It’s driving marketing.

He’s good at getting all the leads in for the most part. He does all of that. He’s like the lead generator. I do work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. He has to do a lot of things on his own, but I try to do the paperwork part of things. I’ll try to do most of the purchase agreements. I do the DocuSign setups. I was doing that before we started. I like that. I would consider myself more of an admin part of things. Although, I go to appointments too.

My schedule mostly, I drop the kids off for school, which is nice now that I get to help get them ready for school. I get to make them breakfast and have breakfast with them, which is awesome. I was usually gone by the time they woke up before. I dropped them off about a quarter to 9:00 AM and then I do driving for dollars from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM. I head back home, take a little 15 to 20-minute lunch break, and then get on the phone by 1:00. I try to be on the phone from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM. I’m trying to get into the triple line dialer to get through my driving for dollars list quicker. I am also starting to pull some lists on PropStream as well.

You’ve closed twelve deals. Are they all driving for dollars?

The money is in the follow-up.

Two of them were referrals.

From his parents.

My uncle lived across the street from one of them and he said that the gentleman passed away and his kids lived out of state. I reached out to the kids. I was texting back and forth with one of the daughters, and it took a while. That one was a lot of follow-ups. From the initial contact with those people until when we closed was probably six months, but I just kept in touch with them once or twice a month. They happened to be all in town, going through all the stuff in the house, and they called me over there. I went and checked it out and brought a purchase agreement with me and they signed. That wasn’t one of the bigger ones, though.

That was a creative one, though. That one was creative to get closed.

We still made $6,000 or $7,000. We’ve close on eleven so far. We’ve got our twelfth in escrow right now, but our average assignment fee is right around $24,000, $25,000.

Coming from $700 to $800 a week and working 60 to 70 hours, it’s incredible. It’s those little things. It’s getting your kids ready in the morning when you couldn’t do that before. It’s getting out there and stretching the list of the properties that you’re going after. This business isn’t rocket science. We go after ugly houses and find them and we work with the property owners. We assign those deals to cash buyers who either want to fix them up or rent those properties out. Don’t over-complicate this process. If it’s an ugly house, go after and have a quality conversation with the property owner and see if they’re ready to sell right now. That’s exactly what you guys are doing.

We hear your voice in our heads. The last one we did, he’s like, “The uglier, the better. Brent would say if it’s ugly, let’s do it.” That’s exactly what we did. It’s so true.

The beautiful thing is there’s an unlimited supply of ugly houses because properties are getting worse and worse by the day. If people aren’t taking care of properties and not constantly staying on top of them, there’s an endless supply. There are more properties to go after than there are investors. That’s without a doubt.

If you hear people saying that too many people know about wholesaling, fixing, and flipping or are real estate investors, it’s silly. The 2020 US Census put out that over 11 million properties are vacant. Single-family properties are vacant and they’ve been vacant for a few months. This is to inspire everybody to tell you there are plenty of opportunities. You’re out there. You’re calling in the afternoons, Brian?

From 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM, I get on the phones and do my follow-up and cold calls, but for the most part, I hand-dial them. I had Mojo for a while and then I got rid of it. I got Batch Dialer. I hop on there and use it, but not as much as I should. I’m getting used to the system and figuring out the quirks and how to use them, but most of the deals have been from dialing the driving for dollars list and then following up with the people. You always say the money is in the follow-up and it truly is. There have been a couple of deals where they happen right away, but most of them are consistent. Follow-up is where it’s at.

Let’s put you guys in the hot seat a little bit. Let’s break down a specific deal that you closed. I love this deal, but I’ll let you tell the story from top to bottom, how you found it, what the situation was, and the numbers, and then we’ll wait to reveal what you made.

WI 953 | Spouses In Real Estate

Spouses In Real Estate: You can start by flipping cars and eventually you’ll learn some great tricks.


I’ll start with how we found it. Brent’s always getting on me to get after higher value properties with higher ARV because the more money the property’s worth, the bigger spread there is, and the more money everybody can make. I took that to heart and I went to a more affluent neighborhood. We’re out here in the Metro Detroit area houses go from $500,000 to $1 million range. Some of them are even over $1 million, depending on where you go.

We were out there driving for dollars. I was at a tree-lined road across the street from a golf course and each property is over an acre and there were three properties all right next door to each other. One of them was an empty lot and then the other two had their own individual houses on them. We added about 50 leads. We were out there for 2, 3 hours and we were done. We turned off the DealMachine and we were heading home. I caught it out of the corner of my eye and I said, “Stop and turn around.”

Jess was driving, so she stopped. She turned around, we pulled into the driveway, pulled DealMachine back up, and added the one that I’d seen. I looked at the next door and Jess pointed it out. That house looks pretty rough too. I looked at that one and then the empty lot next to that one as well. All three of them were owned by a church. I said, “Jess, this one’s on you. It’s up to you from here. You got to get ahold of this church and see if they want to sell,” and she took it from there. The rest is all her.

I had been watching too many Netflix shows and he’s like, “You’re taking the reins on this one,” so I did. I pulled out and I started searching. The person’s number that I found was the wife of the treasurer of the church. It was so far out of the connection. It’s almost divine that it even happened because she was a random person.

I said, “I know this is a random phone call. I’m not sure I have the right number, but I am trying to reach somebody who owns this property. The Church of Bloomfield is who it’s listed to. Am I close? Am I warm? If so, give me a call back.” It was a while. About a week later, I got a call from the president of the board of the church. He said, “I admire your efforts because you somehow found a way to get in touch with somebody.” Everything was so meant to be in this situation. It was crazy how everything lined up.

It all fell right into place. It wasn’t hard at all.

It all worked out. They met us over there.

We did the first offer sight unseen. We’ve seen the outside but not the inside. They didn’t like the first offer. It was a little low. I always say if I haven’t got to see the inside yet and I’m making an offer sight unseen, I let them know it’s going to be a little lower. We’d rather under-promise than over-deliver. “If you give me the chance to get there and see it in person, set up a day, and I’ll get you a more accurate idea of what we can give you for it. If the conditions are better than what we’re anticipating, we can go up from here,” so we got the appointment.

Getting in there for the appointment is so essential because it allows not only you but also them to realize everything that is wrong with it. If there’s water in the basement, they didn’t know about or weren’t planning on telling you, and you found it. I literally have a checklist and I’m checking things. There are all these things. At the end of the day, I went through it. I spent a lot of hours on this stuff.

You probably got the checklist from Brent.

I bet you I did. We have a program, it’s Hammerpoint Home Repair Estimator. I went in and it gives a general idea of what repairs would be. I made these repair estimates for each of the properties. I did nice professional comp reports on PropStream. I fell in love with PropStream from this deal. I sent all this stuff and I said, “I’m sorry for how lengthy this email is going to be, but I want to give you all I have. Here are all the facts that I have. This is what I can offer and I hope it works,” and it did. They accepted it. They loved what we sent them. Brian and I panicked that the email was too long because we didn’t hear back right away.

Better under-promise than over-deliver.

I kept telling her, “Less is best. You said too much.”

How long was this email?

It took me 3 or 4 minutes to read and that was me knowing it. He shared it with everybody on the board. There were some board members, so then they all had to read it. I started blushing thinking, “I hope this is good because it’s going to go 1 or 2 ways,” and it went our way. It went well.

You mentioned Hammerpoint. What is that?

When we initially started everything, we had a program called Deal Automator. That’s the CRM that we’ve had. That’s how we run our website.

I don’t use it, but Jess uses it.

I like it because the prices are good. They’re pretty accurate.

Is that an estimate for repairs?

It’s nice because you plug in your square footage of the house and how many linear square feet you need, and it’s a good program to get a good visual. You can take notes. In that repair estimate, I put in our plans for the property. I said, “We plan to convert this 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home into a 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom home. We plan to do this with the in-ground pool and do that with a deck.” I put it all out there and let them in my brain, and they liked it.

You bring up an incredible point and I’m so glad that you brought this up because it’s very rare that we have these kinds of conversations on the show. When you are presenting to a group of people and they are making a decision, whether that be in an LLC, a board like you’re talking about, or a family inheriting a property, if you come with a lot of information and explanation that is easier for them to say yes or no.

If there’s maybe in there, that’s when things stretch out. That’s when they start looking for other bids and that’s when the price gets bid up. The fact that you put all that upfront work ahead of time is genius. It’s absolutely brilliant because it gives them the opportunity to say yes or no right away. That little extra stuff makes a difference. For anybody out there that’s presenting an offer to multiple people and a lot of people have to sign off on the decision, make sure that you put together a well-presented information package showing why you’re offering what you’re offering. That’s incredible.

WI 953 | Spouses In Real Estate

Spouses In Real Estate: Although there are lots of different programs you can deal with, there’s something special about having somebody come sit at your table and have breakfast with you, meet your kids, talk business, and go on appointments with you.


The sight-unseen offer was $628,000 for the three properties. After seeing it and meeting with them, we ended up offering $708,000. It was funny because we were having a little bit of a family discussion/argument about money because she planned a Disney World trip. I wasn’t aware of this Disney World trip because I’m trying to put the money back into the business and things like that. We’re arguing about the money and her mom’s a mediator. We’re sitting at the kitchen table and the phone rings. It was Tim from the church letting us know that they accepted our offer. The timing couldn’t have been better.

First of all, you guys did the right thing and this is owned by a church. That’s why you went to the White Pages. I assume to try to get a registered number for the church to try to talk to somebody specific. That was great. You left a voicemail and they called you a week later, and you’re having a conversation. Now, Tim from the board calls and says, “We’ll accept your $708,000 as is. It’s a done deal.” That’s how this works.

The whole timeline of this thing is you have to be proactive, brave and have the courage to go out there and have that conversation and see if they’re ready to sell the property. If the timeline matches up, you can start doing the research to come up with a solid offer, present it, and accept your offer at $708,000. What’d you sell it for?

It was $785,000.

How big of a check did you receive?

It was $77,000.

I’m so happy for you. It’s one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever received from a TTP student. It was a picture of Brian with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen sitting in your car. I assume it was right after you got it. It breaks your brain, changes your life, opens up opportunities, and it makes you believe that you can do amazing things and build a strong, healthy business. I love massive deals.

I love deals that break your brain. Typically, when you receive a check over $50,000, it changes your perspective on money forever. You guys are thinking, “What’s the six-figure deal that we’re going to do? What’s the half $250,000, $500,000 deal that we’re going to do?” It’s going to happen, but it only happens if you believe it’s going to happen. It only happens if you’re looking for it. Your reticular activator has to be looking for these things. Once you get that deal, you suddenly start seeing opportunities that you didn’t see before. That levels you up in the game of being a real estate entrepreneur. I’m so happy for you guys.

Thank You.


I have noticed that you get what you’re looking for. If you’re not looking for it, you’re not going to get it.

You get what you’re looking for. If you’re not looking for it, you’re not going to get it.

I push the TTP family to get massive deals. We celebrate it wildly. I get texts every single day of people closing these deals that are $50,000 plus. It’s unbelievable and you guys came out with $77,000. You go, “It’s not 92,000, but we made $77,000.”

I’m like, “Couldn’t it be a triple-digit flip?” That’s my words with the whole thing. I’m like, “Triple-digit,” and when it closed and I’m like, “I can settle for $77,000.” My mom said, “Listened to yourself. What are you saying? It’s $77,000.”

How do people get ahold of you guys? If people want to reach out and they want to squat up with you in the Metro Detroit area, want to say congratulations, there’s a dental hygienist out there, or somebody working in the auto industry that wants to connect, how do they find you? How do they say congratulations and squat up?

Our business email is and then if anybody wants to give me a call, you can give me a call, it’s (586) 209-1173.

You are going to get blown up. You’re going to be connecting with a lot of people.

He loves to do that.

Give some advice to people starting out that are encouraged by your story and want to start taking action. What advice would you give people that are getting started?

I thought long and hard about this nugget here. It’s what truly helped us go from one step to the next was having a local mentor. Erik did wonders, not only for our confidence but for our knowledge, contacts, and lists. He’s giving us that boost that we needed. Although there are lots of different programs you can deal with, there’s something special about having somebody come sit at your table and have breakfast with you, meet your kids, talk business, and go on appointments with you.

If you’ve ever been curious, you can find local Facebook groups even if you go on Facebook. We’re a part of all of them. You can find local mentorships that they’ll offer to you. That helped push us where we needed to go. We had the dream. We just needed the push and having a mentor really helped with that.

If you find someone local that you’ve been wanting to reach out to you, that you see as doing what you want to do, who’s closing deals, don’t hesitate to ask. Don’t assume that they won’t help you out. The worst thing that’s going to happen is they’ll tell you no, but they’re going to help you out and work something out with them most of the time.

You can go to and go to Meetup groups and find people at the real estate investor associations. It’s absolutely incredible and it helps you out. It gives you a good perspective of what to offer and how to go about the appointments and make sure that you’re locking up real deals.

Also, TTP.

That’s when you want to take it to the next level. I get it. I love working with you guys. You guys have always been phenomenal. You guys are always great in our group. I couldn’t be happier for you guys. Jessyca, I challenge you to maybe get to this full-time a little bit faster, but it’s your life, do it. It was great having you guys on the show. I really appreciate it. It’s an unbelievable story.

Thank you so much for having us. This was great.

Thank you, guys. A couple of resources, and make sure this is your driving for dollars resource and use the coupon code TTP. It gives you the biggest discount that you can get. They mentioned PropStream. You can get that at If you’re interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, where we push to get massive deals, check us out. Go to Check out what it is all about.

Check out the unbelievable people from around the country that are doing amazing deals. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call, and I look forward to working with you personally. That is it for this episode. I will sign off as I always do, encouraging you to go out there and talk to people. Until next time. I love you, guys.


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