Episode 95: How to Keep Your Pipeline Full

Wholesalers need to be building up their pipeline every. single. day.

You don’t want to run into a situation where your pipeline is dry and have to start the entire process over again, and the most powerful way to do that is to talk to new people and build up your pipeline every day.

Chris and Cyndi Fagan are constantly growing their Wholesaling business, and in this episode they share the simple systems they follow for filling the pipeline.


Filling The Pipeline Every Day

  • Chris and Cyndi time block their day so that they’re having at least 30 new conversations with potential leads every day. The potential leads may not all be interested, but the Fagans want to reach at least 30 new people.
  • They don’t wait for people to call them – they use MojoDialer and cold call 250-300 people every day.


The Deal

  • This deal started, as described above, with a cold call.
  • When they arrived at the house a couple days later, the owner looked terribly sad. Her husband had just received a diagnosis of brain cancer, and they spent a while just building a relationship with her before discussing business.
  • They were able to sign the agreement that day, and as you’ll hear in the testimonial that Cyndi reads during this episode, they made the property owner’s life a lot easier.
  • They signed the property for $110k and sold it for $134k, so they made $24,000 from the deal – and the seller was extremely relieved.




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