Posted on: April 13, 2022
WI 928 | TV As Marketing Channel


Among numerous media available for you to utilize as a marketing channel and advertise your properties, TV has the highest trust level of any ad medium. You can even close a six-figure deal using TV alone. Yes, it may be hard to believe, considering the circumstances, but our guests are here to enlighten and share the possibilities that it brings!

Real estate rockstars Tony Javier and Zack Campbell, along with our coach Chris Arnold, teamed up in today’s episode to give you some juicy secrets on turning leads into deals in just a short amount of time.

The Unusual Marketing Channel That Led To Two 6-Figure Deals In A Year And A Half

Episode Transcription

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I’m your host, Chris Arnold. As always, we’re excited that you are joining us. We got a show for you. We always talked about the idea, the hope, and the dream of doing a six-figure deal. That is a milestone in the wholesale world. The guest that we’re bringing on is Zach. Zach has done two. He’s been in the business for more than one and a half years. Here’s what’s going to be cool, the two deals that he did over six figures came from the same marketing channel, so we’re going to talk a little bit about that. Zach Campbell, what’s up? Welcome to the show. I’m glad to have you.

Thank you. I appreciate it, Chris.

We’ve got my man, Tony Javier, my sidekick as well. Tony, what’s happening? How are you?

Long time no talk. It’s been a while. I look forward to catching up and getting into some good stuff.

We are going to get some good stuff. I’m excited about this podcast because of what Zach has been able to accomplish in the first six months. It’s cool. Catch us up, Tony, on TV. Since the last time we chatted on Wholesaling Inc., what is the state of TV? What’s going on out there with those utilizing TV? What are you seeing? Catch us up.

TV has taken on a life of its own. For the readers reading this for the first time, I’ve been investing for over twenty years now and a couple of years ago, I discovered TV and it completely changed my business. I didn’t realize I was sitting on a goldmine for other people. We’re managing TV commercials for about 120 real estate investors now and it’s taken on a life of its own. A lot of it has to do with being a non-competitive market marketing channel.

There are people doing text, cold calls, and direct mail. All those can work and work well but there are not many people that think about TV. When they think about TV, they think it’s too expensive. They think that it’s not for them. There are so many obstacles that people get in their head that TV isn’t for them, which keeps a lot of people out. Even experienced real estate investors who I know have tried to get on TV and they’re like, “With the reps, I couldn’t get the right rates from them. They wouldn’t return my calls. There are so many pieces of the puzzle to put together.”

The clients that have trusted us to get them on TV changed their business. With the automation behind it, we have a lot of clients like Zach who annihilate it with a small ad spend in their market, getting crazy results. I haven’t told you this, Chris. I’ve seen results like what Zach has been getting and I’ve started partnering with other people in other markets doing TV. Not only are we managing TV commercials for clients, but I’m also finding JV partners where I’m participating in the ad spend. I’m helping fund the deals for them, getting nitty-gritty, putting my money where my mouth is, and spending money on TV and a lot of other markets.

I’ve got one market that’s similar to Zach’s, where we’ve been doing deals together for about four months, and we already have one deal that’s going to do over $100,000 and we have a wholesale deal that’s going to make about $70,000 that we’re going to close on a small ad spend. I’m stoked about TV. I’m glad that you convinced me to show other real estate investors how to get on TV and implement it for them because, as you can see with Zach, he’s a living testimonial and I love hearing the stories.

Let’s hear the story. Let’s catch up. Give us your background. You’ve got a military background. Talk to us about what you were doing before you were selling some real estate.

In 2016, I started college and did two years at school. I joined the military in the process as well. I’m an Army National Guard and left for deployment. Near the end of my deployment, COVID came into factor and I got extended, so I had some time to think about what I wanted to do before I came home. I was like, “I want to go back to school and finish up to be a civil engineer.” I know people are killing it in the real estate space, so I was like, “Let me jump fully into real estate and figure out my own business.” I started real estate.

In your career with the military, you are headed towards being a civil engineer and you talked about how that was a great job from the standpoint of the salary might be around $100,000. As we were talking, you’ve closed two deals, both worth $100,000. You did on one deal, what you’d make for an entire year as a civil engineer. What does that do for your mindset?

It opened me up to the opportunity out there compared to going and working for somebody else. If I’m worth $100,000 to him, what is he making paying me that as an employee? Now, I see the value of being a business owner on what you can do and the possibility.

TV has taken on a life of its own. We have clients that have trusted us to get them on TV, and it has changed their business.

Let’s break down your business a little bit. Let’s talk about before TV because everybody always wants to know how you are trying to do deals. What did you pick up initially? What were the 2 to 3 streams you’ve been focused on before television?

When I first started, I was doing bandit signs and a little bit of direct mail. I got one deal from bandit sign and it was my first one. It was over $10,000 then I got two more from direct mail. After that, I started reinvesting the money into the business. I started cold calling and doing some things like that. I ramped up direct mail a little bit more. I got away from bandit signs and then I was mainly sticking with those two. I found Tony and started TV.

What attracted you to TV? What made you say, “I’m going to take a risk with both TV and with Tony.”

I talked to some other people in space and they said that it worked well and I was like, “Let me give this a shot.” The ad spend wasn’t crazy to start out and I was like, “If other people are doing it, it’s got to work.” I was like, “Let me try it.” I jumped into it and loved it. The main thing I love about it is the credibility it gives you with sellers because you’re on TV. It shows you’re a legit person compared to calling somebody out of the blue not knowing who you are or anything.

How does that come across when you get a phone call? Do you sense celebrity status? How does the seller posture themselves versus calling off a bandit sign or a piece of direct mail?

It gives you a little bit more of that celebrity status and professional appearance. You already have that credibility when they see your face, they understand what you do from the 32-second commercial and they feel they know you because now they saw you. Now you get on the phone with them and you build that credibility and rapport way better.

The other thing you were talking about was the quality of the lead. Is that different from what you’re seeing with direct mail and the other marketing channels?

Quality for sure. These are people who need to sell and need your help. They don’t know who you are or how to reach people in our space and this is a great way for them to see you and get in touch with you.

Tony, I have a question for you. You’ve helped and worked with 120 real estate investors. That’s some pretty good data. As you hear conversations with them or interview them for podcasts, etc., what do you find are the common things that are rising to the surface as they view as a whole community the best benefits of TV at this point? You’ve got to see some patterns to where people are leaning towards probably.

A few we already hit on. Credibility. This is on a higher level. You walk down the street and you see Brad Pitt. He comes and talks to you and says, “Will you buy this?” You’re going to believe them. You feel like you know him. He’s been on TV and you feel like you know him. It’s not quite the Brad Pitt factor but in people’s minds, they’ve already seen you on TV. They already feel like they know you and they feel they trust you. If you’re willing to come on TV and say that you’re willing to help them, it’s a whole other level than putting a bandit sign out in the yard or sending a piece of direct mail. Almost anybody can do that. Credibility is a big thing.

For the lead quality, I’ve done several $100,000 deals in my career, and they’ve all come from TV. They haven’t come from any other marketing. The quality of the lead and the fact that when someone calls you, you’re typically the only one they call because it’s not like they picked up a stack of direct mail, they’re on the same list. They go on Google and google Buy My House.

They see the commercial they had thought about selling, they’re thinking about selling next month, or whatever it is, they call and they say, “Go and give me an offer for my house. I thought about selling it in a couple of months.” It’s that thing. People have called us from direct mail where they said, “We know you’re on TV, and these other guys aren’t, so we called only you. We want to talk to you.” Typically, we can get in front of them first and lock up that deal before anybody else gets out there.

I hear the two things are continuing to surface more than others. It’s the credibility and the quality of the lead. There are probably 10 or 12 benefits of TV, but I was curious over time about what surfaced the most that students are loving. Zach, let’s go back to your ad spend. Everyone wants to know. You’re advertising on TV. How much are you spending per month right now on television?

WI 928 | TV As Marketing Channel

TV As Marketing Channel: It gives you that much more credibility when you’re on TV. It shows you’re legit, compared to just calling somebody out of the blue, not knowing who you are or anything.


We’re spending about over $5,000.

How many months have you been advertising on TV?

Over six months now.

You’ve spent roughly a little bit over $30,000 so far on TV. In those months, how many deals have you closed?

We’ve done seven from the TV itself.

We were pulling out all of your numbers and so forth. As of 2022, $307,000 in revenue closed off the TV in the first few months. Tony, what’s the return on that?

That is over ten times the return on investment.

I know people throw the 10x out there a lot, “I’m going to 10x this.” “I’m going to help you 10x that.” That’s a real 10x.

I’ve started calling it 10x TV because a lot of our clients are doing 10x and our clients are getting in front of ten times more people ten times easier. There are so many ten times factors I could put on it, ten times more credibility. I love 10x TV.

That’s funny. Let me ask you this. Zach, how do you feel about your return on that, your ad spend, and what you’ve done? Tell me what you’re processing over there as a business owner who has been in for more than one and a half years. What are you thinking about?

It’s a great return. The quality of the lead for the amount of effort to put in for the profits is unbelievable. It’s minimal effort for these deals.

Let’s get to the hot part of this. You’ve closed two deals over $100,000. One is $125,000 and the other one is $102,000 profit. To flip those, you assign those. How’d you do those deals?

I assigned both of those deals a wholesale deal to an end buyer.

Our clients are getting in front of 10X more people, 10X easier.

Do you mind walking us a little bit through those deals? $100,000 deals don’t happen every day. That is that milestone, particularly from the fact that we’re not talking about fix and flip. We’re talking about assignment. You can’t have an assignment that’s under $100,000. Walk us through those deals. What was it like receiving them from TV? How did that call go? Were these hard deals to take down? What does that look like? You can start with the $102,000 or the $125,000. It’s up to you.

For the $125,000, it was the first month this lead came in and it was the follow-up that got him. There was a probate situation that ended up being the major probate situation. I’ve talked to him and built rapport. I got it in contract and found out we had open probate here in South Carolina. We had opened another probate up in Philadelphia and then opened an ancillary probate in South Carolina. It was a process and they didn’t know what to do and had no guidance. I helped them through that process and walked them through what needed to get done to get to the closing table.

When you assign that out, you send it to your buyers’ list. Did you have anyone specific? How did you dispo of that deal?

We do our process virtually, so we went there, got pictures taken and everything, and then we put it out on an email campaign. I told my brother to put it out lower. We started at $275,000 and it went highest and best sight unseen.

The other day you did off the TV. The first one, television brought you a fantastic probate deal. What deal did TV bring you on the second one?

There was probate involved as well. The taxes weren’t being paid and they’re getting ready to go to auction. They were going to get kicked out of the house and go do a sheriff’s sale. That one was on probate and they didn’t know what to do. They finally started getting notices in the mail. It was an aunt who called me and was like, “Call this girl. They’re not paying the taxes. Explained the whole situation.” I was like, “Okay.” I called her but she didn’t answer the phone. I kept calling and she answered. I called her three times in a row and she finally answered the phone. I was like, “Your aunt sent me your number and all.” We went from there and that one turned into a deal as well. We did the same process of putting it out with the email.

How does it feel not to close one but two deals over $100,000? What does that feel like? For those reading who haven’t had that milestone yet, how do you describe that feeling of looking at that check or that deposit in your account?

It’s life-changing. The availability to reinvest that much money into your business is a game-changer.

Life-changing and game-changer. Those are two good descriptions. Tony, I’m curious. I’ve never asked you this, have you ever closed any deals off TV over $100,000? If so, how many? Do you know?

I’ve done at least three deals, all off the TV that’s $100,000. I’ve got one deal that we put under contract in a market with another JV partner. It is projected to do over $100,000. I want to back up for a minute because I didn’t realize Zach was 23 years old when he did this. He never told me his age. It’s interesting because I don’t know if it’s a different era but I don’t remember so many young, hungry, and successful real estate people in their twenties when I first started. I started when I was 21. I didn’t know that many other twenty-some-year-olds getting into the real estate business and crushing it.

I signed up a guy on TV. He was 22 and he was my youngest. I might have had a 21-year-old but he closed four deals in 2022. A $93,000 deal, $75,000 deal, and $62,000 deal. I’m like, “It took me probably ten years to get even close to $100,000.” My first $100,000 deal was probably 10 to 12 years in business and now we’ve got all these young guns coming in making $50,000 to $100,000 on these deals. It’s insane.

It shows how the world of wholesaling is evolving and all of the techniques, marketing channels, technology, and the things that we’ve all figured out and worked on together are continuing to snowball this thing and making the whole selling even better. I’m starting to wrap up here. Zach, what are you thinking you want to do with TV? What’s the next step? Do you continue to invest more, leave it where it’s at, or go to other markets? What’s your vision around TV now that you’ve accomplished what you have in six months? Your brain has got to be churning.

We’re reinvesting into hiring employees and everything. After a couple of months, we’ll probably be going to be looking to up our investment in TV and raise that marketing budget.

WI 928 | TV As Marketing Channel

TV As Marketing Channel: Some people need to sell and need your help. However, they don’t know who you are or how to reach people in our space. TV is a great way for them to see you and get in touch with you.


Congratulations on getting in, being a young hustler, and coming on inspiring us. I don’t care if you’re new, I don’t care if it’s Tony and I but it’s always inspirational to see someone come in and crush it that fast. Thank you so much for that. Tony, you’ve been offering TV for how long now? You’re not the new guy around TV anymore. You are the established guy. You are the person that’s known in the country for TV but how long have you been helping people do this?

It’s been years since we started our test launch.

You have a lot of students as well at this point. There isn’t any question if you’re reading that if you want to do TV that Tony Javier is the man to go to. Without question, at this point, he’s proved and established himself. He’s got the data to show it. The real big question is, “Are you ready for TV?” It’s still working. Guys are coming in like Zach, who is getting this thing off the ground quickly and seeing returns fast.

When we say 10x, that’s not something we want to say that’s fancier throw out there. Those numbers mathematically are happening. Tony, if someone’s reading and going, “This TV thing, I’ve been thinking about, and I’m ready to explore this a little bit more,” I know they’d love to book a call and chat with you and your team. Where do they go to do that?

First of all, there’s some semi-market exclusivity, so we are about a 1/3 sold out of the US, maybe even more than that. If you’re interested at all, make sure you jump on quickly and get with us because we are selling out markets pretty quickly right now. If you want to see if your market is available, you can go to Go to that link, so we’ll know you’re a tribe reader. We take good care of all of our clients, but we’d love to know what tribe members or readers are coming into the group because we are servicing a lot of tribe clients.

Chris, you’ve sent a lot of people to us and I’m grateful for it. In fact, that JV market that I was telling you about and we were doing well in right now is a student of one of your teachers or coaches. They found out about it on Wholesaling Inc. She came to us and started a TV market. She crushed it in that TV market and wanted to go into another. She said, “I don’t know that I can take another market on.”

I said, “We’ll set it up on the back end. We’ll take the leads, we’ll filter and view, we’ll split the ad spend and we’ll go.” She’s crushing it in two different markets. We’re also doing JV partnerships as well. If anybody is questioning whether they have the money or the experience to do it, you’re teachable, you’re hungry, and we feel like you’re a good fit, we’d love to maybe partner with you as well.

I love the number of tribe members that have jumped on this. We always want to keep you guys on the cutting edge. You don’t have to be out there always pounding doors and the street, you can get in and you can start marketing and generate some high-quality leads like Zach said, that creates credibility and is much easier to convert as well.

Zach, one question for you before we wrap it up. You have some people who are around your age trying to step into this thing and get this off the ground. What’s one maybe mindset tip you have? I feel like you’re mentally there. You’ve got a strong mindset for your age. What’s something you’d pass down to encourage the audience as they’re reading about your story.

Coming in, jump into it headfirst. If you don’t know what you’re doing, that’s okay. You’ll figure it out along the way. That’s the best way I learned and that’s the only way you’re going to learn. Otherwise, you’re going to sit around and get nowhere, so don’t be afraid to figure it out along the way.

I hear that as a little bit of ready, fire, aim. It’s hesitations, devastation, jumping in and going for it. Sometimes you do. Sometimes you need to swing for the fences and make it happen. I agree with that mentality because you don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis for sure. Zach, thank you so much for coming on, sharing your story, and inspiring us. Tony, great job coaching and helping another successful real estate guy out there change his life. It’s awesome to see. Hats off to you as well. To the rest of you guys, as always, thanks so much for joining us and we will talk to you soon when we add more value. Talk to you later.


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