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WI 880 | Choosing A Partner


In this day and age, it’s safe to say that efficient partners are crucial in building a successful real estate business. This episode frameworks the makings of a reliable and trustworthy other half in the realm of working with investors.

Life coach and real estate pro, Chris Craddock, reveals the traits that don’t only make a profit but also make the most out of it. He enumerates four principles that consist of a promising comrade. It might as well be our own outlook on our own career.

Get to know more about what it takes to be thriving by tuning in to this episode.

What To Look For When Choosing A Partner To Work With In Your Real Estate Business

If you are like most investors looking to make the most of all of the leads that you have coming in, if you are like a lot of people where you’re spending a lot of money and working hard to do the best you can every time the phone rings, this episode is for you. It’s going to help you learn how to make the most out of every dollar you spend and make sure that every time the phone rings, you can get paid.

Most of the time, you get 20 people raising their hands saying, “I’m going to sell the next 6 months.” One time, you’re going to get them under contract. Out of the 20, the other 19, somebody’s going to get paid. It’s just not you. I’m going to help you change that and be able to make money every single time the phone rings. I am so excited to be here with you. My goal in life is to help people change their life, to give them freedom and help them get to the next level, level up, change their lives and create generational wealth.

As we’re talking about leveling up, one of the things that I teach a lot about is the REI Revive Program. What that is finding a real estate agent that you can partner with and get that real estate agent to close the deals that you are not closing. Here’s the deal. You cannot just give it to any real estate agent, any Joe off the street or to your friend who happened to go out and get a real estate license. In most states, it’s harder to get a license to cut hair than it is to get a license to sell real estate. We do not want to be just throwing that out there.

This is what we need to do. We need to be looking for a real estate agent who first, understands how to work with investors. Second, we need somebody that fits these four profiles. It’s happy, hungry, humble and smart. If they’re not happy, they’re always going to find a reason to be pissed off. This is one of the things that I will say is true. This happened with an agent on our team. I was worried about hiring this particular person because when they shared about their previous life, they were talking about how they were taken advantage of, how things were so bad for them, all of these other things. They were sharing how bad other stuff was.

People who tend to come from a place where everything was bad before, the common denominator is them. They believe that everything around them dictates their success. It is being this victim mentality. The reality is sometimes there are rough things. Would Warren Buffett have been Warren Buffett in Soviet Russia as a member of this lowest social cast? Probably not. Some things are insurmountable. Are there family issues? Are there things that have happened to people that debilitate them? One hundred percent.

We need to look for a real estate agent who understands how to work with investors. We need somebody that fits four profiles: happy, hungry, humble, and smart.

I am not downplaying that but what I am saying is we get to choose. I can tell you about my family baggage. I’m sure you can tell me about your family’s baggage. Every person on the planet has some daddy issues. That is where we are. We can all talk about all of these problems or we can say, “Things are rough but I push through. I’m a happy person. I am choosing to be happy.”

There’s a book called The Happiness Advantage, where there’s proof that people who choose to be happy even in the midst of hard circumstances tend to be more productive and successful. Do you want to be around a person who, when you ask them how life is, they’re always upset? Don’t get me wrong. We need to be real. The people that are always complaining are not people that are going to bring life, joy and energy to us. That’s one thing that I learned.

I went on a missions trip several years ago and we were in a third-row country with people whose playground was on a garbage dump. I saw joy and happiness among people that had so little. It helped me refocus and get a better perspective on my life. Regardless of your circumstances, do you tend to be a happy person? When bad things happen, you have the five-minute funeral and move on, say onward and upwards. What we are looking for in a real estate agent partner is somebody happy.

Next, somebody who is hungry, a buddy of mine told me about a friend of his who he wanted to hire as a real estate agent. I was like, “What did he do in 2020?” He said, “It was COVID. He had to take a year off.” I was like, “Red flag, warning. Stay away. Do not work with that person.” If this is you, I hope it burns and stings a little but also encourages you to be better.

The reality is, I don’t see how there could have been a world in which I sat on a couch for a year and didn’t work. I’m going to find something and figure it out. I am hungry. If the doors close, I’m climbing through a window. Here’s the deal. I’m going to figure out a way to make it happen. That’s who you got to be. Your butt’s got to always be burning. You need to be moving. Something is driving you forward. There’s got to be this internal fire that if you rip open your chest, there’s a heart of a lion inside, roaring, ready to win and pounce on the world. “I am going to win. I may not be winning but I’m going to figure out how to win.” That is who you are and that’s the person that you need to find.

WI 880 | Choosing A Partner

This agent partner is not some person you’re taking deals with. This person will dictate your level of success. If they bring you $100,000, $250,000 or $750,000 in 1 year, which is what some people are making in this Revive Program, that is a partner for you. It is somebody that you are partnering with. It’s not some Joe that you’re throwing stuff to.

When you partner, you need to find somebody equally yoked. What does equally yoked mean? It’s a phrase from the Bible. I’m not preaching. I’m sharing what this means. What would happen is they took two oxen. One ox could pull about 500 pounds but if you took 2 oxen, put them side by side and put this yoke, this contraption, around their necks so that the 2 of them are pulling together, instead of pulling 1,000 pounds, they could pull 2,000 pounds. They could double it.

What we’re looking for is somebody that is going to run with you. If 1 of these 2 oxen is running faster than the other, you’re running in circles. If one is running slower than the other, you’re running into circles but if you both are running at the same speed, running fast and making each other better, you are pulling more than your weight. You’re punching above your weight class. You’re outkicking your coverage if you’re a football player or a football fan. That’s the deal there.

You need a happy and hungry partner. The next one is humble. What does humble mean? Many people think that humble means something that it doesn’t. Humble and meekness are not the same thing. I’ve got people in my life that every time I say, “You got to do this,” they’ll say, “You’re right,” then they don’t do it. That is not humility. They roll over like, “I suck. I’m terrible.” That’s not humility, either.

Humility is doing what you’re doing probably. If you’re reading this and you’re going to do what it says, that’s humility. If you’re reading this and say, “I know better,” then it’s not. That’s the whole thing right there. Some people use podcasts, audiobooks, reading and everything else as a hobby but they don’t use it to implement and make their life better.

Arrogance and humility have nothing to do with each other. Confidence and humility have everything to do with each other.

Humility and confidence should go hand in hand. Arrogance and humility have nothing to do with each other. Confidence and humility have everything to do with each other. Make sure that you understand that confidence is great. People want to be around confident people because they know what they’re doing.

Humility, these are people that are going to sit at other people’s feet. I’ll give you an example. One of the things that we teach is that you don’t give leads, you give appointments and revive. With appointments, there’s a system that we use to set these appointments for them. Some agents don’t do that and their closing ratio goes through the ground. They’re terrible. They have a bad closing ratio.

On my team, that happened for a short period where we stopped setting appointments. I took my eye off the prize for a little bit and I saw that. I’m like, “What is going on here? That is not right. That’s not what we’re all about.” The crazy thing is we got back to it and our closing ratio went right back up to where it should have been.

Humility is seeing that other people are better and us taking their advice. Remember, you don’t need to take everybody’s advice. If you take their advice, you get their life. Make sure that you’re taking the advice of people whose lives you would trade that piece for. Maybe they’re not a great dad, not a great mom or not a great business person but they are a great dad.

If they’re a great dad but not a great business person, listen and understand how to be a better dad, a better husband or a better wife but don’t listen on business if they’re not great there. If they’re a great business person, but they’re not great with their family, listen on business but not on the family. Just because you respect somebody in one area doesn’t mean you have to take all of the advice they say. Take the advice in their zone of genius.

WI 880 | Choosing A Partner

Choosing A Partner: Just because you respect somebody in one area doesn’t mean you have to take all the advice they say. Take the advice in their zone of genius.


Happy, hungry, humble and the last one is smart, a lot of entrepreneurs that I talk to have this little insecurity. I wasn’t sure where I was on everything because I graduated high school almost illiterate. I spent so much time schmoozing teachers into giving me passing grades. If I would’ve spent the amount of time I spent schmoozing teachers doing my work, I probably would’ve gotten straight A’s.

I went to college and I couldn’t write a sentence. I didn’t know grammar or any of this stuff. I ended up getting married to somebody who was on a full academic ride and playing college soccer at the same time. It helped me level up in the way that I saw some of that stuff. I started learning that there are other ways to learn rather than sitting at a desk for eight hours, which as a high-energy person, is a shocker. You probably don’t get that from me.

As a high-energy person, that was not how I liked to learn. I hated learning because of the situation I was in, but when I realized I could learn in other ways, went back to school, ended up with Masters and then got a doctorate, I see myself that I’m a lifelong learner and that’s not who and where I was, but that’s who I am because I realize there are other ways to learn. Don’t think that because you got bad grades or bad SAT score that you’re not smart. Here’s the other thing. Are you a quick learner? Do you make the same mistake over and over again?

We’re building a house with horses and all the other stuff. One of the phrases an old farmer said is, “You never learn anything from the second kick of a mule.” It’s a ridiculous phrase, but it’s true. You want to learn the first time. Don’t get kicked from that mule the second time. It’s called paying a stupid tax when you do it over and over again. The first time, everybody makes mistakes. The second time, that’s a decision.

You got to understand that is who we are looking for, somebody who is happy, hungry, humble and smart. They don’t continue to make the same mistakes. They’re always learning and leveling up. They’re working on getting better all the time. I’m telling you about the agent you choose is also true about the people you choose to associate with. Everybody in your life, you need to be top grading.

Think about it like this. In 2008 and 2009, I ran a couple of marathons. One of the things that you learn is when you run with a group, if you bring somebody 51% as fast as the pack, the whole pack gets faster. What happens to the slowest people? They either drop off or speed up. What happens if you bring somebody 49% or slower? The whole pack gets slower. The fastest people either slow down or find another pack to run with. That’s the question that you’ve got to ask yourself. Who is the pack you’re running with? I can promise you, show me your friends, I’ll show you your future. That’s it.

If I can help or be of service to anybody, go to my website,, and click on the apply button. Either I or somebody from our team will reach out to you to look at your business, see where you are as far as what you’re bringing in with leads, see if we can help you monetize all of those dead leads, and get to a place that you want to be. Do that. Second, if I can help anybody, jump on my Instagram post @Craddrock. I’m happy to chat with anybody and help anybody level up that is looking to level up. Go out there, kick butt. Take names. Make sure you’re living uncommon. Peace.

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