Episode 875: How to Get More Money from the Leads You Already Have

The state of real estate lead generation is constantly evolving. And hunting for shiny leads presents its own set of obstacles. However, if you know which marketing channels and practical strategies to use, you can produce a constant pipeline of fresh prospects. 

Are you looking for new ways to generate leads? Step right in because this episode has the right tricks to push you through. 

Let’s delve into today’s topic as Chris Craddock teaches us how to get instant paychecks from the leads we have already brought in—bringing more opportunities and joy to the table!

Key Takeaways

  • How to monetize leads
  • What are the tools that can help your salesperson win on a higher level
  • Getting 40% in closing ratio
  • The business world is highly competitive, and you must find ways to deal with healthy competition
  • How do we bring down the percentage of deals that we are currently closing
  • Be more efficient with the leads you brought in
  • Raise your conversion ratio to what you already have


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