Posted on: January 26, 2022
WI 871 | Making Consistent Deals


When it comes to real estate, the agent’s job is not to sell. The main goal is to guide your clients and ensure that they’re taken care of. When your clients feel that they have been “sold” to fulfill your gain, they might look for another salesperson. In the end, you’ll lose that chunk of gold, but most importantly, you’ll lose their valuable trust.

Now the question is what should you do to make consistent deals and allow sellers to believe in you? In this special episode, you will meet this unstoppable duo who’ll give you the exact cheat code on how to lure your clients. So grab your pens and papers because this is going to be a wild ride!

What Every Wholesaler Needs But So Few Actually Have

How can we help the seller the most? At the end of the day, we’re in the solution business. We’re into solving problems for our sellers and this only challenges us because we get so good at solving problems, and we’re paid well to do it. How do we find problems to solve? By the radio, cold calling, sending out letters, or whatever it may be. We’re looking for people that are motivated with problems that we could solve.

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We’ve got a special episode. This is something we’ve never done before. I’m always communicating my message as to how I’ve created so much time freedom and passive income freedom with my business. I want to share this with our readers and everybody from a rooftop as far as how you can do it too, as well, to build a business that serves you, your families, and others.

The reason why this episode is so special is one, we have two guests, but I also have another powerhouse on this episode with me, another Wholesaling Inc. coach. She is your one and only Grace Mills. She teaches people how to get on the radio. She taught me personally myself how I can get my business on the radio. We’re on multiple radio stations. We’re buying land, especially as well as houses and even commercial buildings with radio. Grace, how are you?

I’m doing well. I’m super excited to be here with you, Brent as well. I’m pumped about this particular episode with these two guys who have been in both of our programs. The readers will gain a lot of gems at a minimum just learning how they’re handling both programs and their partnership overall. I’m super excited to be here and have the readers pick up some info from it.

I love this partnership. We’re teasing you here because this is an amazing partner. I’m looking at both their faces. I’ll let it out. We’ve got Raymond Lawton and Zach Midwood. These guys are a powerhouse. They’re a duo. They went through the land course, they’re on REI Radio, and they’ve even done TTP so they have a mixture of cold calling, radio, and buying houses and land. They’re doing something a little bit differently than most. They’re also listing their property. Raymond and Zach, tell us about yourselves. How are you doing? Let’s put you in the hot seat and talk about your business and how you guys have multiple deals going right now. You said you have six deals going right now with partnerships and radio, land, and houses. I’m ready to dive into it.

I’m excited to be here, first off. I couldn’t have done it without the help of you guys in Wholesaling Inc. It started for 1.5 years in wholesaling, 3 years in the wholesaling business, and another 3 years in buying my first multifamily, which is the fourth unit. Things have started to take off by the cold calling alongside the radio and the land course, which we’ve taken. Essentially what we do is market on radio, mail, and cold call. We send out mail letters and postcards, we have a website as well, so everything works together and we’re getting to the point now where we have a lot of leads and they’re good leads. Things are starting to go on a good upward trend.

To touch on the partnership element, Zach, do you mind giving a little backdrop to our readers of how you guys this partnership works in terms of the way you’re handling things? I know you cover multiple bases and it’s not just distressed sellers.

I hold my realtor’s license, so Ray and I are able to when we go to appointments together, we’re able to help them. We’re able to tweak how we work with them based on their goals and what their needs are. If a seller calls us and they want to sell, but the number they’re looking for doesn’t quite work for us to purchase cash or maybe it’s a little too high for our partners as well, I’m able to help them by listing the property on the market. I’m guiding them through that process and getting them the best offer for them, so it’s about how we can help the seller the most. Ray doesn’t have his license and I do, so we’re able to work well together having that dynamic.

That’s so awesome because there are so many opportunities that can come your way in real estate. For you guys, that’s so awesome that you have your bases covered like, “If we end up in a situation where the distressed seller is in need of this XYZ solution, we’re available. If not, and they need something a little bit different license to do and help them in any particular way as well.” That’s awesome. I want to make sure I’m not missing anything. In terms of your partnership, you’re handling distressed sellers and also listings, but do you do anything else? Are you guys also holding properties? Are you flipping or renovating?

We hold properties as well. I have a 3-family and a 4-family. By being deal finders, we’re able to flip properties as well and acquire capital to put towards it. The idea with that is to put towards more marketing but also to buy more buy and hold properties. The end goal is to get more of the multifamily properties and build that passive income.

WI 871 | Making Consistent Deals

Making Consistent Deals: By being deal finders, we’re able to flip properties and acquire capital to put towards more marketing, and to purchase more buy-and-hold properties.


To add a little bit about the different things that we do with the leads, we look to buy them ourselves or flip them. We’ve also looked to convert any lead that we can. If it’s a buyer lead, for example, or maybe it’s a seller who’s looking to refinance or looking for a loan, we’re sending those out to lenders and getting some extra income from that. Grace, something that you had mentioned on one of the calls were renters as well, so we’re looking at all areas to monetize all the leads that we can.

You’d be surprised what type of people you get. After a while, you’re like, “I’m not an expert in that area,” but you almost want to go, “Forget it. I might as well expand my services to figure out how to help people that I’m going to attract anyway.” That’s pretty great.

We try to be more solutions-based. Based on what the seller is looking for, instead of being focused on one avenue, how can we best monetize but help them out of their situation?

Zach, you said it best. If you can go back and read about what Zach said, and I wrote it down verbatim, “How we can help sellers the most.” I guarantee you that’s the key to your success. We’ve only been here for a few minutes and I’ve already figured out why you guys are doing so well with what you’re doing. You’re focusing on the seller. I don’t see you guys looking at deals as, “How much are we going to make? What’s our bottom line? How can we get this deal for the least amount of money so we make the most amount of profit so we can fill our bank account?”

Zach said it right. That hit my ears. Raymond said it again with, “Being able to refinance the loan and refer that person to get help further.” I want everyone reading to think about that. How can we help the seller the most? At the end of the day, we’re in the solution business. We’re into solving problems for our sellers and this only challenges us because we get so good at solving problems, and we’re paid well to do it. How do we find problems to solve? By the radio, cold calling, sending out letters, or whatever it may be. We’re looking for people that are motivated with problems that we could solve.

Why are they motivated? It’s because they have a huge problem and most of the time, people don’t want to list their house or their land, but Zach, you’re covering that base as well, which is truly amazing to me. I wanted to mention that. That’s been bouncing around. I’ve been wanting to stand out and shout that as soon as Zach said it.

That’s even better. You’re solution-based and you’re able to tag-team it so you can truly help those people.

That’s one of the more rewarding things. It’s great to make a profit on these deals, but the fire that gets me going is being there, providing solutions to people, and helping them out of what they’re going through. It’s rewarding on both sides.

Thinking back to how we used to operate, we always used to think like, “Wholesale, wholesale, wholesale.” When we first started, we took some sales courses, and one of the things that it taught us is going to try and find out what the seller wants and whether they can move a couch out, how can you help move the couch? Maybe they need to find a new place to live. How can we help them solve that problem versus how can we buy their house for pennies on the dollar? We did a little mindset shift. What’s their problem? Let’s focus on that problem instead of what price they want. We don’t even talk about price until we figure out what the real issue is.

You don’t even talk about price? What do you mean, Raymond? It’s always about the money. What are you talking about?

Absolutely not. It’s the timeline or it’s the too-much-stuff-in-the-house. There’s a number of other things or they’re done with it. They don’t want to deal with the house anymore. They don’t want a headache. They don’t want to list on the market. They want an easy transaction. It’s not the price most of the time.

You said something, Zach. I didn’t hear what you said. It’s about what?

I said tenants too. That could be another situation. My tenants won’t pay me to rent houses as well, so yes, sometimes a big issue is having tenants that are neglecting the property and not paying rent, and the landlord wants to get out of it. We’ve helped people get their tenants out of the property as well. Thinking back, it was a Fourth of July weekend. Ray and I were both there at the property from 8:00 to 10:00 PM on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, helping these tenants move the stuff out of their apartment.

The seller is going through a tough time because it was her family that had lived there for 40 years, but she wanted to sell it and wanted to help them relocate, so we helped them move all their stuff out of their apartment and into a new place and did a Cash for Keys as well. That was one of our least profitable transactions, too, but we could solve numerous problems on that one.

That one didn’t come from radio, did it?

With distressed properties, it’s really about how we can help the seller the most.

It didn’t. That was before our radio days. It was a mailer.

That gosh darn mail.

Not profitable, but I’m sure it was rewarding. We look at how we were able to help people in that situation because you never know. There are all sorts of stories that are going to come from your seller. If you can create your business, trying to provide solutions at a minimum, like Brent said, that’s your secret to success right there, “How do I simply help people?”

Multiple times, some feedback from other sellers has been that they can tell that we care. We listen to them and we emphasize versus a larger company where they come, they take notes on the property, they don’t pay mind to the seller and they’re in and out. We take the time to sit down and talk to them and get to know them.

You must be a larger company. How in the world can you guys even afford to get on radio?

We must have a good system that we figured out ourselves. No. We’ve got a great coach. We took the wholesaling radio course and they taught us how to negotiate these ads for pennies on the dollar. It’s cool. It’s like we buy our houses. We buy radio ads at a discount. It’s all about the system that we’ve leveraged and used from Grace or Chris Arnold.

In terms of our reader, do you mind giving us a little backdrop on how long you have been on radio? How many stations are you on? Is there any comparison that you’re picking up on any of the other marketing channels that you were using?

We’re on four stations now. In our first station, we’ve been on them for more than nine months. Zach might know better than I am on that.

Our first one started in July of 2020.

We picked up another station and then two more. They’ve been doing well so far. On the first station, we’re been on for more than nine months. We’re about to close our first deal from that one. The other two stations we just picked up but the one before that, we did our first deal from radio on that station and it happened to be on a land deal, as well.

My ears are perked. Let’s break down a deal. You want to break down that land deal because I remember doing our welcome call with you, Ray. This is the first time that I have had the pleasure of meeting Zach. I remember on our welcome call. I remember exactly where I was driving. I was heading to my parents and you told me that you are already in radio and my ears perked. I love hearing that. You had also done TTP with Brent Daniels and my ears perked even more. I’m like, “This guy is going to absolutely crush land.” Right there on that call, I was like, “Let’s go in the coaching mode.” We didn’t change your radio script. You added land three times. Is that what you did?

Yeah. It was adding land to it. We didn’t add too much.

I remember you getting on one of the support calls. It was almost maybe two weeks in and you hadn’t even gotten through half the course. What I love about Raymond is the guy takes action. Before I even got to where I was going, you would email me like, “Send me your radio script.” I was like, “Where’s it at?” I forwarded it to you and two weeks later, you’re telling me you’ve already snagged the deal on a support call. We do all of our support calls. Before you ask a question, you have to share the win and Raymond jumped on and inspired everybody. Do you remember that?

I do and that was the first radio lead. It was super complicated. I remember it was a commercial deal. That didn’t work out, but I remember that call and I was showing everybody the land deal. It was a commercial land deal, but I was super excited. We just started to air on the radio. We tweaked that script and the next thing you know, we’re getting double the calls trying to sell their land. The land deals were a little complicated, so those took a little more due diligence. We’re still working on them, but we’ve got a mixture of super-easy land deals and super large-scale multiple lot subdivision deals that have come across those radio ads.

What about the one that you did close? That’s the one that’s piquing my interest and I want to talk about the houses and the listings you guys are getting off of this radio. Are you guys comfortable breaking down the land deal that you talked about on the support call, the one that you did close from radio?

Absolutely. Right after joining our second station, we were getting no calls. When that first call came in, there was somebody asking to sell their land. I started collecting details on the land. We followed the script that you had, so you know how much you’re looking into getting property details and stuff. After that, I said, “What’s the best you could do for it?” That’s when they gave the number of $25,000. I was like, “You can’t do any better than that?” They’re like, “No. Lots of going for $50,000 or $60,000. What are you talking about?”

WI 871 | Making Consistent Deals

Making Consistent Deals: There are multiple ways to profit on land.


You asked. How uncomfortable was it to ask that question?

It’s super uncomfortable. That’s what the script said and it’s worked for everyone else. It worked and it’s important during negotiation. Even if it is a good price, you don’t get super excited because the seller almost feels bad and wants them to be happy. We want them to feel they’ve got the property at a price that’s good. It’s something that we’ve learned from the course. They worked out well. We closed when we said we were going to. We had a buyer lined up. In the next few days, he reached out to some local builders and three weeks later, we had the property close and got her exactly what she was looking for, so she’ll maybe be selling us another piece of land soon.

Not only did you serve the seller, but you’re also about to hopefully serve the seller again. This turned into a multi deal from one radio station. I didn’t know that part. I love hearing that and then you’re going to serve a builder. I assume the builder’s getting a property at a discount. What’s the builder paying? You’re paying $25,000 for that piece of land. What’s the builder pay you?

The builder paid $55,000 for it. Now that there are plans in place, the land is worth $70,000, $75,000, so he’s getting a good price on it as well. When he’s done building the property, we’re going to get the listing on the back end. It’s multiple ways to profit on land because, typically, you can work with a builder. Unless they’re a licensed agent themselves, they’ll let you list it on the back end because you brought them the deal. Another bonus. Another positive to working land.

I’m seeing a train with you guys. How can we help the seller the most? That’s not just for sellers. You’re also helping your buyers as well because you’re going to list it on the back end. You’re going to buy another property from the seller. I did some math. $55,000 to the builder. You’re paying $25,000 to the seller. That constitutes a victory bell. Ready for that?

That’s definitely a victory bell.

Multiple rings. I’m seeing tons and tons of profit from this. That’s outstanding. Congrats. You guys have the go-giver. Not to be confused with a go-getter, the go-giver mentality is one of the foundational books we have in the rhino tribe along with Rhinoceros Success with Scott Alexander, but the Go-Giver, it’s required reading for our tribe. My hat’s off to you. It’s impressive. I love hearing that and you’ve already been paid on this deal. From the time that that ad went out on that second radio station, how fast did $30,000 go into your bank account?

Probably about 1 or 1.5 months. It took two weeks to come in about three weeks to close a deal. That was probably five weeks.

That was after adding the land into the script. It was probably about a month when that happened and came into the account. It’s pretty quick. It’s one small change.

That’s so amazing and I’m not trying to steal the whole show here, Grace. Jump in and interrupt me.

I’m listening. I love this. I’m so pumped for you, guys. That’s amazing.

You talked about some house deals and a couple of listings that you’ve also got going on with radio. Do you want to dive into those? We’ve got real estate agents also reading. How can we serve the realtors and the guys who are buying houses, not land or not just land? What else do you have going on? I know you also have some partnerships and joint ventures going on. Guys, share this wealth of knowledge that you have.

For some of the houses, I love the radio leads because they’re ready to meet up for an appointment and ready to sell. A lot of times, we go there and we talk to them. We’re able to get things going pretty quickly. Our radio lead came in and she was pressed financially and needed to sell the multifamily house. She was having tenant issues as well, unfortunately, but the price that she needed to get for it was too high for a flipper or our partners as well. We were able to put on the realtor hat on and help her that way and help her get the number that she was looking for. That one just came in and we were able to get it signed and it will be listed.

I’ll add another one, too. We have the potential for our biggest deals yet through radio. This one came from Connecticut, two hours away from where we live, but when we heard about the opportunity and the situation, we knew they needed some help. We took a trip over there and they’re looking for $50,000 for the property, which is a decent price after seeing that we’re able to explain the repairs and the work that we needed.

We’re getting that for $25,000 under contract for a house, but there are issues like structural issues, foundation issues, the house roofs were leaking and there’s poop all over the floor everywhere. It’s a mess, but it’s a situation where they need help and they need the money fast. We’re able to get them what they’re looking for, which was $25,000. That one we should be selling for $75,000. We have an agreement to be sold for $75,000 in three weeks.

Try and figure out the seller’s problem and focus on it. Don’t even talk about the price until you figure out what the real issue is.

It’s going to be a great Christmas.

A wonderful Christmas.

My thoughts immediately were like, “That’s a heck of a Christmas deal.”

Talk about the partnerships. I know that Zach had mentioned this while you guys were doing a couple of partnership deals as well. People are finding out how good you guys are and how well you treat your sellers and your buyers. You’re attracting this. What does that look like?

It’s about having the right buyers, so we know who our buyers are and what their buy boxes are, what their criteria are so we know who to bring through to which properties. Sometimes we don’t even need to get the houses under contract when you do. That goes right to purchase and sale with our buyers and we’re able to collect an assignment fee on the back end, so we’re able to partner up with different buyers that we have.

Just to add, we also have a lot of leads that come through that our listing leads, and Zach is not able to handle all of them. We work with our company to find real estate where we were able to pass on some of those leads and get referral fees for passing those leads on. It’s another way to monetize the large number of leads coming in. Some require more work, so those are the ones that will pass off to maybe newer agents. We’re looking for some assistance. We are ready to work to try and get that listing together under an agreement.

I see extreme optimization with you guys. It seems like every single seller or lead that comes into your funnel gets taken care of one way or another. A mentor of mine said, “I might not be the right buyer for you. I might not even be the buyer for you, but I’ll make sure that we take care of you and see it through to the end. That way, you accomplish your goal.” I see that with you guys as well. Kudos to you. How can guys find out more about you to do joint ventures and partnerships with you? We want to give the readers how to find out more about you.

Our website is, so you could definitely look us up on our website and reach out to us there. I know that Zach’s on Instagram and blowing up Instagram. He’s posting stuff. He handles a lot more of that. If you look up my name, Raymond Lawton, probably Zach Midwood would be the better one because he’s super active on social media platforms. Those are a few ways to find us.

You can find me on Instagram. My name is @ZachMidwood_Real_Estate, so you can find me there.

Grace, you’ve got any more questions?

I always like to wrap with maybe something that you guys have noticed or something you’re doing that we haven’t discussed that’s more unique or maybe different from what everybody else is doing. Is there anything like that for you guys? What’s something that we didn’t talk about? I like to throw it out there. Especially as a listener, I love listening to that. I listen to Wholesaling Inc. podcast as well. There’s always one thing to take away and I’m like, “I never thought of that.” “I never looked at it that way.” Is there something that you guys are doing or working through that is a little bit more unique than what is trending that everyone else is probably doing right now?

I don’t know if this is considered unique, but something that’s helped us set the appointment and get in front of the sellers because you want to turn over every rock. You don’t know what’s going to be under there. Just because it doesn’t sound like it might not be a great deal, you don’t know and you don’t know who they know. That’s something that’s helped us. It’s setting appointments, getting in front of the sellers, and talking with them. Once you get in front of them, start talking, and show who you are, you have a much better chance of them working with you and putting something together.

It’s putting your face there. That’s huge for people.

It’s being human and being yourself. I wouldn’t try to be anyone else, but yourself and that’s something that’s helped us and has helped us bring more consistency in our business.

That’s powerful. Raymond, I see why you’re partnered with Zach because that’s it. I have so many people getting into the industry who are like, “I haven’t done what you’ve done, Brent,” or, “I don’t have any sales experience. I don’t have money to buy the land.” I didn’t either when I started out. I had to share my story. I would tell the seller, “I’m late for dinner.” “We have a newborn baby at home.” “I’m in the military. I’m trying to make extra money to make ends meet.” People relate to that. We’re human. We all have to eat, sleep, and brush our teeth. Remember, we’re human and we have a story that’s powerful. Connect with people, take the time to listen to them, and listen to them.

Listen and ask questions.

WI 871 | Making Consistent Deals

Making Consistent Deals: Know who your buyers are and what their criteria are so you’ll know who to bring through to which properties.


That’s your opportunity. You’re right in front of them already. You put your face in front of them. I’ve always said that if you can put your face in front of people, it makes a huge difference, especially with the world becoming a little bit more digital. Everyone likes this digital route. If you have a lot of competitors in your area, I guarantee you there are a few of them who are like Zach and Raymond who are making it a point to get in front of them first.

A heck of a difference-maker is getting that human connection in there. That’s great. That’s awesome for you guys. I’m super pumped. I’m over here teasing like a little cornball. I’m so pumped. That’s so amazing and awesome. I’m so appreciative for you guys to hop on here and even share that with our readers because there are so many things they can take away from this.

We appreciate all you guys’ help too. We couldn’t have done it without you guys. A good example is when you’re going to repair a flat tire. You put the new tire on. You have the course in front of you, but without someone there showing you that nice little extra hit, whether it’s that final negotiation or, as Grace tells you, “Hold strong. Don’t give in.” “Tweak the negotiation a little bit and say this.” We wouldn’t have been able to get on those stations, so that’s helpful.

I can attest to that. I remember some radio stations laughing at me. I did a lot of emails with you, Grace, and I could see you laughing on the other. This was more than 1.5 years ago. I remember this. It’s like, “Hold strong,” and I did. I was like, “I don’t care if I’m on the radio or not. It doesn’t matter to me.” Sure enough, it happened. Kudos to Grace’s coaching. The videos are great, but it’s having that person say, “Hold strong.” I’m a freaking land coach. I teach people how to do this and Grace was coaching the coach. That’s how we work at Wholesaling Inc.

You’ve been amazing go-givers. You have so much education, so much wisdom, and kindness that you guys have. I’m going to ask you for one more give. This is one from Ray and one for Zach. Share anything with the readers when you are starting out. If you knew back when you were starting out that first property, that first multifamily that you talked about, Raymond, what would you like to have told yourself if you went back? Is it like, “Here’s what you need to know.” What would you have told yourself a couple of years ago that you now know?

I would have said, “Continued to never give up. Consistent marketing is the key.” If I had known that, I would not have taken one and a half years to get my first property through a direct mail marketing campaign. I never pulled the trigger on it. Once I did it, it all worked out.

Don’t stop marketing. Is that correct? Is that what I got in there?

Exactly. Do not stop marketing no matter what.

Stay consistent with it, too. It took us eight months to do our first deal way back when we started. It’s easy to get disappointed and discouraged, but stick with it and take that first step. Even if you don’t know what it is yet, maybe it’s asking a local expert one question or maybe it’s going to a real estate meetup in your local area. Take that first step because you don’t know how things will snowball.

I’d like to add that you will get discouraged. There are going to be those times when you want to cry screen, but you’ve got to pick it up and do it again the next day.

Patience and persistence.

That’s what that boils down to. I’m so pumped for you guys. Those are great answers. Aside from real estate, you can apply everything that you say to any aspect of life. Of what you mentioned, it’s continuing to persevere through something. That’s great stuff. I’m super excited and I’m so happy to have you guys on. This was a super fun podcast. Shout out to Brent for getting us connected and getting this all put together. I hope that the readers have a few things to take away. If you’ve been reading and are curious to learn a little more about the REI Radio Program, you can always go to the Wholesaling Inc. website and that’s if they like to get some more info on that.

Shout out to you, Grace. I didn’t even think about this. You’re the one that came to me like, “Let’s get Ramin on a podcast.” I was texting him immediately. I was like, “Let’s do it. Do you want to get on a podcast with me and Grace?” If you’re interested in getting started in real estate, get on or and schedule a call with our team and we’ll see what your goals are. If we feel like we’re a great fit, we’d be honored to coach you.

It takes guys like Zach and Raymond to pull the trigger, take action, trust what we’re giving you, to do the work. At the end of the day, it’s about doing the work and these guys have done it. Thank you so much, gentlemen, for jumping on here and stopping your busy lives. Thanks so much and I can’t wait to see where you are months from now. God bless.

Thanks for having us.


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863Brent Bowers, is an investor and coach with a focus on buying and selling vacant land. As an Army Officer with over 8 years of service, Brent was spending a great deal of time away from his family, and he knew he needed to make some changes in order to be more present with his wife and children. In a short period of time, Brent was able to expand his business, hire a team, and (most importantly) spend quality time with his family while still working hard and helping others.  While Brent invests in many different types of real estate, his favorite investment strategy deals with buying and selling vacant land, and he enjoys sharing his expertise in this area with his coaching clients. Brent chooses to live his life based on Bob Burg’s quote, “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.” He is passionate about helping other people find success in real estate investing, particularly in land investments.

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