Posted on: January 07, 2022

Many people want to start investing in real estate but don’t know where to start. Wholesaling is by far the best way to get started. It requires no training, knowledge, cash, credit, or experience. It is okay to make mistakes in wholesaling, but it is also crucial to be aware of those stumble downs. You don’t need to be an expert, but you need to pay attention, follow through, and execute the steps below. Depending on how much time and effort you can put into wholesaling, you could quite possibly leave your current job and become a full-time wholesaler if you choose to. Of course, the more experience you gain, the easier it will be for you, the more streamlined the process will become for you, and the more deals you will close!

In this episode, we are joined by our guest Alan Whitworth as he shares his journey towards closing $3,000,000 in assignment fees and how he did it as a first-time wholesaler with no experience. The wholesaling tips and tricks continue in this discussion.

Key Takeaways

  • How Alan has done three million dollars in sales
  • Building a pipeline in wholesaling 
  • His experience doing ringless voicemail
  • Building that skill set as you do cold calling
  • Make the most difficult call first 
  • Marketing vs Prospecting
  • Combining different avenues of marketing 
  • Top 3 things to focus on to become a good closer
  • We all fight through doubts



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