Posted on: December 28, 2021

Real estate wholesaling doesn’t necessarily mean that you sell a dozen properties at lower prices. It’s a whole different kettle of fish. 

The goal in real estate wholesaling is to go out there, generate leads, pick up the phone and sell homes to an interested party before the contract with the original homeowner closes. But the real question lies in how you can make a profitable income out of it? 

Real estate wholesaling may sound complicated, but this episode will simplify it for you to understand. Let’s find out as we mark our way from A to Z and give you firsthand info on how you can build up your business, understand baits, and get that dazzling paycheck that you deserve!

Key Takeaways

  • Trading time for money
  • Make money work for you
  • Increase your value to the world
  • Find people that fit the job
  • Make contact with property owner
  • Prequalifying your property owner
  • Learning the after repaired value (ARV) and figuring out the maximum allowable offer (MAO)
  • Follow up leads
  • Contract acceptance



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