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Have you ever dreamed of living off passive income? What about making over $40,000 a month by simply investing in the earth? Assets such as land notes are a surefire way to invest in the future as it continues to appreciate. The best part is passive income from land notes can be created from a few dollars’ investment.

Listen as Brent Bowers interviews our guest, Luke Harris, to share how he transitioned from being a forester into a full-time land investor and his secret in generating $40,000 a month in land notes.

$37,000 Per Month In Passive Income – Achieving Legacy Wealth Through Land Notes With Luke Harris

Episode Transcription

Land Sharks, I have a special guest for you, and this guest is Luke Harris. I still remember the first time I ever heard this guy on a podcast. It was with Trevor Mauch with investor Carrot websites. These websites are absolutely amazing. He and I both use them for our land sales. Luke has been doing land a few years longer than I have and I’ve watched this guy grow. I came across him and I noticed he had 76 properties available for wholesale. Luke is a full-time passive land investor. Welcome, Luke. How are you?

I’m doing great. Thanks so much for having me on.

Let’s see if we can have fun and give a lot of value to the readers. First off, how long have you been doing land?

My first direct mail campaign went out in April 2016.

It’s challenging to get everything that needs to get done, done in a timely manner.

Tell me about yourself. Tell me about your family. What do you do? You’ve got an interesting life. I was checking out your Facebook before I got on. I noticed you’re in a brand new house and you do woodwork. You build beds for your children.

I’ll try to hit the high points. My background is in forestry. For a long time, while I built the land business, I was self-employed as a forester, mostly doing timber inventories. I’m not doing that anymore. As of August of 2021, we completed our house, built on a property that we got from direct mail here locally in Virginia. Over 2020, I’ve been super busy building the house and now we’re transitioning and staging to grow the land business here moving forward, hopefully.

You’re telling me that you found a piece of land from one of your mailers and you ended up putting your own house on it?

Yes. It was 2017, so early on in the land flipping business. We got a property here locally. We bought it super cheap and sat on it for a couple of years, and then finished our house here.

You wouldn’t believe how many Americans have that dream. My parents did it. When I was eighteen years old, they found their dream property, figured out a way to buy it, and now they live on this 21 acres in Florida. It’s changed all of our lives having land. That was my parents’ dream and it became mine and my sister’s dream, too, to do that. April 2016 was your first mailer. I don’t want to forget about that. Tell me what your business model looks like today. Sometimes you’re buying a ton of land and sometimes you’re selling a ton of land, so I’m intrigued by this.

Mostly the direct mail campaigns we send out are in Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Florida, but we buy wholesale if there’s a bulk deal that has properties in other areas. We’ve been in twenty different states altogether and we sell them for cash. Mostly the cash sales, we do our wholesale. Probably about almost half of our sales are wholesale to other land investors, and then the rest of them are selling on terms.

WI 828 | Land Notes

Land Notes: It’s not hard to find other investors that are willing to partner with you on deals.


What do your terms look like? You told me that you are in full-time land sales now. What is your monthly passive income look like for your total land combine, the stuff that you sell to end buyers?

We have probably 285 notes. We use investors a lot. The investors get part of the monthly payment on a lot of those notes and we get part of it. If you add up all of the monthly payments, it’s about $35,000 per month from the passive side, not the cash sales. A little under $20,000 goes to us.

It’s 285 parcels of land sold and you’ve been doing this since 2016. You’ve been able to accumulate 285 notes and $30,000-something a month. That’s absolutely incredible. I talk to a lot of guys that buy and sell houses, flip houses, and buy and sell rentals. I’ve talked to guys doing that for the last fifteen years or so and they’re not even near $35,000 a month. They’re sitting around $6,000 or $7,000 a month and they’re hoping nothing ever breaks. Have you ever purchased any single-family homes or any rentals?


I’m baffled. I can’t get over this 285 notes in that short period of time. How long would you say that you’ve been doing this full-time now?

We had a target of $6,000 a month and we said once we hit that, I’ll stop doing the timber inventory. That happened in May 2021 and we still ended up doing some of the contract timber work after that. It helped pay for the house and whatnot, so about one and a half years full-time.

What would you say your biggest challenge during the day is now that you’re a full-time land investor?

There’s a lot of challenges. I need to outsource stuff and get everything done that needs to get done in a timely manner. I still have too much that’s on my plate and I need to start outsourcing a lot more like you’ve been doing yourself. I’m super inspired to hear how you’ve gotten so much of it outsourced.

Don’t get overwhelmed and just push through because it will get hard no matter what.

About 100% of it is outsourced for my business. It wasn’t easy. One of the secret tricks I’ve got in my bag is something called Screencast-O-Matic. The first 45 recordings are free, but it’s $48 for the entire year. Anytime one of my virtual assistants or assistant will ask me something, they get a video on how to do it. First, before they got that video, I asked them what their solution would be or what did they try to do before they asked me that question because that’s the hardest part. You could still get a virtual assistant or outsource things and you’re bombarded by questions all day long. You want them to get to operate almost as if they were you.

Hire that person that’s got the same values as you do. When they ask you a question, they know that you’re going to ask them what did they try and what’s their solution. Eventually, they stop asking the questions because they’ve already figured it out and they don’t have to ask you. If they still need to help, they get a Screencast-O-Matic. It’s a video of me doing it.

Anything you can do on your computer or your phone, outsource immediately. I did the first thing that I didn’t like the most, and that was buying the land, and then selling the land and doing the due diligence. It’s all delegated now. Some of it is automated. I’m not a tech person so I delegate a lot of things. I like to use humans.

That’s a good tip to know. I’m not sure if I delegate that way because people end up coming to you with questions all the time and it’s like, “When am I ever going to completely get out of it?” Is Screencast-O-Matic similar to Loom or is there something about it that’s better?

I’m not sure. I’ve never heard of Loom. With Screencast-O-Matic, I can just open the website, press record, it can see my face, they can see my screen, and you can see both or neither. What’s cool is you can make little folders like Land Buying Process, Land Selling Process, Land Due Diligence Process. Everything is labeled.

Now I’ve got a VA who is hiring their own VA’s. When they’re ready to hire, they show those past videos. We’ve been able to train multiple people from one video now. “We want to increase land mailing.” Now we have a new VA that’s charging us $5 an hour. He’s not in this country. He’s not from the United States, so $5 an hour is good for him. He now knows how to pick an area, evaluate the area, figure out what the land’s worth, and figure out what the offer is. Do the land offer letters? I call him the LOLs and he’s already running in one week.

WI 828 | Land Notes

Land Notes: Take one step at a time and push through when you feel like it’s going to get hard, and you’ll end up making a business out of it.


He’s sending out the offers to people, you’re saying?

Absolutely. Twenty-six a day is what we’re at. We had to ramp up because we sold so much land. That’s the reason why I was looking at your 76 properties available.

They’re going fast.

Does someone need a ton of money to get started into land and do what you’ve done with it?

No, I would say not at all. It depends on what you mean by a ton of money. If you have $5,000, that’s more than enough to get going. If you want to get big quick, then you probably would need a bit more than that. Once you do a few deals and people can see that you’re making money, it’s not hard to wholesale them to other land investors, which can be some quick cash. It’s not hard to find other investors that are willing to partner with you on deals. There are so many ways that you can pull cash out to keep growing. The short answer is no. $5,000 or even less than that, you can be making some money.

You want an assistant who operates almost as if they were you and have the same values as you do.

I totally did not have $5,000 when I got started. I had probably a couple of hundred bucks because I would get a property under contract and I would have a buyer lined up before I would even spend the $200, $300, $400 to buy it. I was like, “Rent money and grocery money.” What did you start out with when you first started? Was it $5,000?

It was more than that because I was cruising timber. My wife was a travel nurse. We were living off of my income and saving hers up to buy properties. It was probably $30,000, something like that. I don’t remember exactly what we started with.

Marry a wife that makes a lot of money. Last question, if you could give anybody any advice that they’re thinking about getting started in land, what would that advice be?

Don’t get overwhelmed. It can feel a little overwhelming what you can get going, but it’s not a hard business. Buckle down, take one step at a time, and push through when you feel like it’s going to get hard and you’ll end up making a business out of it.

Thank you so much for joining me, Luke. If you’re interested in getting started on your way to generating passive income through land, head over to and schedule a call with me. We’ll hop on a short call together and discuss your real estate investing goals. If it sounds like we’re a great fit, I’d be honored to help you on your land investing journey. I’ll see you next time, Land Shark.


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