Posted on: November 02, 2021

Virtual real estate wholesaling is a lucrative way to make money. And being a master of virtual real estate wholesaling is not some magical gift given to a select few individuals. It’s truly something anyone can learn with the right mindset, desire, and action!

Brent Daniels and Lauren Hardy are dynamic entrepreneurs and passionate real estate investors. Join their insightful conversation as Lauren shares her humble beginnings and gives us a peek at simple steps on how she mastered the art of virtual wholesaling that made her real estate career extremely profitable.

The information she provides is actionable and easy to implement!

Key Takeaways

  • Lauren’s brother’s influence on her decision to become a house flipper.
  • Starting with no money and no savings (with a one-year-old child and another one on the way).
  • Enrolling in real estate coaching programs.
  • Increasing her credit card limit for her first marketing campaign.
  • Direct mailing to absentee condo owners and how well it worked for her campaign.
  • Getting her first deal (bought on the last day of the recession).
  • What prompted her to finally quit her job and pursue her real estate career full-time.
  • Lauren’s tips for closing on discounted properties.
  • How she ended up in wholesaling.
  • Her wholesaling business successfully “virtualized.”


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