Posted on: November 01, 2021

If you’ve been putting off starting a wholesaling business because you don’t feel ‘qualified,’ don’t have your personal finances in order, or just don’t know where to start…then this episode is a must-listen! This will be an excellent starting point for your real estate career.

Dive in as Lauren Hardy interviews Ryan Zwerneman, one of her students in her wholesaling coaching program, covering his journey in wholesaling and how he’s been running the business as a side hustle. He also shares his experiences, his biggest hurdle in getting started and what it took for him to ignite his wholesaling business, jumping from having zero contracts to closing a whopping $160k in wholesale fees with another 10 deals in the pipeline – with the help of Lauren’s tweaks and tricks.

Key Takeaways

  • How Ryan started his wholesaling business as a side hustle
  • The stumbling hurdle in getting out of bad partnerships
  • Restarting by gaining real experience and getting the business back on track
  • Ryan’s discovery of Lauren’s coaching program for a game-changer
  • Side tips on real estate investment from Lauren
  • Ryan’s finest advice for newcomers to the real estate industry


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