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WI 806 | Scale Your Wholesaling Business


Today’s episode is part three of how to level up your business with Chris Craddock and it’s the last part of this series.

In order to be happy and content with our lives, we need a sense of progression. We were created as people who can continuously improve ourselves in all aspects – personal growth is key for success both within business settings and outside of it. He talks about the importance of leveraging people. and then finding mentors who will help you learn the ropes of business ownership while also teaching you valuable lessons on what not work ethics are needed for success in this industry.

The reason why Chris emphasizes well on this isn’t just so people can learn from his experiences; there are those out there listening who have their own goals set before them too such as business success or personal growth… but he challenges people to improve everything else around them then their level of happiness increases exponentially too.

How To Scale Your Wholesaling Business To 7-Figures – Part 3 Of 3

Episode Transcription

We’re back for part three of How to Level Up Your Business? Here is the last part and it all has to do with you. Here’s one of the phrases you’ve got to understand. Your life and business grow to the extent you grow. I’m in this mastermind group that Chris Arnold, Brent Daniels and other names that you guys know if you’re part of the Wholesaling Inc. Tribe are a part of. There was something that happened in the first year I joined it. They had us do something. It was called our life map.

We looked at our adult life and some of the major events that happened throughout our adult life. This stuck out to me at a high level because what happened was, I realized that every time I leveled up, it coincided with a new relationship. There were new relationships every single time. My life went from one level to another. If we believe that your business will grow to the extent that you do or even bigger than that, your life will grow to the extent you do.

Whatever you are, whether you’re a friend, husband, dad, grandfather, son or whatever you are, you want to be better than you are now. Part of what brings joy and contentment in life is the progression and becoming the person we’re created to be. Part of the reason you’re reading to this is not necessarily just to be better at business, but if you can be better at everything you’re doing in your life, the level of joy and contentment goes through the roof.

How do we level up through relationships? Here’s one of the things that I’ve learned over and over again. I am constantly seeking out mentors and people that will make me think differently and think bigger. You start with one of the things you always want to imitate and then innovate. When you see somebody doing something well, you look at REI Revive. You do what we talk about.

Your life and business grow to the extent you grow.

That’s what we talk about in our program. Don’t innovate it, do what we say, and then once you do it well, then you innovate. The cool thing is when you hang out with people that are next level, what happens is you understand what they’re doing. The cool thing is you begin to understand how they think about what they’re doing. Every single week, you need to be reaching out to somebody. If you like their vibe and you feel like what they have to say is something that you like, reach out to them.

I was shocked by the people that would answer my messages when I was starting out. These people made millions of dollars. Their time was so valuable and they somehow still responded to me. A lot of them got on the phone with me and had a call with me. That’s part of why I tried to be as generous as I can with my time because that’s what people did for me. Reach out to these folks.

Number two, look to get into masterminds. Look to get into other groups. You’re going to have to pay money for that. I spend a lot of money. I spend over six figures every year between coaches and masterminds to get with these folks. It costs you money to do that. Find a mastermind that you can get into that levels you up. If you’re the biggest fish in that room, you’re in the wrong room.

You’ve got to get it in with people that are going to make you think bigger and be better. If you take their advice, you get their life. You look for people where you respect their life and you fight to get into those rooms. Thirdly, I pay a lot of money for coaching. Find some great coaching where you can dig into the world of people that are doing business at a level you want to do business at.

WI 806 | Scale Your Wholesaling Business

Scale Your Wholesaling Business: If you’re the biggest fish in that room, you’re in the wrong room. You’ve need to get in with people that are going to make you think bigger and be better. Take their advice, take their life.


I don’t think that Dave Ramsey is the king of teaching you how to get wealthy. He’ll teach you how to get out of debt. He’s very good at that, but one of the things that he said that I thought was incredible was he said, “When I hung out with hundredaires, I was a hundredaire. When I started hanging out with thousandaires, I became a thousandaire. When I started hanging out with millionaires, I became a millionaire.” He’s like, “Now, I’m starting to hang out with billionaires so that I can become a billionaire.”

I didn’t net and take home over $1 million until I started hanging out with other people that were taking home over $1 million because they thought differently than I did. When I was thinking the same way, I was getting the same results because those are the way that people around me were thinking. I had to fight to get into new rooms. When I got with different coaches, groups of friends, people, different doors were opened and those doors that became open allowed me to think differently about how I live my life.

If we’re going to scale our business, we talked about sales in part three. You got to close deals to build out your org chart. Leverage, you’ve to find people that can do the things. You’re always thinking, “What is my dollar per hour?” You need to get the things that are below your dollar per hour off your plate and things above it on your plate. In the beginning, you’re trading time for dollars and as you become more successful, you start trading dollars for time.

A brief recap, if you make $100,000 and your time is worth $50 an hour, then you can scale that up. If you make $1 million dollars, it’s $500. If you make $50,000, it’s worth $25 an hour. Let’s say you’re making $100,000 a year. Anything below $50 an hour, you need to get off your plate. That’s scaling and leveraging. If you’re making $50,000 a year, anything below $25 an hour, you need to get off your plate so that you are doing things at a higher dollar per hour, and your income will go up, respectively. I promise you.

In the beginning, you’re trading time for dollars. But as you become more successful, you start trading dollars for time.

The last thing is what we talked about. If you want to grow and scale your business, you’ve got to get in the room. You’ve got to be with people. You’ve got to be learning from it, understanding it, soaking in the information from the 7, 8-figure people. Remember, just because somebody has a 7-figure or 8-figure business doesn’t mean they’re making any money. It’s not about the gross. It’s about the net. What I mean by that is it’s not about what you make. It’s about what you keep.

That’s one of the things that a lot of these gurus out there will tell you is that they made so much money, “Last month, I made this much money on this.” Who cares how much you made? It’s how much did you keep? If you spent $30,000 to make $30,000, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you spend $150,000 to make $155,000. It’s what do you keep. That’s the key. Always be looking to understand that question because people love the smoke and mirrors and I get so tired of it.

That’s part of the reason why I’m pretty transparent about some of my numbers. I hope that it doesn’t come across as douchey. That’s not my intention. My intention is to be transparent. What you see is what you get with me. That’s who I am, that’s what I want to be about, that’s where it’s at. With that said, get in the right room. If you’ve been listening to this show and there are people that you like and listened to, and you think, “This person is somebody I can get a lot of information from,” then jump in their program. It’s worth being a part of their program to create proximity.

Anybody that listens, implements what we talk about, dives in and embraces everything, those are people that I’m willing to invest more time in. Anybody who’s a coach across the board, that cares about their students and cares about helping people, when they see people are learning and their lives are being changed, they’re going to want to give you more. That’s one of the truisms there. When you’re out there looking for people to mentor you, look for people that that love to give, but the second you waste a mentor’s time, they’re out. They’re not going to want to deal with it anymore.

WI 806 | Scale Your Wholesaling Business

Scale Your Wholesaling Business: Whatever you are, you want to be better than you are today. That’s the part that brings joy and contentment in life, it’s the progression of becoming the person that you were created to be.


Here’s how you waste their time. You get in and you say, “What do you think I should do?” They say, “You need to talk to 100 people every single day.” The next week you come back to them and you say, “I talked to 50 people a day.” The mentor’s out. They’re like, “You didn’t do what I was willing to do. If you want it, you’re willing to pay the price. You obviously don’t want it. I’m going to save my time for somebody that does want it. ” That’s one of the things you’ve got to understand as you’re leveling up.

I went around and circle on a few things like how we started with sales, how we leverage with people, and then how you find mentors and how I think about finding mentors. I’m so thankful that I have those people in my life. I paid for some of them. I’ll reach out and get into relationships with others. Frankly, it’s all about both. Some of the people that I had paid to have as coaches have now become some of my best friends. It’s important to understand that. That’s where it’s at. People’s time is worth the money to get into their world.

If you are growing your business out there and want to look for vertical integrations. That means getting paid multiple times for the same activities. REI Revive is a vertical integration. What that is, is you’re already paying to have leads come in and now, whatever your source of businesses, if you’re wholesaling or fix and flipping or whatever, you can close those deals. The people that want closer to retail price are like, “Do you have vertical integration? Do you have other ways to monetize those deals?” REI Revive does that.

If you’re bringing in leads and you want to talk to me or somebody from our team, go to or It’ll take you right there as well. Click apply, and we’ll look at it and see what we can help you with vertical integration. Can we help you be able to get more money from the same thing you’re already paying for? Let me ask this question, how cool would it be if you could monetize all of your dead leads so that you are paying for all of your marketing, and you get to keep everything you made? Go out there and kill it. Live and be uncommon. See you.

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