Posted on: October 22, 2021

Ever hear the saying “the money talks”?

This is because it’s true. A person with more cash in their pocket has a higher chance of being successful than someone without any, and this holds true for real estate investing as well!

Joining  Brent Bowers in today’s episode is a special guest, John Burnett. He will be talking about the Top 3 ways of becoming a successful land investor. As a family guy, John had to think of better ways to earn money a few years back, and now he is making $14,000 a month per month in passive income.

A major thing to remember while doing this business is to not try and recreate the wheel, John will be sharing the strategies and tools he used in marketing whenever it’s tough to stand out in an area that is crowded right now with competitors. He then recommends keeping some general frameworks such as having goals or objectives set before starting any new project – something every entrepreneur should know by heart.

Key Takeaways

  • John Burnett’s Journey
  • On attaining success when going away from the Herd Mentality
  • The importance of having a strong mindset in this industry


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