Episode 80: Finding Opportunities with the Gift of Gab

Today’s rockstar Rhino, Melodee Lucido, built a successful Wholesaling business on relationships, integrity, and service. She has been Wholesaling for six years, and she’s going to share what she’s learned by diving deep into her most recent deal.


A Friendly Deal

Melodee’s most recent deal was a bit of an odd one. It didn’t come from a mailing or any other traditional marketing avenue – it came from a neighbor who she built a good relationship with over many years.

  • The neighbor was a baby boomer and a little lonely, and the two of them talked every time she went by his house.
  • One morning he said he wanted to sell the house because he wanted to be closer to his daughter. They put up ads advertising two options: rent to own or cash purchase.
  • 10 people were supposed to come to the open house, but only two did.
  • The house was put under contract within 30 minutes to a chatty lady who did show up.
  • The buyer didn’t want to deal with the bank or escrow, so she offered to pay for the house with a bag of gold coins.
  • They put the property under contract for about $100k, and Melodee ended up making $45,000.



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