Posted on: September 29, 2021
WI 786 | Scaling Your Wholesaling Business


You’ve probably asked yourself this question before: How do I become a better salesperson?

This episode is the first of a three-part series on how to scale and grow your wholesaling business to 7 figures. Chris Craddock presents valuable ways to scale without trading your time for dollars, emphasizing that the key to becoming better is to never stop learning and growing.

Chris passionately imparts the significance of modeling the actions and mindset of people who are already ahead and are accessible to us in this industry. He recommends a handful of books that can help you with your game plan. With these books, learn to become better at selling and dealing with rejections. Don’t let all that unwanted stuff happen to your business.

How to Scale Your Wholesaling Business to 7-Figures – Part 1 of 3

Episode Transcription

We are starting our series on how to scale and grow a seven-figure business. This is one of the biggest questions people get because people start working, they get caught in the grind and they never can scale. How do you scale, get out of the grind and make money where you are not trading your time for dollars? If you want to scale the business, what you are going to have to do is think like a business owner instead of a worker because I don’t care if you make $1 million a year but you are the one doing all of those deals.

You still have a high-paying job. You have traded time for dollars. Robert Kiyosaki talks in his book, the CASHFLOW Quadrant about the different quadrants there and you need to go into the place where you have a business, not just a job. A business is something that when you go on vacation, your income doesn’t go on vacation. When you get sick, your income doesn’t get sick. You have an organization that gets better when you are not there.

I’ve got a good buddy of mine. He made under $1 million in 2019. He had a goal to go away and not work on his business at all. He spent sixteen hours, less than a full work week, in all of 2019 on his business just taking calls, doing check-ins, and everything, there’s a big difference. A lot of people talk about the money that a business brings in. When you listen to the gurus online and to other people, here’s the thing when they say, “Our business made this much and brought in this much.”

Understand that most of the time those numbers are bogus because those top-line numbers mean that the money they took in, that’s not the money they kept. They had to pay their employees, their marketing costs and all the other stuff there. We are talking net, which is the money that you put in your pocket and take home. My buddy worked sixteen hours and took home under $1 million. It was his. He knows how to build a business. I spent four days with him out in Napa Valley in 2021.

If you can learn fast enough, you can become world-class at anything.

Spending time with people that think like that, where they build a business that’s so much bigger than them, it’s so powerful. We are going to talk in this next set of the series about how to build that business. The first key here is sales. If you want to build a business that grows out a business, I’m sorry. At this point, you either have money or you have time. If you’ve got tons of money that you can throw at it and hire people on day one, the beginning of this series is not for you. This is not about how to throw money at stuff and get it done. This is how to grow it from nothing to making over $1 million a year.

If you don’t have money is you have time, with your time, what you need to do is invest in yourself to be a great salesperson. As you sell, the more and better you sell, the more money you make. When you make money, you take that money and you build out your org chart. You start hiring and paying people to do other things that you are not doing. We are going to talk about that when we get into the leverage series. First, how do we get good at sales? We are going to be looking at some books that every salesperson needs to read.

The first thing that I’m going to throw out is to be good at sales. It needs to look a little bit different than what you are expecting me to say. You need to become the best learner ever. You need to learn how to learn because most salespeople and the reason why they stink and they are not good is because they go on an appointment, they don’t get the appointment and they say, “These people want too much money. They are unrealistic. These people don’t get it. Some other investor is way overpaying.” We are blaming everybody else.

If you had that same appointment to go on 100 times, I guarantee you a number of the appointments that you would go on and lose if you could do it over and over again. If you have seen that movie Groundhog Day where you have the same day over and over again until you get it right. If you had Groundhog Day on that appointment, you would eventually walk out with a signed agreement. Everybody loves to point the finger at other people and say why other people are not letting you win. At the end of the day, if you want to get good, you’ve got to point the fingers back at yourself.

There’s a book called Extreme Ownership. That’s amazing. If you have never read it, you need to read it. You need to take that extreme ownership and say, “I did not get this appointment but I’m going to own it and I’m going to say, ‘I don’t wish I’ve got it. I’m going to wish I’m better. I’m going to work to get better.’” You take ownership and you think, “What would I have had to do to do this over and over again until I’ve got it right?” Eventually, you would have gotten it right.

There’s a book that I’m going to recommend to you. It’s called The Art of Learning. It teaches you how to think differently and learn. There was a movie called Searching for Bobby Fischer. It’s about this chess phenom and in the movie was about him. The author of the book also went on later to work through Tai chi. It also has a competitive piece of it, which is called Push-Hands. He became a World-Class Champion at that. He became a World Champion at chess and in a martial arts discipline as well. His whole thing is, if you can learn fast enough, you can become world-class at anything.

WI 786 | Scaling Your Wholesaling BusinessThat’s what we’ve got to do is learn to learn if you want to be a great salesperson. Otherwise, you are going to keep talking to sellers and you will get some and others you won’t get. It’s going to be terrible. Here’s another book on learning. It’s called The Road Less Stupid. A lot of you have heard of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Keith Cunningham, who wrote The Road Less Stupid is Robert Kiyosaki’s rich dad. He’s the one that he wrote the book about for Rich Dad Poor Dad. Read the book, The Road Less Stupid.

Let’s jump into some of the sales books that we need to get into. The first one I’m going to share with you is this, go to Audible and get The Ultimate Zig Ziglar Library. There are 24 hours of Zig Ziglar teaching in there. What I love about Zig is he is all about how do you serve other people. There are some salespeople out there that are like, “How can I take and get what’s mine?” That’s not how Zig does it. Zig says, “How can I solve people’s problems, help other people, and know that the people that help the most people are the ones that make the most money.”

That to me is who I want to be. In this world, you get to choose your profits and the people you listen to, the people that speak into your life. That’s the culture I want to be all about where I say, “If I can solve people’s problems and make millions of dollars doing it, that is who I want to be.” Zig Ziglar’s whole idea is, “You can have everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want in life.” He goes through that whole idea, all of his teachings it’s how do you learn to listen to what people want and then help them get what they want. If your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

What I love about Zig is he’s not all about one-way through. He’s about listening to what people want, solving their problems, and then helping them build urgency to start moving quickly and get it done with you. Zig Ziglar Ultimate Library is the book there. Next book. He’s a little bit different. The total opposite of Zig Ziglar. I do think that this is the best book he has out there. Grant Cardone has a book called The Closer’s Survival Guide. It’s about closing. I’m going to do a show on one of the best ways to close.

What he does in The Closer’s Survival Guide is go through all of the different closing techniques so that you can move the conversation forward so that he can walk out with the signed agreement. It’s called The Closer’s Survival Guide by Grant Cardone. The idea is, “How do you close?” I will give you one. Zig Ziglar talks about this as well. It’s called the puppy dog close. The whole idea behind the puppy dog close was a lot of these dog salespeople, who would have thought there were dog salespeople. Years ago, these dog salespeople had all these dogs and were having a hard time selling them.

This one guy came up with the idea and they called it the Puppy Dog Close because of it where they would let a family take home the puppy for the night and say, “You can return it. No strings attached. You’ve got 24 hours to return the puppy as dirty.” Give a bunch of kids a puppy and then say you can return it. “It’s dirty.” That was the whole idea, no strings attached but once they moved forward, they were good to go with it. That was a puppy dog close right there. You get it done. If they are not going to sign, you give them 24 hours to walk away to rethink any of those other pieces there. That’s that.

You’ve got to watch out because one of the other pieces is buyer’s remorse, which is right after they do it. Think about anybody right before people get married, even if they are getting married to somebody great. They start thinking, “Did I make a bad decision?” The puppy dog close is so powerful. The next book the Way of the Wolf. It’s so powerful. It’s Jordan Belfort. I don’t know whether he’s great at life but I do know that he is amazing at sales. His whole idea is, “How do you find out what people want and you give it to them?”

Never get that same “no” a second time. If it happens once, it happens once, but learn from it.

The next two books are my favorite two sales books that I have read in a long time, Oren Klaff, Pitch Anything. The whole idea is, “How do you give people certainty?” As an investor talking to a seller, they are willing to take a discount because they want certainty. If you can give them certainty, they are willing to work with you and take less money than they would on the open market. The second book is called Flip the Script. The whole idea is how do you flip the script? How do you no longer have people feel like you are chasing them?

Think about it, why do people sit and play hard to get when they are dating because when you get to in their face, they are going to withdraw. How do you flip that script and bring it back the other way? There’s something that he calls the flash role. The flash role is this, in that first 30 seconds with 250 words or less, can you say some things that make the seller feel like you are an expert and that they are in good hands? If they want certainty, how do you make them feel like they are an expert and in great hands?

This is not a political statement, so please don’t get all political and start getting weird with me. Trump’s book, The Art of the Deal was amazing. It’s good. It has nothing to do with politics and people don’t get upset about it but his book, The Art of the Deal was a great book on sales, understanding people and how they work. Those are a handful of books that I would say, if you are looking to grow as a salesperson, you’ve got to understand that you have to grow yourself. You’ve got to get better at selling.

You’ve got to learn so that anytime you get a no, you can figure out why so that no doesn’t ever happen again. I call it with my kids. I call it paying a stupid tax when you do the same thing more than once. That’s that whole idea. You need to figure that out. Never get that same no a second time. If it happens once, it happens once but then you learn from it. You pay attuition for it but don’t pay that attuition a couple of times. Here’s what I want everybody to do. Start taking notes on every single meeting and appointment you have. If you don’t get the deal, understand why you didn’t get the deal, get better and never let that happen again. Start learning and growing. Your business is going to grow to the extent that you grow.

WI 786 | Scaling Your Wholesaling Business

Scaling Your Wholesaling Business: You may not have the money, but if you have time, you need to invest in yourself to be a great salesperson because as you sell more and better, you will make more money.

As you do that, you are going to make more money from your sales. With those individual sales, you are going to set aside some of that money because now your business has earned the right to build up the org chart. You make a little bit of money. Don’t go out and buy your brand new car and start spending money everywhere. Take that money and we are going to talk about what to do with that in one of the next episodes here so that you can make sure that we are growing our business. We are working to build out that org chart. The business earns the right to build out the org chart.

Go out there, get better, learn and become a better salesperson so that we can get to that next step in growing that seven-figure net take-home business. Until next time. Go kick butt. Take names. If there is anything I can do for you, if your business is bringing in leads that you are not able to close because maybe they want $0.65, $0.75 on the dollar and these people want closer to retail, I’m telling you there are ways to monetize that. Tens of thousands of dollars every single month get left on the table by almost every investor I know if you don’t learn to monetize that.

If you want to build out your org chart, bring in more money to the business and you can start hiring people faster to do the things you shouldn’t be doing. Those are the things. If you want to do that, go to, either myself or somebody from our team will give you a call, dig into your business and see what money you might be leaving on the table so that we can help build out that business gets you to $1 million a lot faster. Go out there, kill it, learn, grow and win. See you, guys.

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