Episode 776: A Land Investing Newbie’s Journey to $20k Per Month in Passive Income

WI 776 | Land Investing


When it comes to real estate, there are numerous ways to invest. Investing in land is a popular way to go, and wholesaling land can be as profitable as flipping a house. Andre Baughan, our guest today, is a cybersecurity salesman from Arizona who wholesales land on the side. He has closed 3 deals in just 3 months of land investing, and the best part is that he only works about 4 hours per week.

In this episode, Andre will tell us about a house and land deal he closed within 45 days that netted him $17,500 in profit. He will also discuss how he got into land investing and the low-cost marketing channel he uses to generate leads.

WIP 776: A Land Investing Newbie’s Journey To $20k Per Month In Passive Income With Andre Baughan

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