Posted on: September 10, 2021
WI 773 | Successful Wholesaler


There is a difference between being interested and being committed. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to doing something, you don’t accept excuses, only results.

Mariah Brimer, today’s guest, is the epitome of commitment. She knew nothing about real estate, but she learned about the business and eventually quit her job. In just four months, she has closed a deal worth $20,000 in profit and has another one in the works.

In this episode, Mariah will talk about a brawl that she had in one of her deals and how she fixed it. She will also discuss the significance of staying true to your roots and assisting property owners with their issues.

How a Newbie Real Estate Investor went from Medical Worker to Successful Wholesaler in 90 Days With Mariah Brimer

Episode Transcription

We are sitting down with one of our students, Mariah Brimer. She jumped in and started going crazy on this thing. She’s been committed and I’ve seen her on the coaching calls every single week since then and inevitably massive results. It’s crazy what she’s been able to do in such a short period of time. I’m glad to have you, Mariah.

Thank you. The pleasure’s all mine. This is great.

It’s been fun to see the journey and how you’ve come across from a background where you didn’t know much about real estate. I remember the initial conversations and now results.

I had no clue, real estate or anything and a lot of interest in it. It was something that had always piqued my interest. HGTV gets everybody hooked. I had always been interested in it. My husband and I had flipped our house but I never took the plunge or a leap until I read this blog and totally took the plunge and went into real estate investing so here we are now.

You were in healthcare and came across a blog. What made you choose a wholesaling? That’s question number one. The next thing that I want to ask you is how did you wrap your head around the idea of taking the plunge?

Crazy enough, I had come across a mini-series on social media and jumped into it. It was one of the free courses and I figured, “What is it? Does it my time?” I jumped into it. It was real estate, networking and the basics that another company was running. I liked it. It was a week of my time. I jumped on these calls every day and listened. Every day was something different. They talked about flipping, buy and hold and wholesaling. That’s what stuck out to me the most.

I decided that they weren’t necessarily for me. It was a great beginner and a good review of everything. I took a plunge, did some research and came across Wholesaling Inc. This was the one that stuck out to me. There are so many shows and people that were talking about what I truly want to do and helping people. There are many distressed sellers that’s who I want to target and help. I want to be a solution for them. I didn’t realize prior to reading this blog and knowing all these stories that there were many people out there looking for somebody to help them where traditional selling isn’t the answer for them. I read it and it hit home with me. Now I jumped in and here we are.

I don’t think I’ve ever told you this but it happened the same in a similar way for me. I went to a weekend seminar, Rich Dad Poor Dad, in Tucson. They were doing an overview. That’s the first time I ever thought about real estate. I was like, “I’m going to go in, do the immersive thing, go there for a weekend and see what’s up.” They talked about wholesaling for a whole 20 to 25 minutes. It was like the side conversation and wasn’t highlighted or anything but it’s one thing that caught my attention. After that, I started doing all kinds of research. Fast forward almost a decade and here we are.

You learn, grow, and ask the questions.

It’s a great foot in the door to real estate. That’s what drew me to it was I have no real estate background whatsoever. It was the same thing. It was this brief hour breakdown of what it was. Unfortunately, the reason I didn’t necessarily go with that company is they almost had a stigma to wholesaling. A lot of people might have that stigma. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s there. Maybe it’s because they don’t fully understand what we do and how much we can help both the seller and the buyer. That’s why I started researching and trying to figure out other avenues. I came across this and it’s like, “This is clear. This is what drew me into it.”

I think you’re making a very important point there. I don’t want to say most but a lot of people hear wholesale and then they hear all the bad connotations and rep that it’s got. It used to be easy to come in and take advantage. A lot of people, unfortunately, were doing that. If you use it, it’s one of those tools. If you use it the right way, you can create a good space for both the buyer, the seller and you. It’s a win-win all around.

I think that’s the key. You need to go into every single situation. I’m sure everyone reading this has heard this before but how are you helping them? Truly, it’s about is what the situation is so lay it all out for me. How can I connect you with buyers that can help the situation? How can I help you move? How can I help you get an auction company in or even resources?

Maybe it’s not even connecting them but we’re still the person to help provide a solution. I was talking to a realtor. In the course, it’s laid out. If you’re eighteen, you get them in. I had touched base with her in the beginning. She didn’t know anything about wholesaling or what I was doing. She was like, “I don’t know if you’ll be able to do it in our area. It might not work that great. The market’s hot.”

Surprisingly, a lot of agents have no idea. You will automatically give them that validation because they’re real estate professionals in the regular transactional sales, not the real estate investment side. That’s one thing also to consider when you’re talking to different agents.

It was a great conversation. I don’t want me to sound dumb. It’s like not at all. You have to ask these questions. You learn, grow and ask the questions. It was an awesome conversation. I think we’re going to be doing some great business in the future. It’s trying to educate a little bit.

It happens fast. Everything moves fast. In the grand scheme of things, they think this is an industry where we have the ability to move at our own pace. If you’re moving and taking action quickly, your results are going to come faster. Not too long ago, in the coaching calls, I was talking about the difference between being committed and interested. Have you committed to your future and the type of life that you want to create? Are you interested?

Commitment will take you to take those actions, move fast and have those results coming in, which I want to talk about. A few months ago, practically, you were fairly green in the real estate realm. Now, you’ve closed one deal. You have another one in the pipeline, which seems to be a solid one as well. Let’s break those down. Let’s talk about what happened?

WI 773 | Successful Wholesaler

Successful Wholesaler: There are so many people out there looking for somebody to help them where traditional selling isn’t the answer for them.


In the first deal, I started talking with the seller. This was an FSBO, For Sale By Owner. He was in the process of moving across the country and had a couple of different properties. This is a cold call. I got a hold of him, went down and checked out the property. I’m a huge fan of learning from everyone I work with and networking. I was trying to JV with somebody. She’s super knowledgeable. She knows her game but this wasn’t for her. After we walked through the property, I think every seller might have that. They post the best pictures. They make it look as pretty.

We got there and it was not at all what we were expecting. She didn’t want to move forward with it. After a couple of days, I kept thinking about it. I contacted the seller again and had a conversation like, “How can I help you?” I needed to go back to my roots, my base and I didn’t want to brush him off. He has a problem. How can I help him?

I made an offer, I made it for $38,000 and I think she thought I was crazy for making that. It turned out that he had multiple properties that he wanted to FSBO. It worked out well. He wanted it for $50,000. I got it for $38,000 and He said, “I’ll give you this for this price if you take my other property,” which was totally turnkey. It had tenants in it. It was great. He gave me a low price. I think he said $80,000 and I countered $72,000. You always counter. You never know until you ask. He accepted it. The market value as it sits is $105,000 so instant equity.

I think I look back on that and it would have never happened if I would’ve sat on the sidelines. I’m learning very quickly to take advice, suggestions, everything and stay true to my roots. If you have that feeling that you want to help this person, you have to make it work. You figure it out every day. You hustle hard. That’s what it was with this deal. The turnkey is the one that I closed. It was just shy of $20,000. It worked out well. The other property was super interesting. She was right. It was hard. It was a hustle to get buyers for that one because it was a total rental. The upstairs was gutted. It’s a lot of work. It’s a big house.

That’s why they’re selling. They have a problem and we’re coming in with a solution.

That’s what it was. I had probably more than what I should have for contractors walking through, giving me advice, ideas and quotes so I could give my buyers a good breakdown because I wanted them to know exactly what they were getting into. I got a buyer. I got two of them that we’re going to partner on it. Unfortunately, two days before closing, she ghosted us. She signed everything and then it was a no-show after that. It was another roller coaster. You get your hands dirty and figure it out. We have flipped, so we came in and were the buyers on that one.

You closed that $20,000 deal and that was done it over. The second property was the one that you were going to take down and then come in and flip. The second property, was that original property? The one you originally went after because he was doing an FSBO on it.

Yeah. It’s pulling more information out of the seller and trying to get to the root of his problem and that was it. He took this property on his first-time flip and realized he’s not a flipper. He had the upstairs. Unfortunately, he probably didn’t hire the best contractors. They ran off halfway through the project on him. It was a whole thing. Being able to have some of the background and experience with flipping, I knew going into it at the end of the day, if I couldn’t find a buyer, I’m going to flip it regardless to get it off his hands. It was interesting to have another JV. I partnered with somebody else and he was the one that found our buyer on that one.

If you have that feeling that you want to help this person, you have to make it work.

There’s a lot of things that went on in this deal. The first deal is crazy. Most people will shy away from it but you are stuck to it. I remember having conversations where you felt like you didn’t have the resources. The thing about this stuff is that experience comes with the action. You did a very smart thing. You reached out to somebody who had more experience with it. Things didn’t pan out but you came back to it. You didn’t sit there and take. You were looking at something from a different angle, different perspective and that’s huge.

Coming in and understanding that somebody has a problem or an issue, they can’t sell it. Something’s going to happen there and got to give. You can be the person providing that solution or somebody else. It’s better if it’s you because you can create a win-win like this. Now you close $20,000. It’s in your pocket. It’s all yours in a few months, where you’re starting to learn and build the business as you go. You have this other property on the pipeline to come in and then flip it.

I was flipping that one, partnering with another tribe member on that one, which is awesome. It’s all about networking. You constantly reach out, especially in this business. I think education, support and networking are everything. You put yourself out there, you learn from every single person you encounter and you take it and try to apply it to yourself and grow. That’s my motto for all of this because if I didn’t have the tribe, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Your network is your net worth. It’s cool when you’re in a space where people understand what you’re going through and not to highlight even more the benefits of joining a coaching program and then being part of the tribe where the learning curve is a lot shorter. There’s a lot of stuff that goes along with it, the connections and network. You can reach out to somebody in California, for example, if you have a deal over there. You’re not going to be all by yourself. It’s vetted. It’s creating those relationships early on. That’s why I pushed so hard for the A-team as we were building up the processes. It’s one of the strategies that we have.

As soon as you get going with your setup in week one, we start talking about the A-team, the power team. What is that? Why am I not having conversations with sellers yet? You don’t need them yet. You need infrastructure. You need a foundation of people you can reach out to who have resources and then they can come in and help you like this. It’s definitely one of those things where you have a rollercoaster emotional ride. I think you handled it marvelously.

Thank you. It was definitely a roller coaster, especially in the first one. There were so many pivots throughout the thing. You get creative and figure it out. What a learning experience? I’m thankful. This was my first one because they’ve got to go a little smoother than this.

Every deal is different. That’s what’s crazy. Some of them go without a glitch. You have some other ones that are like, “I’m going to make how much on this thing or this headache.” It’s the nature of the beast.

Going back to the resources, I’m from a very small town. We’re talking less than 40,000 people but the thing is, there are distressed sellers everywhere and sellers that need a solution. That problem could not be traditional selling in their case. That’s where I think I struggled. Going back and trying to educate people about what I was doing but at the same time, I didn’t know what I was doing. It was a learning curve.

WI 773 | Successful Wholesaler

Successful Wholesaler: If you’re getting started in wholesaling or real estate, in general, the biggest thing is whether you‘re just interested or truly committed?


It was going to this mentorship and learning as much as I could and turning around and educating. I had a heck of a time finding an attorney, connecting with local agents because they don’t fully understand how to help each other in this business, help our sellers and buyers. Every step of the way, it’s been learning here but it’s been awesome.

For example, one of the constant readers, who’ve been falling the tribe for a long time, wholesaling almost sounds like car sales. It’s the same amount of people that know about car sales as the number of people that know about wholesaling. It’s not true. It’s not a lot of people know about the strategy. It’s even more surprising to find out that professionals, you’re talking real estate agents or attorneys are like, “What are you trying to do? What is this thing? I’m a real estate attorney but I haven’t heard of this before.” Oftentimes, depending on how big your home is, meaning in the reach and the network sometimes you have to come in and at least plant the seed. They go on and do some research on themselves.

You hit it right there in the head. It’s educating. There’s no fault, no harm but it’s learning about it. If you’re truly in this to help somebody create a creative solution to their problem, it’s always going to work out. It may not be easy. It’s a rollercoaster. At the end of the day, the relief that the seller has is incredible. That’s so rewarding for me going into this. It’s motivated me to keep going and have more and more conversations with sellers.

Do you know that you got to do enough for long enough? Doing enough but you have to do it for long enough as well. You have to stick to it. That’s the tenacity and the consistency that come in. It’s always something that we push in the conversation. I’m proud of your work and progress. It’s been cool to see the whole development of the few months and everything that you’ve gone through. You’re crushing it. You have stuff in the pipeline. It starts moving fast after that.

Hold on tight because it’s going pretty quick here. I reached out to another wholesaler to JV that original deal. He and I have teamed up. We have a couple of landlords that have multiple properties that they’re looking to get rid of. I can’t stress it enough. It’s your network. You got that strong team around you.

You have a new set of goggles. You’re seeing an opportunity where you didn’t see a few months ago. You had it was a one-track thing. It’s not. There are opportunities left and right. Especially when you partner up who’s got experience in something else and start mixing your experience with their experience, your tenacity with their need and an opportunity pops up. Way to go and take advantage of it. Let’s keep doing this. You’re on a fast track. I love it, Mariah. If you were going to tell somebody who’s jumping in, it doesn’t have to be about the tribe, three things in general. What would you tell somebody who’s getting started in wholesale?

If you’re truly in this to help somebody create a creative solution to their problem, it’s always going to work out.

I think if you’re getting started in wholesaling or real estate, in general, the biggest thing is you touched on it before, are you interested or is this a commitment? That was a moment for me to realize, like, “I need to be in this. I need to be all in. I quit my day job. I was all in.” I think my husband thought I was nuts but here we are. We’re making it. That’s such a profound moment. You’re transitioning from 9:00 to 5:00 to being an entrepreneur, getting out and creating your business, getting creative and working for yourself. I think that’s huge.

I think the other thing is to keep going no matter what. You’re going to have so many moments. For me, especially, I worked the 9:00 to 5:00 so I was used to having this layout of this position that I needed to do my job. I knew what I needed to do with this. You’re probably not going to know. We have our blueprint and you stick to the foundation but you have to get so creative in every single situation. You’re going to have ups and downs and curves and turns and everything but keep going and find those people around you.

Learn from everyone in this business because there are so many good people in this business that want to help new investors. They want to help so reach out. You never know until you ask. I think the third thing is to keep learning, learn from every single thing whether it’s reading, podcasts or research. Constantly keep educating yourself because knowledge is power. Keep going and grinding. I swear you’re going to get there. We’re all on the journey together.

We always laugh about it. When you get hit with that first check, things change. You get rewired. Everything becomes real. It’s almost a surreal moment. You could come back and do it again. Follow the process and do it all over again. Mariah, thank you so much. You’ve been amazing. It’s been fun to have you.

Thank you. The pleasure has been mine.

Tribe, if you’re interested in finding out more about the wholesaling business blueprint or you have any questions go to the and schedule a call with one of our reps, have a conversation. If it works out and feels good and you think this is something that you want to explore, look into. If it works out for you and us, I look forward to working with you. Until then, stay focused. You got this.

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