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Posted on: August 27, 2021
WI 763 | Morning Routine


Elon Musk, Oprah, Bill and Melinda Gates—do you know what these highly successful people have in common? They all know their priorities and have developed a morning routine that works for them. So if you haven’t established a morning routine yet, you’re leaving a lot of potential out in the field. And if you’re planning on getting into the habit, this episode is for you.

In today’s show, Chris Craddock will walk us through his own morning routine. He will explain how every step gives him a head start over his competitors and helps him achieve success through his business.

A Winning Morning Routine to Achieve Explosive Success in Your Life and Business

I get asked this question because I had a business that grew really fast. Within five years, I was able to take home over seven figures. I get asked the question all the time, “Chris, how did you grow so fast if you could give us a couple of keys?” I always talk about two things. One, relationships. Who you spend time with and who you run with will dictate your future. One of my favorite sayings is, “Show me your friends. I’ll show you your future.” You can also say, “Show me your friends. I’ll show you your bank account.”

Number two, this is literally one of the biggest shifts in my life. I’m naturally a night person. When I was in college, I went to bed about the time that I wake up now. I liked the nighttime. Here’s the other thing. I’m a good salesperson as well so I can sell myself on my own junk. I would always say, “I’m more creative at night. I get more work done. I sit at my computer in my underwear. It’s pretty much one of the easiest ways to relax, free-flow and think the way you need to think. I’m groggy in the mornings.”

I’ve got all of these different things but here’s the deal. I believe this wholeheartedly, “Success leaves clues.” When I look around, one of the other things that I do and this is part of what I’m going to talk about is that I listen to so many biographies of successful people that I respect. Almost every time somebody is going to tell me at some point about some successful person that I respect or that everybody respects who wakes up around 10:00 AM, rolls out of bed and wakes up when they feel like it. Everybody that you and I listen to got a massively incredible morning routine.

Here’s what happened to me. I realized that if success leaves clues and the people that I respect tend to wake up early and get stuff done, I’m going to look at that and ask those questions. There has been a study after study that says we’re more productive and more willing to delay gratification and do harder things in the morning than we are in the afternoon. There was a study that showed they left out a plate of vegetables and a plate of cookies in this waiting room. In the morning, most people ate on a plate of vegetables. In the evening, most people ate on a plate of cookies. In the end, it’s like a muscle. The willpower gets tired.

If we’re talking about doing the things that we know work, these delayed gratification things, we’re working hard and putting in the work. Think about going to the gym. Why do you go to the gym? Some people love the gym but most of the time, people go to the gym for the results. When we’re talking about the things, that’s like the equivalent of going to the gym so you get the results that you want success in your business. If you set that up in the morning, things work.

Who you run with will dictate your future.

I want to share with you the transformation that happened in my life, my morning routine and give you a roadmap to what happened to what I do. I would recommend following something like this. I work to feed all of the areas in my life that I care about. I wake up in the morning and the first thing that I do is write down my why. Simon Sinek has a book, Start With Why. It’s the goal that I have in my life. I pray for the people that I care about because I’m a Christian guy. I write down the goals that I have for myself and those that I care about.

It’s the first thing I do because that why is inspiring everything else. It gives me the energy to go and do the other things because sometimes it’s hard to do those things. It’s hard to put in the work and time but that why gives me the energy. It fuels the energy for the rest of the stuff. The first couple of times, I would wake up early, it was so hard but now, I’m at a point where that’s what I do. Even if I don’t have an alarm, my eyes go open and I’m up because that’s the way my body has been set now. I’ve trained my body to function this way.

The second thing I do is I read my Bible. I’m a Christian guy so I fed my goals, “Here’s my energy.” The second thing is I feed myself spiritually. Whatever that is for you, feel free to do whatever that is but you should feed the spiritual side of your being whether it’s prayer, meditation or whatever it is that you’re looking at, seek that out and feed yourself spiritually.

The next thing that I do is I’ve got a gym in my basement. I go down to the gym in my basement and work out every single morning, five days a week. During that time, I’m feeding myself physically. I’m getting my body. My body is where I live. If you don’t take care of your body, you’re not going to have energy. You’re going to be lethargic. You’re not going to run on all cylinders. Take care of your body.

While I’m doing that, Jim Collins, in his book Good to Great, talks about the Genius of the AND. Not multitasking but Genius of the AND where can you do something and something else. It’s like, “I played racquetball this morning and I played racquetball with some of my friends.” Relationally, I fill that bucket and I also fill out the physical working out bucket.


WI 763 | Morning Routine

Morning Routine: Studies say that we’re more productive and more willing to delay gratification and do harder things in the morning than we are in the afternoon.


The genius of the AND, what I do is I listen to a podcast, Audible book or some training while I’m working out. I’m feeding my mind. Also, it feeds that why as well. Think about most athletes. They get ready to get on the field. It’s stuff that gets you ready for that game. I go upstairs. I have breakfast. Oftentimes, if my kids are around, I’ll call them together. We’ll read a book. We went through John Wooden’s Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success. Every day, we were talking about one of those things. I’m building into my family.

The next thing is I go up and shower. While I’m showering, I’ve got a JBL Bluetooth speaker. I get in the shower, turn on that speaker and pump it with Audible books or something so that I am growing, thinking about it and giving myself the vision to live into. I come out and own a handful of different businesses. Each morning, I have a conversation with one of my different business leaders and then we start our morning huddle.

My job has morphed a little bit until you’re in a place where you’re not meeting with buyers and sellers on the phone. What I did to start my business was every time I would do my morning huddle with my team and if you don’t have that morning huddle with your team, find some other people that you respect, get into the Wholesaling Inc. Facebook Group, get into one of these Facebook groups and ask people, “Who would role-play with me?” Roleplay is huge.

Here’s what role play is. You say, “We’re going to jump right into this. I’m going to pretend to be the buyer and you’re going to be the seller. I want you to give me an objection you’ve heard with the seller. Don’t be easy on me but don’t be stupid and hard on me. Be a normal seller.” You switch and you go back and forth. You get people’s feedback because sales have a language. This is part of the morning routine.

It’s like my four-year-old. She uses the wrong word sometimes but to her, those words make sense. The outsider hears it. First, they say it’s cute but then if she was seventeen using the words like that, it wouldn’t be cute anymore. The same thing happens with our sales language. We talk to sellers. When we talk to sellers, it may sound great to us like a four-year-old but somebody else on the outside listens and says, “There’s something off of that.” You do your role-play practice. We’ll talk about role play more on a future show.

Smile, dial, and make it happen.

Here’s the deal. You go into that and then you make your calls. Here’s what you want to do whether it’s Mojo or one of the call systems where it goes to the next call. If you think about the next call, you’re going to ramp up and ramp down. You need to have this as part of your morning routine and the morning goes until about noon. That’s your morning. You’re making these calls. Smile and dial, making it happen and going.

Here’s the thing. There are these HIIT workouts where you ramp up fast and then you ramp down. These high-intensity workouts or they call them fartlek. There are runs where you’ll do these sprints and then slow. It takes so much more energy to ramp up and then ramp down. Here’s what we need to do. When we’re making our calls, we need to ramp up for that period so that it doesn’t drain us of our energy.

Brendon Burchard, in his book, High Performance Habits, says that high-performers create energy. If you’ve ramped up by making a call and then stop making a call or maybe do your “research” and then take ten minutes to make your next call, you’re losing energy. You’re not creating energy. You’re draining energy from you. You need to have that set time, go through it, blast through it and make your calls. That is the morning routine in a nutshell.

I want to give one last example of why the morning routine is great. There’s a girl on my team. She is an all-American in field hockey. She heard me talk about this a bunch. When I was teaching a big group of people, she came up to me afterward and she was like, “Chris, it finally clicked. I know you talked about morning routine as one of the key pieces to success all the time but it clicked. If I would have treated field hockey like I treat business, I would have never been an all-American.”

She was like, “In field hockey, I would hydrate the night before, get there early and stretch out. I would listen to something to get my head right. When I was on it, I jogged and stretched and had a sweat going. Once the whistle blew, I was 100% all-in. With business, I wake up. When I feel like waking up, I roll out of bed, make my calls and do my thing. I’m playing defense the whole time. I don’t have a game plan. I adjusted everything.”

WI 763 | Morning Routine

Morning Routine: High-performers create energy.


She 13X’d her income from her 1st year to where she is in her 5th year. It’s crazy. Honestly, it was because she created this morning routine that was a habit. This is how you do it. With that said, I’ll run through this as we finish up one last time. You wake up. I know it’s hard at first but you set your alarm. You set it early. Every day, it’s the same time. It’s called a circadian rhythm. It’s the rhythm of your body and now it gets easy after a while. Your body naturally wakes up at that time. Everything is hard before it’s easy, always.

For me, I always want to feed my why. Write your goals. While you’re writing your goals, think about the people that you care about in your life like what would you love to see accomplished in your life? Feed that energy. Feed yourself spiritually. For me, I read the Bible every day. Feed yourself physically. While you’re feeding yourself physically, cut up the music and only listen to podcasts, audiobooks or courses. Feed that desire and the information that you need to level up. Your life will grow to the extent you grow. Grow your life and level it up. That’s the food that you need to grow.

Do your morning routine. As far as your role play and huddles, interact with other people that you’re doing these things that will make you better there. Make your calls, talk to people and get that done. Hopefully, this is helpful if there’s anything that we can do for you and your business. REI Revive is my product. I would love to walk through that and see if you’re bringing in any leads.

If you’re taking that time in the morning and bringing in leads, you get twenty people that raise their hand and say, “I want to sell my house.” You’re going to get one under contract. There are other nineteen that won’t close the retail. You got to figure out how to monetize those. If I or my team can help you do that, book a call. We’ll get on the phone with you, dive into your business and see if we can help you get that done. Until then, go out, kick butt and take names. I’ll talk to you soon.


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