Episode 715: Cold Call Breakdown – Don’t EVER Make this Mistake when Cold Calling!

Want to learn how to effectively convince a homeowner to sell his real estate property? Then this is the episode for you!

Listen in as Edward cold calls a potential client. He starts off remarkably, but during the second half of the conversation, mishaps start to take place. The result? A prospective deal goes down the drain.

Brent Daniels, Wholesale Real Estate coach at TTP, breaks down the mistakes Edward made and offers constructive criticism on how he could have approached the situation better. Starting from the tone of voice to affirmations and mark-up responses, Brent covers everything you need to know to seal the deal.

Key Takeaways

  • Be on a first-name basis with the homeowner
  • How to handle dead air and reply promptly during conversation
  • Enhance your negotiation skills to secure more deals
  • The worst possible way to end a call
  • Enthusiasm and confidence are keys to a profitable business


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