Episode 696: The Marketing Channel One Newbie Wholesaler Used to Generate $81k in Profits in Just 2 Months

WI 696 | Marketing Channel


Apparently, tens of thousands of dollars in profits in just two months is not too much to ask for, even if you’re a newbie to wholesaling. Chris Arnold’s guest today did just that by using the right marketing channel that suits his needs. Dan Deleo is part of the REI Radio program and has generated $81,000 in profit in just two months of running live ad spots on radio! He discusses how he left his 9-5 job in the corporate world to pursue a fulltime career in real estate investing, how he went through that process while being a husband and a father, and the marketing channel that has produced the best results in his real estate wholesaling business. In this episode, Dan breaks down his journey from the corporate world to real estate and his advice for finding more deals and generating bigger profits.

The Marketing Channel One Newbie Wholesaler Used To Generate $81k In Profits In Just 2 Months

We’re back with another jam-packed episode where we share the tips, tricks, and strategies you can immediately implement to start making money in real estate…RIGHT NOW!

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