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WI 645 | Text Blasting


Imagine how many deals you can get just by sending a million text messages to distressed property owners. In the real estate investing business, one of the most effective ways to market is text blasting. In this episode, Brent Daniels, with Erick Martinez and Chris Martinez, will explain the power of text blasting and how you can use it to explode your business. Join in the conversation to discover five core principles to succeed in getting deals fast! You wouldn’t want to miss this episode. Enjoy!


Using the Power of Text Blasting to Explode Your Business

Episode Transcription

You can get some phenomenal deals from text blasting. I’m here with Erick and Chris. These guys work in my office and our company, which is excellent because they’ve sent almost a million text messages to distressed property owners. You might be wondering, “Why send text messages, Brent? You make all the calls. You’re the TTP guy.” We only get ahold of 8% to 10% of people on the phone. Most of the people don’t answer their phones. You got to get ahold of them some way. Remember, we’re trying to have quality conversations with distressed property owners. If one door is shut, go in through the window and that window is text messaging.

The technology that we use for text blasting is called Lead Sherpa. Lead Sherpa is available in some areas but it’s sold out in most areas. If you do get into it, use the coupon code TTP for a discount. There are different products out there if you can’t get in that you can use to do text blasting. There are some features in this that are very specific to this product. We’re going to try to avoid all of that when we’re explaining what we’re doing here. We’re going to go with what philosophy you need because these guys have come up with the list of the top five things that you need to know so that you can be successful. Before we break down an actual lead here, let’s go over the top five things. What would number one be?

A quick reply is a good one to have.

You send out a text, somebody texts you back and you want to reply quickly.

Yeah, because everyone pretty much responds with the same thing like cold calling. You got the same six responses. It’s either, “Yes. Sure. Not now. Leave me alone.”

The beautiful thing is it’s the same thing. I don’t care if you’re knocking on a door, cold calling or text blasting, you’re getting the same responses. When you ask somebody if they would consider an offer on their property, it’s, “Yes. No. How much will you give me? Maybe in the future. Who are you? How did you get my number?” The other thing with text messages is another form of a no, which is, “Do not call me, DNC. Go to hell. You guys are terrible. Leave me alone.” That’s a version of no. Remember, you’ve got those responses. You can still use the same script. Typically, you can build off of the same script that we use for cold calling but you guys have been masters. You send out a lot of texts every single day. What do you see? You said that the number one thing is you want to get a fast reply. Why give a fast reply, Chris?

Anything over ten minutes and you lose the prospect. If you’re doing it quickly, then you’re going to get better results.

You text, “Would you consider an offer?” They say, “Yes. Maybe. How much will you give me?” If you’re not back in ten minutes, they forgot your text. They’re on with life. They’re like, “This is a scam. Nobody’s there. This is a robot. What am I doing? This is weird.” What’s your capacity? How much do you think that you can text at a time, get responses and respond quickly, so it’s not overwhelming?

That depends on the response rate. If we’re doing Arizona, we can do a lot because you’re not getting a ton of responses but with other places, you get twenty plus response rate and then it’s hard to keep up with that.

Is that list dependent too as area dependent? I know it when we text land.

That’s true. Land is crazy. It doesn’t matter where you text so far in our experience.

It depends on your list and your area. You’re going to have to test that out but how many would you say you to test it out with, 10, 50, 100 and see what the responses are?

If one door is shut, go in through the window.

I start off with 100.

You’ll immediately start seeing it in the inbox. You refresh it and you’ll see how much are in your inbox.

You’ll know something is wrong if percentages are off.

What does that mean?

Typically, you want to be above maybe around 70% delivered. Anything lower than that, then there’s something that’s getting blocked to the carrier. You want to probably switch up that message.

It’s probably the actual message that you’re sending initially. If you send the same message over and over, all of a sudden the carriers are going to see that as spam and they’re going to block you. What is number two?

Number two is to switch up your opener or your initial message.

How many openers should you have?

I got eleven.

I have around ten.

You switch it up in different ones so that they get open. You want 70% to 80%. These guys are so nervous to be on here. They’re doing great though. This is good. What’s number three?

Every 100 messages, switch the message. I got that from Jason. He said, “Notice the same opener.” Every 100 messages, we switch. I have 1 through 11, so 100, message 1, 200, message 2, 300, message 3 and so on. I switched every 100.

WI 645 | Text Blasting

Text Blasting: Anything over 10 minutes, and you lose the prospect. Reply quickly to get better results.


What’s the number four thing?

Take advantage of reminders.

What does that mean?

This is not something I used to do in the beginning. He got me into it more. You can set a reminder and they’ll email you on when you can follow up with that person.

To put it in your schedule. We have reminders with Lead Sherpa, which is great but most systems have it. Play around with it. It’s tracking your lead follow-up, making sure that you’re staying in front of the hot and warm leads. What’s the fifth one?

Get on the phone as soon as possible.

That’s probably the best one.

What do you mean?

As soon as there’s any interest, get on the phone.

“Yes. Maybe. How much will you give me?” Is it like that or are you getting all the way down to, “How much do you it want for?”

Once they tell us a price and it’s within a decent amount, we get on the phone as soon as possible.

Let’s go over the top five tips. Number one is quick replies.

Stay in front of the hot and warm leads.

Have multiple openers, switch every 100, utilize reminders and get on the phone as soon as possible.

They said that it is the most important, “Get on the phone as fast as possible.” People will give you ridiculous prices, set up an appointment with you and send you to the FBI’s headquarters. That’s happened. They send you different numbers to call them on. Get them on the phone to make sure that they’re serious. You’re going to break down a lead. You’re going to look at what it looks like, kind of a conversation between these guys and somebody that is on one of our distressed property lists. This is on a multifamily list, which is exciting because multifamily is a huge deal. I’m going to let them take it away.

This is how it’s going to look once you open up a message. Somebody responded to this text message. It’s pretty basic. It says, “Hey, so-and-so. Would you consider a cash offer on your property on so-and-so? My name is Erick. I’m looking to buy an area.” He responded, “Maybe next year.” I said, “Why next year? Are you working on the property taxes? How much would you consider selling it for this year, $180,000?”

That’s going through the four pillars of pre-qualifying. Did you get it conditioned?

No, we don’t know because we want to get on the phone.

We used to do conditions through texts. Now, we like to get that on the phone.

He said, “Maybe next year.” Usually, when I would say this, “Why next year? Are you working on the property?” It means, “I’m not selling. I’m not interested,” but he responded. That was nice. The only thing we try to get is the price and then we get on the phone. That’s pretty much it right there. We can go through the other ones.

You got it linked to Zillow so that you can get over quick, press it and you’re going. That’s exciting. You pick up the phone. When you get somebody at this point, you call the number that you’re texting.

This is how we get on the phone. It’s call relays. It would send us a text message. We call that number. It will display the number we’re texting them from. That’s pretty much how it goes. We got it connected to Zapier, when we push it to Zapier, it will go straight into Podio as well.

That’s above and beyond. That’s next-level stuff. The important thing is if you’re going to send out the text messages, respond quickly. Make sure you get them on the phone. Don’t worry too much about asking them long questions because they’re not going to respond over text. Get them to the point where you can try to get an idea if they’ve got a decent price in it. Get them on the phone, get an appointment and get them locked up. We’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2021 text blasting with these two guys. They are the pros. How can people get ahold of you if they want to reach out?

I’m on Instagram @MartinezSenior.Erick.

My Facebook is Chris Martinez.

I hope you got a lot out of this. When you are skip tracing a lot of info, you need a lot of data to be able to do a lot of text messages. You need a lot of phone numbers. Make sure you get good quality data. Batch Skip Tracing is what we use. Use the coupon code TTP to get the discount at $0.18 an address. Call them. Have quality conversations. If you can’t get ahold of them, then text them. That’s the second way to open up that line of communication. Thank you for being on here. That was awesome.

If you are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP family and the TTP program. Go to Check it out. Scroll down. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. I look forward to working with you. I’ll close out as I always do to encourage you to talk to people. Until next time. See you. Love you.

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