Episode 626: Does Direct Mail Still Work in 2021

WI 626 | Direct Mail


Some people may view direct mail as a relic, a dinosaur, a thing of the past. What people forget is that the personal touch a piece of direct mail brings can mean the difference between a satisfied seller and an angry customer. In this episode, Chris Arnold sits down for a conversation with real estate investor and Founder of Call Porter & Ballpoint Marketing, Ryan Dossey.

Ryan talks about doing direct mail the right way and the importance of putting a brand on it. He also outlines some strategies on taking every call so as not to miss any deals. Finally, Ryan shares tips on the lists that he considers valuable.

Discover what he does to stay on top in terms of using direct mail. Learn a lot from the expert and get valuable tips in doing wholesaling through his marketing strategy

Does Direct Mail Still Work In 2021 With Ryan Dossey

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