Episode 622: How to Build a Thriving Real Estate Business When You Have a Full Time Job

WI 622 | Real Estate Business

“Start with a little discipline and begin to string them together because doing less than you are capable of doing creates a lack of self-esteem. And lack of self-esteem is the greatest deterrent to success.” Our guest for this episode carries himself with much confidence to emerge triumphant in growing his real estate business.


In this episode, Brent Daniels talks to wholesale real estate investor Devin Foster. Devin started cold calling and investing in 2014 after attending several events and learning from Robert Kiyosaki. In 2019, he went to work hard on the business after listening to Wholesaling Inc. podcasts that got him started learning tools and got into the Wholesaling Inc.’s TTP program while working full time.


In this episode, Devin shares how he started his wholesaling business seriously through his learnings from Wholesaling Inc.’s TTP Program. He also shares the resources and tools he used in finding the leads that landed him his first $10,000 revenue. He also talks about his learnings from his wholesaling journey and gave some advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.


Learn from Devin’s journey and be inspired by his persistence to do the business. Check out his conversation with Brent in this episode. Hit the play button and listen up.

How To Build A Thriving Real Estate Business When You Have A Full Time Job With Devin Foster

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