Episode 58: How to Outsource & Automate a Wholesaling Business

It’s time to stop making more jobs for yourself and start making a business.

A lot of people hire a virtual assistant, micromanage them, create more work for themselves, and then give up because they don’t think it is scaleable.

But it’s actually really easy to automate and scale your Wholesaling business… if you aren’t a taskmaster.



  • The secret to effectively automating a Wholesaling business


What to Do When You Hire an Assistant

When you hire someone to work for you, there are two important things you need to do:

  • Create a trust-based relationship (not a task-based relationship)
  • Allow mistakes to happen


Mistakes Aren’t Bad

Your assistants will make mistakes. They’re human.

Why are entrepreneurs so afraid of mistakes? At the very worst, you lose some money – and you both have the opportunity to learn.


“When you face your fear, you find your freedom – every single time.”

–Tom Krol


Trust & Results

Stop trying to micromanage the process that’s getting the result, and start trusting that the person you hired can get the result.

How can you actually help in that process?

Track and document how they get results. If you look at the process, you may see mistakes. If you look at the end result, you can reverse engineer steps to encourage or improve that result.

By building that relationship through trust, and allowing some mistakes to happen, the results will continue to improve and your work will disappear from your desk.




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