Episode 551: From 7 Deals in His First 30 Days to Total Domination with Radio

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Ever wonder how far you can take your wholesaling business if you use an amazing marketing channel? Today’s guest closed 7 deals in his first month and is $72,000 richer!

Graylan Stewart has been in the wholesaling business since September of 2018. Since he’s a brilliant marketer, finding and closing deals for him came easy.

However, aside from his superb marketing skills, Graylan credits his current success to the exceptional marketing channel he’s using: radio. In this episode, discover what Graylan’s experience with radio has been like so far.

As a bonus, you’ll also learn how to track your marketing from one of the industry’s best—Chris Arnold. Today’s episode is phenomenal and filled with gold nuggets, so don’t miss it!

From 7 Deals In His First 30 Days To Total Domination With Radio With Graylan Stewart

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