Episode 55: Why Wholesalers Win When They’re Helping People

Jody Christensen had a successful career in Corporate America, but she still managed to close 18 Wholesaling deals while working part-time. She made a lot of mistakes, but she learned even more.

Now she’s focusing on Wholesaling full-time because it’s more fun and more freeing, and she has the perfect mindset to get the job done.



  • The value of making mistakes
  • Why Wholesaling is about people, not property
  • How to build rapport and nurture relationships


Progress Not Perfection: The Value of Mistakes

Last year, Jody was Wholesaling part-time and still completed 18 deals. Her response to this awesome feat? “I made so many mistakes, looking back.”

Although she made mistakes, she still took action, made money, and learned how to avoid those same mistakes in the future.

There’s no way Jody could have made 18 deals – while rocking her job in Corporate America – if she hadn’t been willing take massive imperfect action day after day after day.


Getting Laser Focused & Getting The Deal

This year, Jody is focusing on Wholesaling full-time. She’s already made 8 deals, at the time of recording.


One of her deals is just incredible.

  • Jody was approached by another Wholesaler about a joint venture (JV). There was a highly competitive local property.
  • The seller didn’t live locally and, on top of that, he didn’t have internet access.
  • Jody talked to him over the phone and spent a long time nurturing the relationship. Eventually, she learned he was motivated by family health issues – he needed to sell, but he was still very concerned about the antiques he had collected.
  • She collaborated with the seller to get a copy of the keys and inspect the house before making a deal. He wanted $120,000 for the property.
  • Before she signed the deal with the seller, she had three cash buyers who wanted to spend $200,000. She picked a buyer who she rapport with, but he had to fund both sides of the deal.
  • The seller and buyer both agreed, so she double closed the property: purchased at $120,000 and sold for $200,000.
  • She and her partner in this JV split the $80,000 assignment fee.
  • Jody didn’t realize how hot the property was, as the seller was later approached with higher offers. Out of compassion, Jody raised the offer an additional $20,000, which was still the lowest offer. She also helped him set up a yard sale to sell his antiques.


Jody had be patient, have genuine compassion, and think outside of the box, but in the end she still nailed a win-win contract.


What it Takes to Be a Wholesaler

All the time, people ask what it takes to be a Wholesaler. Jody’s pastor helped her find the answer (spoiler: it’s a mindset):


“Can you look at defeat and see deliverance?

Can you look at obstacle and see opportunity?

Can you look at shortage and see supply?

Can you look at not enough and see more than enough?

Can you look at conflict and see conquest?”

–Pastor Steven Furtick




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